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ruy lopez ideas

Boost your calculation skills. Thus it is important to keep that in mind in your analysis. Depending on their intended use, analysis cookies and marketing cookies may be used in addition to technically required cookies. But in many lines, White can choose to temporarily sacrificing e4 for a temporary lead in development, often allowing him to recapture another pawn under good conditions. One radical way to counter that is to play d7-d6. How To Win With The Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation: The Ending : One of White's main goals in the Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation is to reach a winning king and pawn endgame. In this article, we will check some ideas in the Ruy Lopez for Black. Due to the difficulty for Black to achieve equality,[1] and the fact that Lopez was a priest during the Inquisition, a common nickname for the opening is "The Spanish Torture"." In the last 20 years, Black tried often to play without this move, going for the immediate 3...Nf6, which leads to the fashionable ‘Berlin or Ant-Berlin Defences’, depending on what White will choose. 7.

In this article, we will check some ideas in the Ruy Lopez for Black. From Black’s point of view, the main line is probably what you will end up with if you don’t play all the fancy ideas detailed above (like a fianchetto, a quick capture on e4…). Bb5. It's a solid defence which, however, requires a lot of theoretical knowledge. In the main lines it can lead to strategically challenging positions for both sides, requiring good strategical knowledge, mixed with a tactical eye.} You can decide which cookies to use by selecting the appropriate options below. Remember that according to the opening principles, Knights should be developed before Bishops), defending e4 with a Knight on c3, coming back to the four Knights’ defense, defending e4 with the move d2-d3, that may seem unambitious, but is actually extremely interesting, Achieving a fast development and castling quickly, at the cost of the e4-pawn. Around move 14 you should stop and spend a few minutes. This article started to grow so much that I decided to split it into two articles ! The Ruy Lopez Starting Position . In this article, we will check some ideas in the Ruy Lopez for Black. Attacking with the Italian Game and the Ruy Lopez, The purpose of this DVD is to teach players how to conduct the attack on the black king using different methods. This sharp and interesting variation has been used by many of the all-time greats, including Anand, Kortschnoi, Botvinnik, Keres, Euwe, Fine and Reshevsky and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Then only, Black has to worry about protecting the pawn. Note that the move b7-b5 played by Black was not just a possibility but mandatory to keep the e5 pawn ! himself to win an easy game. Nf3 Nc6 3. 5...Be7. In their interpretation, the goal of 3.Bb5 was creating a threat to the pawn e5 by means of Bb5xc6 and Nf3xe5. Qxd8+ Kxd8 {(D) [#] We have the main position of the ‘Berlin Defence’, which caused so many ‘troubles’ for World Champion Garry Kasparov, in the famous match Kasparov-Kramnik, London 2000. Analyses from the Magnus Carlsen Invitational and FIDE Nations Cup by Giri, Duda, Firouzja, Adhiban and others.

It is one of the most popular openings, with such a vast number of variations that in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) all codes from C60 to C99 are assigned to them. He has been awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) the titles of International Chess Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and International Chess Organiser.

Click here to get my 5 best opening traps for free, advanced ideas for Black in the Ruy Lopez, it develops a piece (and a good one ! The previous game is a nightmare come true for White. It is named after a spanish priest who published one of the first books dedicated to Chess. Back to the main line: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4. ({One of the main questions should be why White plays 9.h3? From here, there are several possible variations. As we have already seen, Black must pay attention to White’s threat to capture on c6, removing the defender of e5, followed by Nxe5. Bxc6 {leads to the 'Exchange Ruy Lopez', a favourite 'weapon' of the great Bobby Fischer. This article and the following one details the ideas for Black. The threat will be real only when White forbids the move Qd8-d4. Bb3 d6 ({Another fashionable way for Black is} 7... O-O 8. c3 (8. a4 {is often played here as well avoiding the Gambit}) 8... d5 {(D) [#] Which leads to the 'Ruy Lopez - Marshall Gambit'. 4...Nf6 5.0–0. One of my students recently sent me some interesting games in the Ruy Lopez. Numerous novelties and improvements are suggested, with the conclusion that White has no clear route to an opening advantage. Keep doing this to try alternate continuations. It is White’s most logical attempt to continue the attack started on Black’s center at move two. Nxe5 Qd4 {regains the pawn for Black -}) (5. d4 {is another option}) 5... f6 {(D) [#] We have another 'heavily' analysed position. VivaChe graciously gave me permission to show one of his games in an article. The fianchetto setup is really a solid one for Black and there is no easy way for White to take advantage of this.

The most chosen response, which is named 'Chigorin Variation'. Basically, White has three options now: Those two last options are discussed in details in my article about the Berlin defense. This leads to a favorable version of the Ruy Lopez tense center. The main line of the Ruy Lopez has a name that speaks for itself: with this line, you cannot really go wrong, at least as long as you are following it ! Even today (2015) we are still using the opening, in fact it is by far the most popular opening after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. You can pick an electronic opponent that matches your playing strength, and try alternate continuations from the given position. But Black can choose in-between another 6-7 decent alternatives.}) It remains strategically interesting and is used by players of all levels.} Now a position in which Bc5 is played, up to you to determine if this is good ! Top authors like Daniel King, Lawrence Trent and Rustam Kasimdzhanov. Now it is time to speak about one of the main opening systems in Chess: the Ruy Lopez opening. Rxe5 {(D) [#] Practice has proved that Black retains fair compensation for his sacrificed pawn, due to his better development and initiative to be taken in the kingside.}) O-O {(D) [#]} (5. Learn my best 5 opening traps right now ! Black has different replies here which all lead to rich and complex positions. Beginner, club and master levels. He has published a large number of Books & DVDs in Arabic, English, Greek, Italian, Spanish & Turkish languages. Please note that your selection may affect the functionality of the service. Thousands of hours of high class video training. (Because Iwas brought up in East Anglia and not Spain, I described it foryears as the "Royal Opez", but I believe it is properly pronounced morelike"Ree Lop'eth".)

It remains the most important of the King's-side openings, … It's free, so why not? There is one exception to this rule though, in the so-called “modern Steinitz defense”. Play here against an engine of your choice, following the advice of the GM below. White will have an extra tempo after 6...d6?! We use cookies and comparable technologies to provide certain functions, to improve the user experience and to offer interest-oriented content. (Click here). White will argue that Black loosens his position in the Open Variation, but if Black takes the time and trouble to learn the ideas and tactical themes that underpin this line, he has every chance to win the game.

Bb5. Bb5 {(D) [#] This is often called the ‘Spanish Defence’ or ‘Ruy Lopez’, as it is named after the 16th-century Spanish bishop Ruy López de Segura, after it appeared in his 1561 book. It remains strategically interesting and is used by players of all levels. If we want to summarize the idea of developing the Bishop to g7: this is a solid option, often played together with d7-d6. Technically required cookies: so that you can navigate and use the basic functions and store preferences. [Event "CB - Analysis"] [Site "Athens"] [Date "2018.06.14"] [Round "?"] 6/28/2018 – GM EFSTRATIOS GRIVAS is a world renown trainer. But the next possibility is a totally different animal ! 1 The Ruy Lopez Opening, 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5, is old, highly regarded, and highly analyzed. The move d7-d6 comes as a natural defense here, when played at the right time. This article is seen from Black’s point of view. Nxe5 Nxe5 11. The main line has been extensively analysed in the last 100 years or so. We have the main position of the ‘Berlin Defence’, which caused so many ‘troubles’ for World Champion Garry Kasparov, in the famous match Kasparov-Kramnik, London 2000. The move f7-f5 is an attempt to counter-attack on White’s main center pawn instead of defending e5. Let us start with a short line you must absolutely know if you play the Ruy Lopez with any color. In this DVD Sam Collins provides a complete and detailed repertoire for Black. So if Black wants to play sharp and concrete moves, now is probably the right time ! Nf3 Nc6 3. [Result "*"] [ECO "C92"] [Annotator "Efstratios Grivas"] [PlyCount "18"] [EventDate "2018.06.14"] [EventCountry "GRE"] [SourceVersionDate "2018.06.14"] 1. e4 e5 2. We will start with Black’s ideas: after all, it is up to Black to decide what to do to counter White’s Bishop’s move. Learn my best 5 opening traps right now ! My Games – Access your games from everywhere. The Breyer Variation, which is characterised by the knight retreat to b8. But Black can choose in-between another 6-7 decent alternatives. "The opening is named after the 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura, who made a systematic study of this and other openings in the 150-page book on chess Libro del Ajedrez written in 1561. At least, the Britishand Americans know it as the RuyLopez: in Europe they are more likely to call it the Spanish Game,and Tartakower wryly referred to it as Spanish Torture.

So this is another example in which the move Bc5 was good ! Another line in which Black typically captures on e4 is the Ruy Lopez open defense: the main difference with the Berlin is that Black has played the move 3… a6. Join the PawnBreak community and gain access to all our articles !

Thus the move Bc5 is often played in a different move order, after Nf6 most importantly. This is often called the ‘Spanish Defence’ or ‘Ruy Lopez’, as it is named after the 16th-century Spanish bishop Ruy López de Segura, after it appeared in his 1561 book. Updated weekly, our definitive database has all the latest games. Opening principles tell us that you should not move the same piece twice in the opening, and indeed the Bird defense is not a great opening. Ba4 (4.

The Ruy Lopez [C92] — Analysis by Efstratios Grivas, Athens 14.06.2018. Well, that is a bit too complex for an overview on the Ruy Lopez actually ! Were you able to beat the program in the lines given above? Capturing on e4 is what Black has in mind when playing … Nf6 quickly. With Live Book and Let’s Check! We will clarify immediately if capturing on c6, then on e5 is a real threat by White. The e4 pawn is always under pressure: Until White protects it with d2-d3, Nc3 or Re1, Black is close to capture it.

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