Available Nursing CEU Classes

Best Practice : Central Line Care and Maintenance Course - 2 CEUs

Provides a framework and training process for clinicians on standards, guidelines, and recommendations from the leading IV-related organizations that set the standards for IV care. The focus is on identifying best practice. Clinical component also provided on patient assessment, PICC dressing change, access and de-access ports, and troubleshooting.

 Next class: October 25, 2018 10am-12pm! Earn 2 CEUs.

Complimentary beverages and snacks provided! 

LPN IV Therapy – Full 8 Hour Course:

Vascular Access Plus is approved by the state of NE to provide this 8-hour IV class that all LPNs prior to 2016 are required to take. The class will provide education for clinicians to demonstrate knowledge and independence in the performance of peripheral IV catheter insertion procedures, PIV care and maintenance, and CVAD care and maintenance all within scope of practice. Didactic and Clinical is part of the full 8 hour class. If you take this you do not need to that the clinical portion for LPN IV therapy.

LPN IV Clinical Only

LPN IV Clinical only is covered in the full LPN IV 8-hour class. VAP offers an option for all LPNS to take a clinical portion only for additional skills. You will outline and perform PIV insertion; pre procedure assessment; device selection; proper placement and patency; securement device placement; subQ infusion, and PICC dressing changes.

Ultrasound Training

Coming Soon

For more information on Courses, Scheduling and the Training center please email education@vascularaccessplus.com