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Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Vascular Access Plus

Jamie L Rhoades BSN, RN, VA-BC

CEO of Vascular Access Plus

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Founding and History of Vascular Access Plus

My name is Jamie Rhoades and I established Vascular Access Plus in January of 2009, as a Primary Insertion services company. Vascular Access Plus has come a long way since then and has now grown into three different departments. The company has provided employment for many nurses along the way, with the addition of administrative staff to accommodate our growth.

Along with the Insertion department, the Infusion Therapy department was launched in 2017. The Education and Training Center was initiated in 2018 as part of our education department offering accredited continuing education and CEUs to nurses all over Nebraska & Iowa.


What Sets Vascular Access Plus Apart from Other Companies?

My ability to think outside of the box has allowed my company to continue to demonstrate sustainable growth far & beyond the boundaries of a traditional corporate mentality. The foundation of the company is built upon my focus on quality outcomes for patients and health care facilities and for all nursing staff to go above and beyond when it comes to providing safe, high quality care to our patients.

In addition to the established standards of care we follow, such as attention to sterility, adherence to research backed initiatives to prevent central line associated blood stream infections and continued education for our nursing team — we always go above and beyond. With an eye toward the future, my staff understands what we can bring as an outside company partnering with health care facilities. Our staff attends to patient details and works alongside facility nurses to enhance the continuum of patient care.

Routine aspects of our services include putting the patient’s room back in order, making sure they have their call light, refilling water pitchers if needed, and providing next day follow-ups to address and answer any questions about the procedure we’ve performed. As a nurse, I know first hand how these kinds of ‘small acts’ can influence and improve both patient care and effective collaboration between healthcare partners and contracted facilities.

“Acts of kindness are not typical nursing protocol, but at Vascular Access Plus, we believe kindness & integrity are recognized standards of care.”

I believe in the power of not only providing, but creating the health care and nursing services our communities deserve. That’s why I challenge all of my peers within healthcare to follow through, go above and beyond, and continue to set high expectations for your staff. Since inception, I have expected more than standard care from my staff and they continue to excel, which allows Vascular Access Plus to provide exceptional services to our clients.


Where Is Vascular Access Plus Headed?

In 2018, we dedicated our company to working with the Greater Omaha Healthcare Industry Partnership to focus on the quality of services provided in the area, and continue bringing those services directly into our communities. As a long time presence in the healthcare industry, we continue to work to develop and improve standards of practice with our staff and colleagues who work with vascular access devices and care. We not only educate and partner with acute, long term and outpatient care facilities, but we work to transcend outdated models and improve standards of care based on evidence. We are committed to identifying and providing the most cost effective solutions for our patients and our communities.

For example, as Nurse owner and CEO, I have long held a set of internal standards for my staff when placing a PICC line, or other vascular access device, at the bedside. We follow not only the most current evidence set forth nationwide, but our quality data and tracking allows our staff to identify criteria and selection standards that lead to our continued success on the 1st stick. When it comes to vascular access device insertion, we demonstrate 99% success rate, with over 10,000 lines placed. This is a direct result of continuing to focus on implementing the highest standards for care in the greater Omaha area.



Nursing Experience on the Way to Becoming A Nurse CEO

I graduated with an RN Diploma from Bryan Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Lincoln, NE in July 1998.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Creighton University in August of 2000.  I worked within the adult intensive care unit at Creighton University Medical Center for 11+ years, in acute dialysis with Dialysis Clinic, Inc for 5+ years providing multiple dialytic therapies, and was an RN in the St. Elizabeth Regional Burn and Wound Care unit for 4+years.

I served as the curriculum chair for the Versant Program and Creighton University Medical Center training new graduate nurses hired to the facility.  In January of 2009, I started my own company called Vascular Access Plus.  I am a member of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) and the Association of Vascular Access (AVA). In 2012 I obtained my board certification in vascular access. I served as president of our local AVA Network launching an INVAN networking group including Iowa and Nebraska. I resigned from this position after 10 years of service.

Owning my own nursing services company and becoming a nurse CEO has not been simple, but it is rewarding in many ways. In my current role, I am able to maintain balance and step away from work now again to be with family. I have a 17-year-old Daughter and a 15-year-old son. I also have a 9-year-old step son and an amazing husband who makes sure we all stay on track and cherish our moments together.

My sincere hope is that if you are in need of outside services for insertion, infusion, continuing education, or information on the most current state of vascular access services in the greater Omaha area, you will think of Vascular Access Plus.


We are looking forward to continuing to help you make patient care better – together!