After Hours and Holiday Services Available

PICC Line Placement

Vascular Access Plus places all PICC Lines with Ultrasound Guidance, magnetic imaging, and ECG technology for PICC tip placement eliminating the need for x-ray.

MIDLINE Placement

Vascular Access Plus places two types of Midline catheters to meet each vascular access needs of our patients. Our detailed Quality Data Collection notes the Midline Catheter does serve a purpose to meet the needs of those patients you require vascular access but do not require central vascular access.

Education and Training

Vascular Access Plus specializes in vascular access care and maintenance. We will come to you to provide you education or you can come to us in our training rooms for hands on training. Do you have staff currently trained in ultrasound guidance and you need a refresher or a yearly competency sign off for their file? Vascular Access Plus can provide you the education and training you need.