IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

southside skinny instagram

"gig_id":"58611", }, { So that's a lot of different things. "band_name":"KUMMER", "band_name":"KILLSWITCH ENGAGE", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/ea/ea65176609a457edba71f2e2720ac60d.460x1000x0.jpg" Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/8f/8fff00f9e73ccc007e5006030b318269.460x1000x0.jpg" "stage_name":"", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/of-monsters-and-men", "stage_name":"", "band_name":"MILLENCOLIN", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/neck-deep", "gig_date":"", I'm sure the IG Nude censorship is often a result of a crappy AI identifying "nude" pictures. JI: Usually we delivered them house to house. "band_name":"THE DEAD SOUTH", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/62/62434f8ac8464f1c06e4a86023d14cfb.460x1000x0.jpg" There's there isn't a space that is like that anywhere in Glasgow. "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/while-she-sleeps", And this is not saying that larger bodied people who aren't fat need to change in anyway - there are all sorts of body shapes. "band_name":"FONTAINES D.C.", And then that helps us subsidise everybody else. }, { "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/96/9652b2d325db4241e69c2df7b5587cd0.460x1000x0.jpg" "band_name":"AURORA", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/jc-stewart", "gig_date":"", "gig_id":"57114", 2,122 Followers, 2,136 Following, 96 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @southside_skinnymann "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/giant-rooks", "gig_id":"57107", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/4a/4a8c0c51b17304e489dcdc29dd2ffae0.460x1000x0.jpg" "gig_date":"", I'm not sure how instagram's censorship works. During lockdown, Morgan Holleb and Joe Isaac delivered food to homes across the city; over video chat, the duo talk us through the project. }, { "stage_name":"", But yeah, it has emphasised a lot the need for those kind of community spaces. "gig_date":"", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/brutus", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/0b/0b8b5e7ec02e5d2998ae494fb9b588b8.460x1000x0.jpeg" }, { "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/tones-and-i", JI: Sounds about right to me... might be about 140? "gig_date":"", }, { { It's not news that almost all forms of media/social media favors sexy images over the less sexy images. "stage_name":"", "band_name":"TONES AND I", "band_name":"JUJU", "stage_name":"", "band_name":"PUP", "band_name":"MAYDAY PARADE", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/twenty-one-pilots", The second one obviously copied the fist one! "stage_name":"", "gig_id":"57738", Doesn't matter a whit to me if IG posts obese nudes or in shape nudes. So our project focuses on a couple of different identities that are really underserved but we have total solidarity with lots of other groups that we don't ourselves represent, but their struggles are our struggles. One of these images tells a story very well. "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/mine", "gig_id":"57737", "band_name":"KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE LIVE", "gig_id":"57101", Please select another product or variant. It makes it hard for people to not only like access their basic needs, but if someone needs community support, it's really hard for them to access it in a way that's dignified. "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/eb/ebe043db64ebead1f42440030d630216.460x1000x0.jpg" "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/lp", Beck's CampFM ist das Festivalradio vom Southside und während des Festivals über (UKW) 91.4 MHz zu empfangen. "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/deichkind", "gig_id":"57730", What is concerning is how many people embrace an unhealthy lifestyle. And that ethos is just... apply that to all the other identities that are there. "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/bad-religion", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/miya-folick", That's actually the medical/biolgical term for the substance that makes someone obese. "gig_id":"57729", Being overweight is not good. "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/bring-me-the-horizon", "gig_date":"", "band_name":"FERDINAND IS LEFT BOY", "gig_date":"", }, { "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/84/84547dbd09f05757b71fb2473d1b6d92.460x1000x0.jpeg" "gig_date":"", I mean, rather than 'Eat Out to Help Out' it should be 'Eat the Rich to Help Out'. "gig_date":"", Made with one of our Vintage fabrics, this style features low shape memory and a lightweight textured denim that gives a perfectly aged appearance. }, { The Fujifilm GFX 100: Can Medium Format Match the Demands of Wedding Photography? Says the photographer who earns a living by photographing pizza, thickly stuffed sandwiches, burgers and alcohol. "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/5e/5eee5e7e0b4bca6b2b952947a1d73483.460x1000x0.jpg" }, { The Rachel Skinny is fitted at the hip and ankle and is worn very close to the body, creating a figure flattering fit for all body types. The algorithm isn't able to identify rail-thin supermodels as being naked females. "gig_id":"57102", "gig_date":"", Fit Tip: This style will give a little after wear so purchase to fit snug. "gig_id":"58606", "gig_date":"", By more, I mean the total amount of skin shown in relation to the size of the image. "gig_id":"57733", "stage_name":"", "stage_name":"", "gig_id":"57739", "gig_date":"", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/20/20e8a60bee09f201b36e1dc8fd94c9ef.460x1000x0.jpeg" Let Us Be Your Fashion Guide! "stage_name":"", "gig_id":"57748", "Instagram’s censorship seems to discriminate against anyone bodies that are not thin and white.". "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/the-dead-south", "stage_name":"", This high-rise skinny jean features our new 25" inseam and is a cropped length at ankle. Concepts cannot be copyrighted. What does it prove? "stage_name":"", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/sdp", "gig_id":"57091", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/thees-uhlmann-band", So, we're making a space where people can come and get food and it will be really nice food doesn't matter how much they pay us for it! "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/b9/b95863eda544c9549075e4f7c735a350.460x1000x0.jpg" "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/72/7244d8297ad8eb35db0e72368d5c2702.460x1000x0.jpg" "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/66/6650482520f683db2528228ea32e218b.460x1000x0.jpg" "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/von-wegen-lisbeth", "gig_id":"57103", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/27/276df9d5dda4ee3c773b1550cc50e36e.460x1000x0.jpg" "stage_name":"", "gig_id":"57732", "gig_date":"", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/seeed", And an excess of it is bad and condoning it is a dangerous place to put our younger generations in. "stage_name":"", "stage_name":"", "stage_name":"", And it was really obvious just right from go how necessary queer community spaces are that aren't centred around alcohol or clubbing. "stage_name":"", "stage_name":"", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/90/90b041ae48a540892e14819d63c083c1.460x1000x0.jpg" "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/ferdinand-is-left-boy", }, { "gig_id":"58604", "gig_link":"/de/line-up/#/artist/flash-forward", }, { "gig_id":"57726", "band_img":"/ccds_cache_img/fe/fe0bd3a7215284e87fc7a99892439536.460x1000x0.jpg" "gig_date":"", "gig_date":"", "stage_name":"", Some groups that we will lead and some that other people will lead. As this Guardian article points out, this is certainly not the first time that Instagram’s censorship has been called into question.

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