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January 25, 2016

tennis volley

Every tour-level player, men and women both, can hit the swinging volley to abruptly end the point. This is because it can depends on the type of swing used to hit the ball. What you want to do from the beginning, however, is use the continental grip and make contact with the ball off to the side, not directly in front of your body. The exception – again, here we go with the exceptions – is if the ball is moving quickly backwards or if the ball does not bounce up high enough to hit the overhead smash (but you still try anyway).

While standing at the net, a player usually has no time to take a long backswing. This volley is crucial to taking your net game to the next level. A player can also touch the ball lightly, so that the ball will fall just after the net. step forward at the time when you’re about to connect with the ball). Extend your racket towards the ball, whilst keeping your left arm out and extended for balance. Watch this detailed video by Essential Tennis and you will certainly improve: It’s not easy to execute the volley at first with so much to remember. Herein, both your arms will be moving towards each other. If you want to perfect the forehand volley, you need to understand the technique first. You may have heard coaches telling you to “punch” the ball. Practice makes close to perfect here. I've been playing tennis for over 20 years and my playing career includes playing college tennis at a D1 University. Another type of volley is the drive volley. How to use volley in a sentence. You don’t want your well-executed volley to be bogus, but rather an active part of your game plan.

You should already be at the net. There is one exception to this rule – yes, there are many exceptions in tennis. These two volley techniques are the most common ones used on half volleys. A regular volley is hit with a short backswing and a punching stroke. For beginners, a volley shot can be difficult especially, when they lack proper guidance on how to do it. The half volley requires good hand-eye coordination and lots of practice to master. Landing the volley is frustrating at first because your shots are barely able to make it to the net. We will address each volley type below with pictures so it is straightforward to understand. So next time you go to the court, you will now know the proper tennis terminology to use. However, the drive volley can be used on slow balls that bounce up high at the net, though this is much rarer.

How do you make it so? So on very fast shots, we use what is called the block volley and it’s extremely effective. Okay, maybe that sounds a little too dramatic, but trust me, it’s the most fun volley to hit in tennis. You need to read your opponent’s mind and observe as the shot’s being hit. Doing so on the block volley only spells disaster. Not to worry because here at Racquet Sports Center, we’re going to teach you how to volley in the next 15 minutes. This momentum goes a long way in improving the power and the overall execution of the shot. Required fields are marked *. However, executing a great block volley can be very tricky, as hard-struck balls are extremely difficult to control. Many players I see at the club level, walk backwards to hit an overhead, which is technically incorrect and can cause you to fall. As soon as your opponent hits the ball, lightly jump up and spread your feet to shoulder width apart. If you can’t put away the slow, easy shots, the game becomes very hard for you at the net. For beginners, the overhead smash will most likely be the toughest shot to hit due to the precise timing needed to hit the shot.

As the net player takes a full swing at the ball, the ball is usually struck with such pace that it cannot be returned by the opponent. You especially don’t want to get caught in no-mans land. Starting off with volleys is not simple. To practice the drop volley, have someone hit you medium paced shots at the net. You can consider this volley as the bread and butter of your net game. Posts on this site may contain affiliate links to products and services we recommend. To practice the drive volley have your opponents hit you slow-paced shots at least 2-3 feet above the net. This … Tennis Volleys Read More » A volley is played when the ball is struck before it bounces. However, it’s not impossible to use the drop volley on high-velocity shots. The half volley is most often used when we can’t get up to the ball fast enough to volley it out of the air. On the drop volley the point is to put as little pace on the ball as possible. Your body does not need to move forward at all on this type of volley either. Your email address will not be published. This is technically a volley (swinging volley) because the ball is taken out of the air before it bounces, even though a groundstroke is used. On the drive volley, we have time to set up into a power position because the ball is coming in slow. Don’t forget this part! We provide unbiased reviews so that you can find the right equipment for you. It’s very important that you use a very loose grip and allow the racquet to have a lot of give. This site is owned and operated by Oriental Decor Com. The volley is a natural part of doubles tennis. Your email address will not be published. There are a couple of additional points of information to know about volleys. Be ready for a shot coming towards your backhand. It’s easier to control the racquet and redirect the shot as compared to the backhand. On the flip side, half volleys can be incredibly challenging as well and even give advanced players fits. We will get into more detail on this volley type soon.
Don’t get caught up in two minds. If all this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Note: Small wrist movements can make a big difference as they can change the direction of your shots entirely. Keep in mind the swinging volley takes much more energy to hit than the volleys previously mentioned, so you may find yourself getting tired after not too long. Pace allows us to put the ball away so our opponent cannot return it. Many people confuse the two terms – rally and volley – believing that rallies are called volleys. On the volley, that follow through is not present. To practice the swinging volley have a player toss a ball to you and use your forehand groundstroke to hit the ball directly out of the air. By holding the racquet loosely, it slows the ball down enough so that it remains in the court. The racket should follow through very slightly, pointing towards the intended target, mimicking a chopping action. Especially, when you’re practicing wrong. As an added teaching aid, a video will accompany this blog post showing you exactly how to hit each volley type. This is because the court surface, especially clay, can reduce the speed of the ball, allowing us to more easily control it. This volley type is most often used on medium pace balls that are higher than the net.

The one exception happens when the player allows the ball to bounce first and then employs the overhead smash to put away the ball. Since one of the two players typically starts up at the net, doubles tennis incorporates the stroke quite a bit. However, once you execute the shot, switch back to the continental forearm grip. Posts on this site may contain affiliate links to products and services we recommend. A half volley is usually played defensively. These are factors that all players contend with, so just accept them and get used to them. The other major challenge is the wind, which can play havoc with that 2-ounce tennis ball before it reaches your racquet. Your email address will not be published. Categories.

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Recently I've begun branching out into other racquet sports such as badminton, racquetball, and pickleball and I've decided to document my journey to becoming an expert player in each sport on this site! Lastly, practice your volleys and belief in yourself. To execute a clean forehand volley, keep your hand extended in the opposite direction and slightly tilt your wrist.

The serve toss in tennis gives many players problems. In tennis terms, a volley occurs when a player hits the ball directly out of the air, not allowing the ball to bounce on the court first. Good racquet feel is essential to hitting effective half volleys.

Remember, since the incoming ball has little pace, you need to move your racquet quickly forward and slightly down (creating backspin). The volley is a timing-oriented shot with the power transitioning upwards through your legs and not through your arms. See our Youtube channel for many more tips and drills to help improve your tennis game and conditioning. When you hit the ball, you want to do so with a firm wrist. In the world of tennis, there are two types of serves: the beginner serve and... We all want more power in our tennis serve.

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