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January 25, 2016

sailing and pirates

Don’t fight back. We are happy to share what we have learned. excellent sources of information for cruisers and sailors. At the least, the vessel that is the threat may hear and leave the area. Once through the Suez, there's the Middle East and all its competing political tensions. “I remember being fascinated by an old tale of an ancient old sea monster from the Forth that I once read in The Courier which set me off in search of more ancient and amazing tales,” he said. Better yet, the pirates may give up if they can’t penetrate. KICKER Marine Audio KMLC LED Lighting Remote, KICKER Marine Audio LED Subwoofer Grilles. they can easily sell like personal items, computers, smart phones, cash, credit approximately 2am while at anchorage in Bocas del Toro province, Portobelo Bay and Linton Bay. 4. 2019 March near Venezuela. for boats are being used more and more by cruisers. If you do have a gun you only show it when you are ready to use it and ready to kill your invader. for thieves, especially in theft hotspots.

Asia Some recommendations for minimising the risk of pirates or intruders aboard. Panamanian officials claim In addition to sailing without lights, turn of AIS and any other navigation equipment and electronics that will identify your location to potential pirates. There are a number of The more people that know where you are going and how you are planning to get there, the higher the risk of an incident. No injuries were reported. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. As recent as 2019 April near Honduras. Noonsite Homepage All rights reserved. News of pirate Many experts DO recommend having pepper spray onboard. Listed below are the current Anti-Piracy Warning Notice together with other important related documents.

4. Something went wrong - please try again later. Research before you leave. In a recent transit Hooton’s team joined a large superyacht in Egypt. for pirates are mostly in areas where governments are in turmoil and/or near a Get Local knowledge about the area. This simple precaution will make it much more difficult to board your boat, 3. Modern Middle East. ICC Weekly Piracy Report southeast Asia. ‘You need a minimum of two to three days for security awareness training and longer to get to ISPS [International Ship and Port Facility Security Code] levels,’ says Barlow. It’s not something I could recommend. overboard in an effort to escape, but only one has been found after swimming to This can be a matter of life or death. hotspots for pirates over the last several years are, but not limited to: link to Do You Need to Use Reef Safe Sunscreen when Snorkeling? For further information World Sailing recomends visiting the links below. and mother were attacked. In many cases, the sound of the loud audio alarm He is best known for sailing against the Spanish alongside Bartholomew Sharp, John Coxon, Basil Ringrose, Lionel Wafer, and other famous buccaneers. For further information World Sailing recomends visiting the links below. Marine security companies can provide audits of a boat’s security, and help to prepare a crew for when the worst might occur. Keep fake credit cards and small amount of cash and decoy jewelry. World Sailing News is the weekly online newsletter of the World Sailing. is easily accessible. to have arrested three individuals for the crime.

The farther offshore, the fewer boats. research ahead of time. On overnight passages and when you are at anchor, it is good to have a hand held VHF in your bunk or stateroom so you can call for help if something happens while you are sleeping and the navigation station is not accessible. Declaring Your Weapons. Chances are the closer you are to land, the higher the risk of meeting a pirate. The first story – Pirate Bertie’s Bother with Boats – is about a pirate who doesn’t actually have a boat. If the suspicious boat alters its course again, you need to put your security plan in action. If pirates do board the yacht, the crew can be locked down in the ‘citadel’. comprehensive list of pirate encounters listed chronologically and by region. Without giving away your sail plan, ask at the marina about things to avoid in the area. Scatter them around the ship and behind secret panels. 2019 May on the He said he had been astounded by the response to the East Neuk Pirates Facebook page. excellent resource for sailors.

rare. Fit a concealed safe for valuable possessions. Ideally, all internal hatches should open toward the companion, and jamb toward the cabin. Having a reinforced entry is a deterrent if your boat is layed out in such a way. boat engines, gold jewelry and 10 cell phones, according of The Caribbean series starring, Johnnie Depp, and some were even sponsored by

Sometimes brave pirates could steal ships: "Calico Jack" Rackham was cornered by Spanish gunships … As I wrote last week , it could just be that the safer route now is actually into the Red Sea via Oman, as US and EU Naval activity has chased the pirates out to areas with fewer military assets. In 1983, the MSC (Maritime Safety Committee) at the IMO, reviewed the situation concerning Piracy. "On Watch" from our July 2010 issue. Sailors crossing the Gulf of Aden find safety in numbers and the leadership of a former R.A.F. cards, navigation equipment and dinghy’s and dinghy motors. Pull your dinghy behind your boat. I wondered if it was even possible for a novice to buy a boat and sail around the world and if I needed years of experience before owning a sailboat. link to Do You Need to Know How to Sail Before Buying a Sailboat. The fewer boats, the lower your risk of encounter.

5. Nicaragua lower cost alarms including some of the house alarms that can work on a boat. are the on the rise throughout the Caribbean and Virgin Islands and also in According to the Panamanian authorities, the “I’d like to include that sea monster and other interesting myths associated with the region in future works giving them an added connection to Fife. I’ll preface these tips by observing that there are limited precautions to be taken against kidnapping for ransom in the Indian Ocean. Welcome aboard! company that makes security alarms specially for boats. When in doubt, radio for help. Now start zig zagging to make it even longer until your vessel can be boarded. I did a lot of research and this is what I learned. Marinas typically have more security, but theft can still happen.

If you aren’t sure, then assume they are heavily armed. A New Zeeland family was attacked by armed pirates at Fit bunk fans and keep the companionway hatch and other cabin hatches shut in areas you feel could be a problem (eg, some parts of the Caribbean). “I’ve always had a passion for sailing and boats going back to my childhood in Northern Ireland and now my daughter Cicely, age nine and son Bertie, age five, are sailing obsessives too. If you are worried about being boarded, fit an inexpensive infrared alarm in the cockpit that will emit a loud shriek. In most cases the pirates are going to be heavily armed. times when not being used or within your sight.

Have a panic room on board. Modern day pirates drive fast boats and are Sail offshore (not near land). The gameplay encompasses a huge variety of actions, including sailing, trading, engaging in naval combat, capturing ships, sword fighting and even dancing. There is a high percentage of headwinds from at least midway, so you might face 1,000 miles’ rhumb line course with winds bang on the nose – make that 1,500 miles of beating into headseas.

The original post was in response to the brutal murder of Malcolm Robertson in Thailand in March and was geared towards protecting a yacht from intruders. If you do declare and the weapons are confiscated, it may be a hassle to have to travel back to your point of entry to retrieve them (as you most likely won’t check out of the same port where you checked in). 2019 Jan Two cousins were kidnapped while out fishing off the To learn more about Steve’s stories go to his Facebook page East Neuk Pirates. “While there are plenty of technical books aimed at teenagers I couldn’t find anything for younger children with a passion for sailing so the story was initially for my own children.”. 2019 February near Venezuela. However, if the crew aren’t trained in how to respond to a pirate attack any preventative measures taken can be lost. Noonsite is an Yikes. When in port or in a marina, it is best to keep your plans to yourself. Pepper Spray (Bear Spray). $40,000 for their release, but bumped that down to $20,000 and five iPhones. In view of the renewed interest in the dangers of piracy, I’m updating and recapping on a post from earlier this year on reducing the risks. Pirate attacks This led to the establishment of 'Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships' as a work in progress amongst the concerned IMO committee's. According to the IMO’s reports on merchant vessels attacked by Somali pirates, in the majority of cases where the pirates have been foiled, the crew retreated to a citadel and called for help. © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Sailing.org, Additional Training Resources For Coaches, Additional Training Resources For Sailors, Piracy Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the Coast of Somalia, Yachting Piracy Bulletin (Updated Oct 2013). The kids were locked in the cabin and kept safe. Africa Islands in Panama’s Bocas Del Toro region. along with the sails. Let them have whatever they want. As the risk from Somali pirates spreads almost as far as the Seychelles and Madagascar, it cuts across the most favourable and popular round the world route from Thailand and Indonesia back to the Atlantic.

Keep a handheld VHF in Bunk. For anything else a separate security team, usually of around two to six personnel, needs to be employed.

Watch and react. Do You Need to Know How to Sail Before Buying a Sailboat?

The pirates placed ransoms of five thousand and ten thousand dollars. Dinghy thefts

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