Vascular Access Plus Services

PICC Line Placements with 3CG technology

Vascular Access Plus places all PICC lines with ultrasound guidance, magnetic imaging, and 3CG technology for PICC tip placements eliminating the need for x-ray.

Mobile x-ray Services: When 3CG Technology cannot be used VA+ can provide x-rays to obtain PICC tip placement verification.

Midline and Powerglide Placements

Vascular Access Plus places two type of Midline catheters to meet individualized vascular access needs for our patients. Midlines are for patients that require secure peripheral access, but do not require central access. All Midlines are placed with ultrasound guidance.

Difficult PIV Placements

Vascular Access Plus uses ultrasound guidance to obtain secure PIV access when facility nursing staff cannot.

Pediatric Services

Vascular Access Plus provides pediatric vascular access and infusion services in the home, in acute care and in long term care settings.

Staff Relief for Vascular Access Teams and Specialists

Vascular Access Plus inserters are available to provide staff relief for in house vascular access teams for both short and long term assignments.  If you are looking for after hours coverage for your PICC team, or need an inserter to cover a leave of absence, our trained inserters are available to meet your needs. Our staff has 99% average success rate and can complete procedures in an average of 22 minutes.

Staff Relief for Home Infusion Teams, Home Health and Private Duty Nurses

Vascular Access Plus provides staff relief to residential care facilities, home health care agencies and infusion clinics We can obtain access, provide the 1st dose of IV therapy, and perform ongoing assessment and infusion case management for a variety of conditions.

Education and Training – Nursing Education and CEUs

Vascular Access Plus specializes in vascular access care and maintenance education. We are happy to provide in house education as well as classroom based training in our education center. We are currently developing online learning modules for infusion therapy, biologic medication training as well as vascular access care and maintenance. Our education classes include CLABSI prevention, ultrasound training, advanced PICC troubleshooting, PIV insertions, and LPN IV classes approved by the State of NE.

Visit our education pages to learn more about our course offerings, or to enroll.