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January 25, 2016

the mad trapper

This case is 100% solvable. Thanks for commenting, Karla. As I am Finnish myself I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an expert here and his features (the snub nose, cold blue eyes and light brownish hair), not to mention his Scandinavian accent and cold silent demeanor are very characteristically Finnish. Geir.

All four suspects were conclusively eliminated by modern forensic technology as being the Mad Trapper – as were a number of other remote possibilities. "[6], Richard Alden (born Alfred Alderdice), as an actor, was better known as, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Mad_Trapper_(1972_film)&oldid=958913663, Pages using infobox film with unknown empty parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 May 2020, at 08:12.
Yes, but too long to post here; the one by Const. The reason I mention “sensible/facts” as I could not recall the name of your site offhand Gary, so I just Googled “Albert Johnson.” The number of fantasy based web pages and (nonsensical) movies has increased greatly even n the past few months ! As they say, there’s no “I” in “team”. Dairn – This is a brilliant question. And the exact location of the grave was in doubt. Dr. Sweet sectioned the Trapper’s right femur and extracted bone marrow samples as well as pulling four teeth for DNA examination. I believe the inaccurate portrayal of Johnson in media (print and other) as a legitimate trapper (he was not) and peaceful wilderness dweller, when he was factually a murderous sociopath, has contributed greatly to the difficulty of Johnson’s identification. I don’t believe the exhumation team took gold samples for metallurgic testing. I saw this chase on a Amazon Prime Video show called Manhunt.

Their performance during the Winter War and Continuation War against Russia is a perfect legendary example. Have some fresh leads, and a different perspective , and a likely candidate. Carter and Insp. I also served as a marksman (sniper) on SAS-trained Emergency Response Teams, so I’ve got a bit of experience around life and death. I suppose it comes down to not having enough suspects to test against, and the age of the crime adds layers of problems as well. But so did the brave police, Cdn military, white trappers and First nation guides in this matter.

Isn’t it true that Inspector Eames charged the first two officers responding to bring the Trapper in?

While stationed in the Arctic at the time, Const. The 1911 census of Canada shows her origins as German but born in Canada if i’m reading it correctly. The cultural differences could also explain some of his disposition- perhaps he was incapable of trusting anyone. Back at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Sweet and his colleagues developed a perfect DNA profile of the Trapper. Or are there no more avenues left to investigate ? For example, in 1973 an American who had escaped from a prison in Edmonton was captured after he unexpectedly emerged from the bush-half starved and unshaven-during a forest fire….

Name: Mons J Stamnesfet I’m open to suggestions as to another relative on the male side to test. The Johnson family of Nova Scotia identified the Mad Trapper as their lost relative, Owen Albert Johnson, who was last heard of in British Columbia in the late 1920’s. The way they talk about it now, makes it sound like a great piece of police work. There is a DNA sharing site known as gedmatch.com and if “Albert Johnsons” DNA was listed, it could be compared with anyone that submits their raw DNA to that site.

Tell me that doesn’t look like Albert Johnson getting HIS man! The Alaskan ones even have descriptions. Dr. Sweet used dental records made in 1932 to positively identify the ghostly remains as that of the Mad Trapper. 46) I guess some things are just meant to remain unsolved.

Great read Gary! From my current understanding of the facts, there was some concern about Inspector Eames and his leadership which was identified in a letter by Constable Carter to the Commanding Officer above Eames. Sigvald Pedersen Haaskjold was suggested as being the real ‘Albert Johnson’.

So Eames walked up to where Johnson was and shot him in the head. If he was upper class Russian military, he could have been on the run.

Carter wrote that the natives were getting the RCMP to enforce an unwritten Arctic code of hospitality. Has this theory ever been checked out? I’ll send you a personal email – I’m interested in your perspectives and fully understand why you’d like to keep them private. With Ancestry, you don’t need DNA to identify him. The police at the time put out bulletins describing the dental work but never found matching records. He had two other firearms – one was a sawed-off 12 Guage shotgun and the other was a .22 rimfire that had the stock removed. Has there been any investigations into who Arthur Nelson was as I am sure the pics are the same person.

My best guess is that he might have been involved in a previous turf war, perhaps again with Indigenous, or with fellow immigrants or even native-born Canadians. This is also the man that carried 3 guns, the same 3 guns “Albert Johnson” had ( Savage rifle, shotgun and a 22 with the stock sawn off) Coincidence, not in my opinion. Carter goes even further by concluding,….

He seems to have some good instincts and intuition, shared with the natives there. Maybe he got a taste for it in the trenches in WWI. Yes with some physical deformities Johnson performed superhuman efforts. Using archeological skill and precision, the forensic scientists carefully detached the lid and exposed a perfectly preserved male skeleton. Birth Date: abt 1874 The Mad Trapper is a 1972 British made-for-television docudrama film. It ended in a mass of bullets leaving another Mountie seriously wounded and Albert Johnson, the Mad Trapper of Rat River, dead on the snow.
I think it’s even less likely they could be traced today. The rest of them were all signalmen and trappers. I agree with you about Johnny Johnson, Brian. By now the news of the manhunt had reached the outer world through an emerging medium called radio. And third was the entry and exit marks of a bullet path through the pelvis which was consistent to the reported fatal wound.

Eija. I recall the discovery channel special some years ago, and it was then that I realized that movies I had seen as a child in the 1970’s were based on this man’s story. Thanks again for your interest, Joe. My feeling is that he had a severe secret to protect that might explain why he had so much money on him and why he was prepared to die in a shoot out instead of negotiate some sort of cooperation.

Come the winter, local natives found their traps being raided and concluded the only suspect was Albert Johnson. I don’t think there’s anything to the Anyox angle.

I know one of the members of the forensic team involved and the group was really disappointed that they failed to identify the Mad Trapper. I am very curious about this. There were no permits required then and it’s highly unlikely that records would have been kept regarding who bought rifles and shotguns in that era. To the public reading this, as a retired law enforcement officer, who specialized in international identity and fugitive cases; I believe Garry’s work on this matter is exceptional and of the highest level of professionalism.

Departure Place: Liverpool England and Queenstown Ireland, England and Queenstown Ireland Hopefully, all this will be resolved one day.

Did he bring all this upon himself over a trapping licence violation or some Ruby Ridge principle? They reached a dead end because back in the late 1920’s there were no records of sale as there are today. The gold bridgework remains in the skull reburied at Aklavik.

Or did he think they were after him for something serious? Founded in 2015, The Mad Tapper is a wholesale import and distribution company focused on the best craft beers, ciders, mead, kombucha and spirits from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

Many of the false leads and decades-old “theories” of Johnsons identity have already been eliminated through Garry’s genetic DNA analysis. Rather than himself also being in pieces, Johnson emerged from a foxhole under the cabin and blasted back with his rifle.

He said his grandad said “that crazy S.O.B. One was a deformity in the spine which led to questions as to how the man could have performed the physical feats described in legend. He’d built a fortress-like cabin near Prince Rupert before disappearing. A request need only be submitted by the RCMP, and especially due to this being an unsolved killing of a law enforcement officer.

There are very few publications like yours and the 2007 exhumation/DNA program that focus on the known FACTS about Johnson. Most people involved with the case believe that “Albert Johnson” was not his real name but may have been somewhat similar like Johannson. I remember seeing the discovery channel doc a while back. I am retired Cdn law enforcement like yourself, whose specialty was foreign fugitives and war criminals inside Canada. Thought you might be interested in some of my work on the case. I sent you an email for more details.

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