Vascular access plus overview

Home Health Agency

Chronic Specialty Infusion Program

     Manages member populations that require chronic infusions for life. Most patients have an auto-immune diseases including immune deficiencies, hemophilia, gastrointestinal diseases including Crohn’s disease, hemophilia, and myasthenia gravis, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating

     Polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP), common variable immunodeficiency (CIVD), and myositis. Other patients require chronic infusions through intrathecal pumps. Patients who require intrathecal pump refills are those with severe pain and/or spasticity that may be a result of diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Cancer, acute or chronic injuries, and many other life altering ailments. These patients have challenges receiving treatment in the traditional medical setting due to several facets including extreme physical discomfort, living long distances from the doctor’s office, requiring frequent refills of their pump, or having caregiver support issues. Having a nurse come to their home dramatically reduces the risk of infection and patients benefit immensely from our primary care nurse model, keeping them out of the hospital. This is important to a Health Plan, because of our 24/7 nursing staff and our collaboration with a 24/7 specialty pharmacy significantly reduces hospitalizations and emergency room visits, which in turn allows the health plans to continue to drive costs down.

Acute Specialty Infusion Program

Manages patient care for infusion patients recently discharged from the hospital requiring infusion therapy. Vascular Access Plus provides virtual teaching and follow through as well as in-home teaching for patients to self-administer their intravenous medications. The coronavirus pandemic has created a further challenge for patients to have infusion therapy initiated. Having a company with 24/7 nursing staff and specialty pharmacy support nurses dramatically reduces the risk of a worsening infection, lower morbidity and mortality and patients benefit immensely from our primary care nurse model, keeping them out of the hospital.


The Vascular Access Specialty Program

Offers patients an opportunity for out of hospital vascular access insertions including peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) or Midlines. Vascular Access Plus provides in hospital insertions to contracted hospitals, critical access hospital, nursing homes, and physician clinics. Vascular Access Insertions are needed for short- or long-term vascular access placements. Some patients only require the device while they are in the hospital, and some require the device for out of hospital care. Vascular Access Plus can place your PICC line and follow you as a home health agency for out of hospital care. We do it all!

Patients who may not be receiving home health care infusion services in the home from Vascular Access Plus can still receive a PICC insertion sooner than at the hospitals and at a lower cost with a high quality of service. PICC insertions from an interventional radiologist in the hospital is at a cost of up to $3,000.00 to insurance companies. PICC insertions out of scute care from Vascular Access Plus cost at an average cost of $800.00. Vascular Access Plus provides same day service and nurses board certified in vascular access with a 1 stick average and >90% success rate on first stick. Patient education is provided at insertion as well as a follow-up through the time the PICC line stays in place to provide full support for patients and other caregivers of the vascular access device.


Infusion Center

The Vascular Access Plus Infusion Center is a separate entity from our home health agency. We don’t just provide hydration therapy, but we provide overall wellness for our patients. Vascular Access Plus provided multiple monoclonal antibody infusions in the home and clinics for COVID positive patients during the pandemic. Our Infusion Center is the next step for those patients to find some relief or a boost to get back to normal.

IV Hydration Therapy is known for its ability to hydrate your body for you to feel your best. IV Hydration therapy supports your day to day need when dealing with the pressures from work and home as well as supporting your body when battling chronic disease. Vascular Access Plus offers the following infusions for your overall wellness.






BEAUTY INFUSION (Coming in May just in time for Mother’s Day)