IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

real scary numbers to call

Lass' car was found parked outside her apartment, but there was no trace of her anywhere. Qualtrough was never identified, but the prime suspect was a former employee of Wallace's insurance firm who allegedly asked his wife to provide him with a fake alibi and was seen wearing bloody gloves and hosing down his car on the night of the murder, which some might call suspicious. And the abuse got physical when the Star of David was scratched all over Kouchacji's Mercedes, although we're glad to know that constant harassment didn't stop him from making serious cheddar. It's possible some other psycho just got very, very lucky -- if you want to get away with murder, having a famous serial killer take credit for your crime sure helps. So the obvious question is: dear God, why? Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images/NASA/Time Cube.

Halfway through the call the operators thought they heard the woman put the phone down and dial another number, and when they asked if she needed help she responded, "No. Qualtrough," which could only be more fake if it was P.S. It was after this that she bumped the time of the president's death from 10:10 to 10:30. 1-800-COLLECT, 1-800-CALL-ATT, and 10-10-220 are still around, and they’ve not gotten less expensive with time. ", 6 Insane Ways People Made Money Off True Crime Stories, Inside The Weird Secret Summer Camp Of The 1%, New 'McBroken' Tool Pinpoints Which McDonald's Have Functioning Ice Cream Machines, Phyllis Should Have Been 'The Office' Manager. However, just like last time, I strongly recommend you don’t actually call the numbers I’ll be talking about.

Lass' boss became suspicious and contacted Lass' mother, who confirmed that the story was bullshit. Thanks for connecting! Days after the Hyams episode was broadcast, Scherer got an anonymous letter confirming what many people suspected all along: Hyams died during an illegal abortion and wound up in a watery grave. Maybe, but keep in mind that in 1990 the Internet mostly consisted of people exchanging Star Trek erotica. He was living the American Dream, but in 1983 he became the target of an insane, nonstop stream of threatening phone calls that came several times a day, every day. Thankfully, the Court of Criminal Appeal wasn't staffed by incompetent assholes, and they immediately overturned the bullshit conviction. Was this an elaborate attempt at a prank? As a result, your collect-call subjects could find themselves paying $1.49 per minute with a $13.50 service charge if you use 1-800-CALL-ATT.

Cracked is published by Literally media Ltd.. If this was a found-footage film we'd get a blurry conclusion featuring a psychobilly chainsaw killer or a monster not worth the hype. Well, in California it was 10:30 -- the woman's prediction was right on the money. Hyams allegedly made arrangements to get an illegal abortion from a Hungarian doctor named George Hadju, who had about as much credibility as Dr. Nick. Hundreds of volunteers, 34 dogs, and 120 days later, only his car was found. L'Enfant was a plot orchestrated by multiple people for the express purpose of driving Kouchacji insane. Halfway through the call the operators thought they heard the woman put the phone down and dial another number, and when they asked if she needed help she responded, "No. To further complicate matters, Zodiac was known for screwing with the authorities -- he claimed to have killed dozens of people, but officially he has only five murders and two more attempts on his resume. The host said he never made the call and knew precisely dick-all about Hyams. But at the very least it's a prime example of why every anonymous tip, no matter how loony, should at least be considered. Things got so bad he suffered a mental breakdown and committed himself to a psychiatric ward, but the calls continued to his restaurant, which we're guessing had a pretty high turnover rate.

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