IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

your beauty is irresistible message

Holiness is not the same thing as intensity. Imagine how often your wife or girlfriend has had doubts about her looks. It is not just for saints and special Christians. It’s important to remember that every person is beautiful in their own way. Baby, you are the sweetest and most beautiful girl! Sometimes I get lost staring at your beautiful face. This does not effect our editorial in any way. Having you on my laps is like having all the goodness of life all in one place.

I wonder how I never noticed such a magnificent flower like you before.

‘NIV’ is a registered trademark of Biblica. How Do You Say To A Girl That She Is Beautiful? Women generally want their partners to show interest in what they feel, and for them to show how they are cherished. First, there is no evidence that women struggling to appreciate their looks actually believe that message. November 10 Day 314. You are sweet as candy and careful as a mommy. I am so blessed to have such a stunning friend. What To Say To A Girl To Make Her Feel Special? Holiness is not an optional extra. If your relationship is new, then you want to tell her this every moment of every day.

It’s a pity that it’s impossible to hold a beauty contest among the angels. Your innocent and beautiful soul has forced all the shadows of my doubts to leave. The yogi sees their physical body as a temple that houses your soul. People continued to feel guilty for their sins (v.2c) ‘Because the blood of bulls and goats is powerless to take sins away’ (v.4, AMP).

The ‘lioness’ refers to Judah and the last kings are described as her lion cubs. Intensity is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit! A well-intentioned message on a Post-it stuck to a mirror is unlikely to make a woman feel better about her appearance. You have won me over. Do we really think that the onslaught of airbrushed-to-perfection media images and the sting of body-shaming trolls can somehow be battled with a simple, “You are beautiful”? It starts with you and me. That drawing of attention to one’s appearance is bad news. When I look at you, I believe that beauty will save the world. However, the writer of Hebrews says, ‘But when this priest [Jesus] had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God’ (v.12). I hope that one day you will see yourself with my eyes: confident, beautiful, successful. The key factor in what makes the people holy or not seems to lie in their relationship with God. 10 Ways to Feel Better About How You Look. Thank you that through your Holy Spirit I am in the process of being made holy and that, one day, there will be perfect holiness forever. You are one in a million. When you walk by, you turn heads. It is vital to be loving and caring, so never miss a chance to tell you woman how beautiful she is and how much you admire her. You are fantastic. Research by psychologists at the University of Waterloo and University of New Brunswick demonstrated how this process might unfold. The rest of the passage then goes on to explain why Israel was uprooted and judged, and what their actions should have been. You are beautiful, never forget that, even when you think you are not. It starts with you and me. The moon and the stars don’t glow as bright as your eyes, you are extremely beautiful.

“You are beautiful” prompts “No, I’m not. He alone was the perfect sacrifice, since he alone lived a perfect life.

A woman’s uniqueness is what makes her stand out from the rest. Each side of your appearance and each trait of your character are beautiful. Women are even more prone to feel conscious about their appearance. When you see your love come walking down a flight of stairs, do you delight in the sight of her? You make my world the heaven many people pray for, and I am grateful for all the good times we share, they remind me of how lucky I am to have you in my life. With you, I am something. Vanity Is a Virtue When Facing Age Discrimination. But you can’t encounter “You are beautiful” without taking a moment to wonder, “Wait, am I?”. Even though beauty itself is quite subjective, mankind did evolve a set of standards, which are not necessarily always a good thing. That is why it is very important to routinely remind your girlfriend that you find her attractive and that you care about her. If I were more talented, I would write hundreds of poems dedicated to your beauty. The beauty of a woman is not in the face, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. I still can’t believe that there can be such beauty in this world. Dads: What's Your Impact on Your Daughter's Body Image? Let yourself start each day with these words: “I am beautiful, I am lucky, I deserve the best in this world”. Your hair is softer than silk, light in your eyes is brighter than the sun and your skin is more delicate than satin. Nice and tender. Darling, I can’t stand the cruelty and hypocrisy of other people, only your beautiful smile, and amazing, deep eyes help me to live. Help me to lead a holy life. Take Jesus seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously. Beloved, do not be sad, on such a charming face there must be only emotions of joy and happiness.

Is it me or are you getting more beautiful as each day passes by? Read more March 27, 2020. I cannot inhale enough of your love and beauty. Your words should always be coupled with actions; otherwise, they will be meaningless. You are the most stunning person I have ever known. Go ahead and tell her! The law could not perfect (v.1b). While my eyes see how beautiful you look outside., my heart feels how perfect you are inside. That you are beautiful inside and out. You are more than beautiful. You are beautiful for the way you think, for the way your eyes sparkle, and for the way you make me smile. All rights reserved. We Have More Quotes To Send To Her In These TechJunkie Articles: lovely little number from Estee Lauder called Beautiful. God’s desire has always been for a holy people. What is beauty? Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved, Join our newsletter and get all the latest. Here we have collected some very cute phrases that will have her excited to know you’re coming home. The Holy Spirit lives in you. Just get into the habit of telling her how sweet, smart, funny, and beautiful she is to you. The expression ‘he sat down’ is very significant. When you want your partner to know how beautiful you find her, these quotes will help you discover and express the truths in your heart. Being yourself also means wearing natural makeup. You are divine. These quotes will help you compliment her and brighten up her day: You already know why you need to praise her beauty – now comes the question of how to tell her. For the psalmist, the source of his joy was the chance to worship God in the temple. There is no going back on having you in my life because you are amazing in every aspect. You are like those clouds. Most women feel delighted when their significant other tells them how beautiful they are. Your beauty is not showy or vulgar. When I saw you for the first time, I noticed your bright appearance, but then I got to know your beautiful soul, and I understood that you are the one. I adore you. It's those sensations that ignite the real flame of confidence and beauty in the souls of those constantly bombarded with messages telling them to believe otherwise. You’re wonderful! An irresistible woman prides in her natural looks and is not obsessed with add-ons. Even little sweet words and gestures, when done consistently can make her feel happier; thus, making your relationship better and stronger.

Magic is when our eyes meet and we feel the spark between our hearts. You’ve made my mediocre life bright and full of emotions. Allow your wife to have a glimpse of your heart by crafting messages, text, and letters from the depth of your heart.

It doesn’t matter how deep I dive into your depths, I will never reach the bottom. His voluntary sacrifice brought an end to the old order and established the new one (vv.5–9). I’m extremely happy that you have fascinated me with your beauty and have stolen my heart. ALSO READ: 5 basic things that makes every man irresistible 3.

This is the way the world will be changed. Instead of telling women they are beautiful, let’s tell them they don’t have to be. It is true that action speaks louder than words, but every woman surely appreciates if her man expresses it in words. Today, especially today, your skin is more radiant than ever and you have always been tempting. It comes from your heart and is reflected in your eyes. Indeed, words have a special way to warm a woman’s heart. It is the new holy place ‘with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together. After all, real beauty transcends what the eyes can see. Why Mental Health Is Even More Important Than We Think, How to Recognize—and Respond to—a Fake Apology, Source: “You Are Beautiful”/Tony Webster/CC BY 2.0, How BPD Causes Lashing Out at Family and Friends, Unloved Daughters and the Question of Intimacy, 6 Ways to Put Your Envious Feelings Behind You for Good, Psychology Today © 2020 Sussex Publishers, LLC, US High School Bullying Rates Haven't Changed for 10 Years. UK trademark number 1448790. Nobody seems to pay any attention to you. I still can’t understand how God could create such an ideal woman like you, you are perfect from your head to your toes. It showed that his work had been completed: ‘By one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy’ (v.14). Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. The smell of your hair is more pleasant than the scent of thousands of roses, I dream to plunge into its warmth and to spend eternity in your arms. A beautiful girl like you is hard to find, easy to like and impossible to forget. I have never seen more sparkling eyes or a more dazzling smile than yours.

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