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January 25, 2016

minor league baseball logos

Let’s go Shrimp! That this is not the logo of an exotic pet store is a missed opportunity. This is the best logo and design I have ever seen for minor league baseball. It’s excellent. While modern folks wouldn’t appreciate a DIY apple orchard planter renegade planting apple trees in random yards and near commercial plaza retention ponds, this modern folk appreciates the Tin Caps existing. Located on Holmgren Way because of course it is, this team is proof that there is at least one non-football team in Green Bay. That the team is named the Nuts appeals to children and immature adults in a way that is special and can bring the masses cheap joy. This team name references the film “The Natural” and the state nickname “Natural State”. This mallow with graham cracker pool floaties just made out with everyone’s girlfriend and no one is mad about it. The logo here just replaced a miserable dirty child with a cute massive alligator. The utterly unplayable baseball behind the raptor which is supposedly how a baseball would look post-raptor attack is a really nice and unnecessary touch. It is so vicious that it has burrowed deep into the state of Texas for heaven’s sake! So where is this Kokomo? Regardless, the font beautifully ties mariner vibes with baseball vibes (no Seattle based MLB references intended), the logo is an excellent combination of intimidating, cute, and silly, and serious bonus points for the rose tattoo on the arm. The color scheme is dark and powerful and all that power is coming from an MF Flying Squirrel. This is so whimsical and mythological. Everything about this team is bleak and I’m having no fun at all. Many flags that represent entire countries are really just a few arbitrary colors, but the raptor on this small-ball ball club has wrinkles, stripes, a specific tongue definition, and the craziest anatomically accurate toe ever. This flaming s’more rocking Ray Bans and Doc Martens may have peaked in high school, but the way I love this suggests that I’m still in high school alongside this badass s’more. A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical … This cute lil guy has the face of the Volcano from the Pixar short, ‘Lava’ and it’s heckin adorable. It’s one of the only ways I imagine I could find kinship with a person living in the 1920s. The bee is stout, confident, and smiley despite having absolutely no bend in the knee for the batting stance. Little homie is monchin on wheat, hiding in a hole, with an Amarillo pride cowboy hat. Or I guess he could just be posing in some tasteless photo for money?? Regardless of why you’re on a dock, it’s no fun to deal with spiders on them. Back to the design…this rabbit is jacked, has above average ears, and handcrafted an artisanal baseball bat out of an effing carrot. Bruce Voge is the Host of the Just Barely Sports Podcast and a Minor League Baseball Logo geek. Pacific Suns (Western League) Pitcher Ken Krahenbuhl was traded to the Texas Louisiana League Greensville Bluesman for cash, an un-named future player, and 10 pounds of catfish. There is a good color scheme, the name is relevant to the area, and the logo is adorable, check check check. This new reality has made him quite cynical about modern times and quite nostalgic about the “good ole days.” Just like that he started looking for scapegoats for why his life took a turn. What a beautiful stereotype for the state of Colorado to proudly flex with. Ruben Davila (Texas - LA League) while out on bond for conspiracy to transport 350 pounds of Marijuana pitched for Corpus Christi (0-0, 6.75 ERA). Akron Rubber Ducks. We may never know, but these are the questions that make this logo high up on the list. That smile says “Yeah, I was with your girlfriend last night, what are you gonna do about it?” and the lettering looks like it would be in a Crimson Chin comic book if such thing existed. Fried pickles galore, giant pickle mascot, an emphasis on selling merch, etc. I must point out that they have biscuit stands at the stadium that say “Biscuits, of course” and I love that. The only animal slang roast I like better is ‘danger noodle’ for snakes. If this team were to lose and get roasted on Twitter (no pun intended), responding with “Stop the hate, good vibes only” is actually a legitimate response. It’s fun for baseball and non-baseball fans alike. I’m biased because I live here, but this team name and execution is splendid. Another unaffiliated with MILB team, another glorious addition to fun logos. This right here is a masterpiece. This IS minor league baseball we’re talking about after all. In the list below I will reveal my top 35 favorite minor league baseball teams as well as the worst design concept I’ve ever seen. Baseball enthusiasts could point out that the seams on the ball are embarrassingly inaccurate compared to a real ball, but we’re not here for accuracy, we’re here for fun. I mean honestly, what is not to like here? Go Squirrels. Unfortunately, this team name is not a nod to conspiracy theorists everywhere. Minor league/Semi-pro baseball and the team names associated with it is one of my greatest joys in life. But because it’s strange, it made my list of favorites cut. All of this combined makes this a mid-tier favorite. Back to our logo friend…this is one badass Narwhal with a very classy rose prison tatt on his arm. The cursive Grasshoppers underlined by the city name basically just told me that instant replay is ruining the integrity of the game and Fernando Tatis Jr. shouldn’t be swinging at a 3–0 pitch in a blowout ball game in the 8th. This team is not associated with major league baseball, but again, the design rocks so I don’t care. The nut has eyes that look like a shitty bird drawing and has a tooth. That said, if I were a 22 year old kid getting paid almost nothing to get his ya-yas out all summer trying to make it to the bigs, I would surely enjoy donning Yard Goat attire. Most are members of the umbrella organization formally known as National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues … Small scale alliteration and an iteration of comic sans all in the same design. On to the show! The cherry pit is a baseball. Further, this shrimp is buff AF and forms a letter “J” for Jacksonville so that’s even more fun. Andre Keene (Big South League) was traded for cash and a Muddy Waters album. The color scheme is first grader approved and that’s what makes adults donning AquaSox gear that much more disarming. Bruce Voge is the Host of the Just Barely Sports Podcast and a Minor League Baseball Logo geek. As a bonus, this team for a few games a year switches their logo to become the Albuquerque Green Chile Cheeseburgers and it brings me joy to see how much fun New Mexicans clearly like to have. But still, the cliff, waterfall, and lightning bolt do well to show that Arkansas is a wild wild state with wild wild weather. North Atlantic League president Edward Broidy ordered teams to return broken bats as defective merchandise. Let’s try to appreciate the Pablo Picasso-esque lazy abstract “s” stitching baseball. PHOTOS: Best & Worst Minor League Baseball team logos. Feeling consistently inferior to North Carolina and being the state that started and lost a bloody civil war fought for immoral reasons must be difficult. Pit Spitters is infinitely better. I want to live in this world for about a week. This rat has an energy that matches the rat from Fantastic Mr. Fox much more than the sorry soft-ass rat from Ratatouille. It is unique for a club to be named after something not feared, but actively hated by just about everyone and have it come out cool. The cross-eyed biscuit with a butter tongue sneaking behind the letter B almost looking scared like a deer in the woods baffles and amazes. The bee should work on that otherwise it may be late on a lot of fastballs. https://www.pinterest.com/ridleyphil/minor-league-baseball-logos Let’s also appreciate that the lugnut is screwing into the U and the S, the lugnut is screwing us. Also as an aside, financing a restaurant for the rat in that movie is a poor investment because rats just don’t live very long. Cool. Back to the design, the underlined cursive is baseball AF so bonus points there. The font is right in line with spooky season, the spider is equally cute and scary, and the little webs on the letters and in the back ground is just adorable. This logo inspired me to look at depictions of previously IRL raptors and HOT DOG, they have some WEIRD toes. Any little league dad looking to teach their catcher kid how to increase his Pop Time (POP) can point to this grasshopper on what he should look like making a pick-off throw. Minor league baseball teams, unlike their Major League contemporaries, aren't beholden to traditions and do what they can in order to get fans in the seats. This woodpecker doesn’t discriminate on which wood it wants to peck considering it has already taken some hacks at its own bat and the logo itself. All over the country but especially in the southeast, people are acutely aware of how miserable mosquitos can make the outdoors in the summer time, but that’s what makes this logo so intimidating. Who will lead each NFL team in receptions this year?

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