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January 25, 2016

the apprentice season 4 watch online

As this year's series of The Apprentice draws to a close and the tension mounts, this programme profiles the remaining five candidates. As the competition continues, Lord Sugar instructs the candidates that this week's task is to set up and run a corporate box, and sell merchandise to the masses at the Women's FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London. Maureen Lipman

There they are met by Lord Sugar, who informs them that their final task is launch their businesses. One candidate is left with a bitter taste in their mouth when the rest of the team turns against them, and tempers reach boiling point. As the finalists fight it out, there are surprises in store and anxiety abounds. Packaging is equally impressive but the names and invented straplines make for confusing pitch rehearsals and plenty of backstabbing. The teams have two days to create their very own coach tours. Sixteen candidates are sent to South Africa to set up wine and safari tours. Lord Sugar calls the teams to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Meanwhile, the girls opt for the children's market, but an appalling pitch sees their team in melt down. Stars including Jack Dee, Jonathan Ross, Ruby Wax and Carol Vorderman battle to create a special mystery product for Comic Relief. The candidates are called to the Tower of London, where Lord Sugar tells them that their latest task is to sell products at the Motorhome and Caravan Show, and they are left with no doubt that he expects them all to impress.

With the next Eurostar about to leave, there is just time for Lord Sugar to brief and re-balance the personnel, and then it's off to Paris for half of each team. To convince Lord Sugar they’re worthy of his cash, the last two candidates must now launch their businesses, with a little help from some of those who were fired. Bad negotiations leave one team exposed, while the other team's magazine pitch does not go down well. This week the two teams have to create a range of greetings cards for a new occasion. There is nowhere to hide as each of them is grilled by four of Lord Sugar's trusted business colleagues and advisors. Lord Sugar asks the candidates to design a brand new board game. After twelve weeks Lord Sugar will be left with his Apprentice, who will work for him at a salary of £100,000. The candidates are summoned to London City Airport, where Lord Sugar sets them the task of devising a marketing campaign for a brand new budget airline.
Six candidates remain in the battle to become Sir Alan Sugar's apprentice. On launch day, the candidates put the finishing touches to their pitches, but with so many distractions will they be pitch perfect? On the other team, the branding for kids ends up losing precision and no-one can understand its selling point. Revealing the true stories behind their super-confident egos, we discover what really makes these budding business men and women tick. A light-hearted look back at 15 years of the business challenge over 6 episodes, beginning with some of the most unforgettable candidates. These ideas must then be presented to three pet stores. The teams interview suppliers of baby equipment, select two products, and sell them on to a potential 10,000 customers at the country's biggest baby show. & Jo Brand. The first task for the candidates is to produce a range of sausages ready for sale the next morning. Following an early morning call summoning the candidates to Heathrow airport, hopes are high for a sunshine getaway. Alan Sugar challenges two teams of famous faces to organise and host a themed cabaret night in less than 48 hours, under the critical eye of Karren Brady and Claude Littner. It's heartbreak for one and elation for the other as Lord Sugar finally picks his business partner. Ahead of the final, Lord Sugar looks back on the tasks from this year's series and assesses the candidates' performances. After a rude awakening from the boss, the candidates are set to work creating branding and advertising for a new multi-purpose household cleaner. In the end there is little to choose between the final three, then the decision is made and an emotional loser hears the words "You're fired!". Description : Business-based reality show in which 14 entrepreneurs battle to win a six-figure salary job with multimillionaire Alan Sugar and learn how to make it big in the commercial world. At the briefing, he re-balances the teams and personally appoints the project managers. In the first task, the boys compete against the girls. The business task - buying goods at the lowest possible price - seems simple. With only twelve candidates left, the teams are set to test their negotiation skills. The candidates have one day to find nine specific items at the best possible price, before meeting at the House of Lords. Ever wanted to know what it's really like inside The Apprentice house? Both project managers head straight to the show to select a high ticket item worth thousands, but matching products to punters proves a tricky task and piles on the pressure for both teams. Both teams split - one half to Lincolnshire to create the food, the other half staying at the agency to name and brand the product. The candidates set off on a two-day business trip to Marrakesh, where they are challenged to find the best deals possible when buying 10 items in the city's markets. The finalists must now launch their businesses by producing a digital screen and directing a TV advert, before pitching to Lord Sugar and a room full of industry experts. Armed with CVs and business plans, the advisors waste no time in taking the candidates to task. The Mexican restaurant gets called Caracas because it sounds like maracas, while the pies get named after historic Britains; except that, once the branding has been done, Nick casts doubt on the British credentials of Christopher Columbus. There is nowhere to hide as they are grilled by four of Lord Sugar's trusted business colleagues, one of whom is a very familiar face. The teams are tasked with producing a spotless TV and radio advertising campaign, and try to clean up when they pitch to ad agency heads and industry experts. In under 36 hours, each team must organise and host an event to remember, keeping an eye on profits but also pleasing the punters. As Lord Sugar celebrates his 70th birthday, the contestants are tasked to a shopping spree across London to purchase items that mark milestones in his life and career. Nick and Karren keep an eye on proceedings as the teams work to keep up with orders, and when the teams face Lord Sugar in the boardroom, one candidate is fired. Their task is to set up and run a handyman business. Plus we hear from their fans back home, and find out just who are the Final Five.

Back in the boardroom, tensions rise as the candidates face Lord Sugar for the first time. Ten weeks ago, 18 candidates arrived in the boardroom in the hope of becoming Alan Sugar's next business partner. The They are then required to sell as many of the three products they have chosen to retailers. The candidates have to choose from a selection of innovative products which have never been seen before in the UK market. Here Lord Sugar sets them the task of creating and producing the spirit of the moment - gin. The winners go straight to the final. At the pitches, one team doesn't know what it's selling, while both teams fail to negotiate until it is almost too late. Alastair Campbell However, one team gets a little carried away with the taste testing, getting tipsy before the day has even begun, while on the other team, their pitches hit rock bottom when a key retailer reveals they don't like the colour, taste or branding of the gin.

Donning hi-vis jackets and steel-toe-capped boots, the candidates travel to meet Lord Sugar in a south London builder's yard. The battle to become Lord Sugar's next apprentice intensifies as the remaining candidates reach the series' half-way mark. The longest champagne bar in Europe at St Pancras International is the venue chosen by Lord Sugar to launch the latest task. In an emotional boardroom, Lord Sugar receives some surprising news, and someone feels the full force of his fury, before a shock exit leaves everyone open-mouthed. Est. Karren winces as the lads' mag embraces innuendo and photoshoots get racy.

Lord Sugar pays the six remaining candidates a flying visit, challenging them to cash in on the lucrative Christmas market. They have to stay awake, find nine items, negotiate the best possible price and be back at the Shard by 6am. Lord Sugar informs them that their final task is to launch their business by creating a brand and unveiling their campaign in front of a packed audience full of industry experts. With former colleagues coming back to help, or possibly hinder, the final task of the season is to plan and present ideas of what to do with a £120 million site that Sir Alan has recently bought. A chance to catch up with what happened in the first six episodes. Episode 30:    Series 13: Meet the Candidates. From making sausages and selling clothes to creating a character for a brand new cleaning product, this year's budding businessmen and women have been tested to destruction. The team members chosen to organise the boxes meet their match when they come face to face with the clients and their negative comments. Matt Edmondson gives his own take on the interview process. Alan Sugar begins another search for a business partner, challenging a new group of candidates to design and manufacture their own burgers to sell to the public in London. The teams have one day to meet and convince up-and-coming urban artists that they are the right team to represent them in a one-off gallery sale. Lord Sugar decides it's time to mix up the boys and girls.

Ahead of the final, Lord Sugar looks back on the tasks from this year's series and assesses the candidates' performances. After a leisurely morning in the house, the candidates are shocked when Karren and Claude appear at the front door to give a briefing that is 'out of this world'. A look back at the candidates who didn't make the cut. The teams are called to a warehouse in Essex; Lord Sugar tells the candidates that this is how he started out, buying wholesale goods and selling them on for a profit. The final four candidates are called to the Institute of Directors in the City, where Lord Sugar asks them to pitch their business concepts to him right there on the spot. On the boys team is: The teams are challenged to create, manufacture and sell their own ranges of ice lollies.

The other team, accompanied by 67-year old Nick, goes for the oldies market, and on the way comes up with some patronising names (causing raised eyebrows from Nick!). Each team is given a shipping container of imported products at midnight and has until 4pm to shift it all. The teams have to introduce a new product line to promote and sell in the store, and they must also run a personal-shopping service for some of London's most discerning shoppers. An in-depth look at the final five candadiates, featuring interviews from family, friends and loved ones, as well as Lord Sugar's trusted aides Baroness Brady and Claude Littner. Your favorites, all in one place. With just two candidates left battling it out for the £250,000 investment, the finalists receive a call telling them to travel to events venue One Marylebone. The candidates have to create their own brand of trainer.
The battle to become Lord Sugar's business partner is nearing the end, as the remaining candidates have 24 hours to brush up on their business plans and face the formidable interview process.

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