How to Order Services


Once you have received order for IV therapy and you need services for the insertion of the vascular access device, VASCULAR ACCESS PLUS is available 24/7.

Obtain order for PICC line from the provider. (If you just need a PIV , Midline, or help with troubleshooting a vascular access device already in place please go to Step 3)


Fill out the MD PICC order set here and the Patient consent for PICC Line and fax to 402-505-5247. Then go to STEP 3. (remember no consent or MD order is needed if you only need a PIV or Midline Placed)

– PICC Consent Form
– MD Standard PICC Order Set


Call Vascular Access Plus at 1-855-742-2827 (855-PICC-VAP) and state what facility you are calling from, your name, your call back number, and what device or troubleshooting help is needed. In the event that you are unable to reach VA+ staff, call 402-450-4264.