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Best Practice – Central Line Care & Maintenance – The class provides a framework and training process for clinicians on standards, guidelines, and recommendations from the leading IV-related organizations that set the standards of IV care. The focus is on identifying best practice. Education and training will provide knowledge and skill for the nurse that will offset the risk of the complications.

In addition to the knowledge, a clinical component will provide you the skills to assess patients, perform PICC dressing changes, access, and de-access ports, and intervene quickly for complications.

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LPN IV Therapy – Full 8 Hour Course: all LPNs to take an 8 hour IV class to renew their LPN license moving forward for those LPNs prior to 2016 by a state-approved provider. Vascular Access Plus is an approved proved for LPN IV classes through the state of Nebraska. The focus of the class is to provide a framework and training process for clinicians to demonstrate knowledge and independence in the performance of peripheral IV catheter insertion procedures, PIV care and
maintenance and CVAD care and maintenance, including dressing changes. Didactic and Clinical is part of the full 8 hours class. If you take this 8-hour class you do not need to take any additional didactic or clinical parts.

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