How to Order Services


Once you have received order for IV therapy and you need services for the insertion of the vascular access device, VASCULAR ACCESS PLUS is available 24/7.

Obtain order for PICC line from the provider. (If you just need a PIV , Midline, or help with troubleshooting a vascular access device already in place please go to Step 3)


Fill out the MD PICC order set here and the Patient consent for PICC Line and fax to 402-505-5247. Then go to STEP 3. (remember no consent or MD order is needed if you only need a PIV or Midline Placed)

– PICC Consent Form
– MD Standard PICC Order Set


Call Vascular Access Plus at 1-855-742-2827 (855-PICC-VAP) and state what facility you are calling from, your name, your call back number, and what device or troubleshooting help is needed…