IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

randall hall uva

Commanded by Colonel Staige Davis Blackford, medical class of 1923, the unit was composed of 417 personnel, including forty-seven commissioned officers and fifty-two commissioned nurses. The idea of giving something back to your "community" was fostered at U.Va. SON Papers, CNHI. nursing services department, Tyson guided the nursing faculty in seeking permission to phase out the diploma program. At this point she became the architect of a radically new role for a nursing dean in a public institution, that of chief fund-raiser. Anne Pollock HemmingsDiploma 1947, BSNEd 1949. program, however, once again created a shortage in housing.28  Randall Hall’s forty rooms seemed spacious in 1915 but now it was so overcrowded that many students were forced to return to the old hospital’s attic wards. Using their limited planning time as judiciously as possible, the baccalaureate faculty initiated a plan to develop a clinical master’s program for the future.97 The nation’s need for university nursing Office of Enrolled Students • Randall Hall 101 • PO Box 400775 • Charlottesville, VA 22904-4775 P HYSICAL S TANDARDS FOR D ISSERTATIONS AND T HESES P AGE O RDER It would, however, submit a VCU/MCV doctoral proposal to council for to directing the nursing services department. the $250 accreditation fee an “exorbitant expense.”44 McLeod suggested that Wangen seek the necessary funds from the University of Virginia School of Nursing Alumnae Association. and to education, including the Distinguished Professor Award, the Thomas Jefferson Award, and the Meritorious Public Service Award sponsored by the U. S. Department of the Navy. The dress buttoned on the left side of the V insert. Bice’s relationship with the School of Nursing began in 1965, when Zula Mae Baber served as the acting dean of the School of Nursing.

Embedded in the nursing program from the very beginning were the core values of professional nursing.

The School of Nursing Moves into its Second Century: 1989-2001 ◼ 99. scrubs, patterned jackets, and polo shirts) with white slacks and shoes. Below: Margaret Cowling, RN, became superintendent of nursing in 1916, left for war service in 1918, and returned as superintendent from 1920 to 1924. Only the post-graduate nurses, Pediatric nurse clinician certificate program. 41.”. In recognition of her pioneer research contributions to the profession the school inaugurated a research conference in her name and the U.S. Army Nurse Corps initiated a Phyllis J. Verhonick Award and Research Conference in 1980.132. At the successful completion of the fund drive, led by Agnes Randolph, a great-granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson, the GNAV presented President Edwin Alderman a $50,000 check in 1926. In addition, his appointment as an associate professor made him the school’s first male nursing faculty member. Nursing students were eager to learn ways to help those ill and in need of nursing care. After six years as superintendent, Besley resigned in a dispute over the role of medical residents in managing the hospital. The original twenty-bed hospital, with its staff of two graduate nurses, four nursing students, eight medical faculty, and four interns, plus a cook and a porter, had struggled for several years to entice local families and physicians to use its facilities and personnel. Society’s demand for nurses with more advanced knowledge and skills had risen over the years, and with the availability of new federal funding for nursing education in the 1960s, there was a pool of baccalaureate graduates seeking master’s education.98 Tyson wisely understood that the time was right for the University of Virginia to open a graduate program. In 1995, at the public announcement of the University’s Capital Campaign, the Advisory Board boldly declared that the school’s goal for the drive was $5.1 million.152, In a move to make the school more visible in the University community, Dean Lancaster accepted the Board of Visitors’ invitation to reside with her family in Pavilion II on the Lawn. SON Archives, Box 2B. Professor Emeritus – 1988, Cynthia Faye Mundie Raines, PhD, RN

These superficial differences in clothing aside, it is important to note in what areas today’s nursing students are comparable with previous students. To accommodate the increased numbers of students, Walker sought government funds to build an addition on McKim Hall. “When I graduated in 1970, I could say that neither as a student nor as a registered nurse did I experience racial discrimination at Virginia. Exercising their new freedom, students voted to discard the uniform that had been in service for over fifty years. All of the faculty’s expertise was quickly needed in the summer of 1955 to resolve a fiscal oversight that threatened the existence of the baccalaureate program. In addition, about twenty percent of students were commuters with homes and jobs in distant Virginia localities. The University of Virginia’s reputation as a premier public educational institution accounts for this age difference. Although little is known about her educational background, she is remembered as a gentle and dedicated nurse. Virginia Williams to Colgate Darden (June 6, 1949). Whether Virginia graduates or not, many of the nurses were married, with children, and their work schedules could not be changed easily to accommodate the hospital’s fluctuating needs. Colonel U.S. Army Nurse Corps, Retired), May 10, 2000. Report to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on Basic Nurse Workforce, 20–22. In 1990 several faculty research initiatives received federal funding. Dr. Jean. Sue Childers Taylor, MEd, RN, President of the University of Virginia School of Nursing Alumni Council, 1998-2001. To ensure success for the bill, the faculty drew upon the state’s nursing organizations to mobilize nurses across Virginia to contact their state legislators to vote in favor of emergency funding for the program.81, 82 The nursing faculty’s stunning success in obtaining state funding impressed University officials. She also introduced newer nursing techniques in the Nursing Arts course.

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