COVID 19 Resources

SARS-Cov-2 (COVID19) Resources

Resources for Health Care Personnel

As a nurse owned and operated company servicing multiple facilities within our regional healthcare system, we are making every effort to keep our patients, nurses and families safe. We believe that information sharing can help us combat coronavirus and will try to keep this page updated as frequently as possible with resources.

RN Daily Self Monitoring Form

VA+ COVID-19 Screening and Precautions Protocol

Resources for Our Patients and Contracted Facilities

We are taking every step within our means to keep you safe and healthy. We have implemented the following steps for all of our nurses.

  1. We have implemented mandatory COVID-19 screening for each patient we are called to see in all departments, facilities and for each contract.
  2. All Vascular Access Plus RNs will don a surgical mask when entering your facility or home, which will remain in place until they leave your home or facility.
  3. Ultrasound equipment is decontaminated prior to each use and between patients.
  4. All Vascular Access Plus RNs will be self monitoring for signs and symptoms of active disease daily including temperature monitoring.
  5. If any symptoms or exposure are identified our nurses will self quarantine for 14 days.

In light of these measures to protect our patients, our staff, and our own families, we may have reduced hours or longer response times due to staffing issues during this time. We will continue to communicate clearly with you on a regular basis and are committed to developing new and novel means of care delivery in order to meet your needs.

Stay safe and healthy!

Resources for Families and Communities