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January 25, 2016

olympic quiz

Test your mental prowess in this quiz. On your marks, get set, Olympic Games Quiz! Bob Beamon's superhuman leap of nearly 9 metres in the 1968 Olympic Games is still an Olympic record in which event? Up to 4,000 children in China were named for one of the five 2008 Olympic mascots. This helped ensure good weather and less air pollution for the 2008 games. King Gustav of Sweden declared to Thorpe: "You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world." Five rings. What name is given to the platform on which winning competitors stand on to collect their medals? Which Greek god were they held in honor of? How many gold medals did Mark Spitz win in Munich in 1972? Posted in sports quizzes. Nadia Comaneci of Romania became the first gymnast in the history of the games to be awarded the perfect score of 10.0 for her performance on the uneven bars at the 1976 Montreal Games. Pole vaulting originated in 19th-century Europe, where people crossed city canals using long poles. See additional information. 2010 Olympic Nations These are the nations who are going for the gold...and possibly a spot on a Wheaties box. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter. Great job! (The rings on the Olympic flag symbolize the union of the five inhabited continents. Do you know the history of the Olympic Games?

Our online olympics trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top olympics quizzes. Playing quizzes is free! Which country is 1972 Pentathlon winner Mary Peters from? 6 Min, 5 Minute Quiz What type of medal did boxer Amir Khan win at the 2004 Olympic Games? 206 Olympic Nations - Map Quiz Game: 206 Olympic Nations? © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Top 50 Olympics Quiz Questions with Answers – Learn more about Olympics . Creative parents could choose from Bei Bei the fish, Jing Joing the panda, Huan Huan the Olympic Flame, Ying Ying the Tibetan antelope and Ni Ni the swallow.

Get in Touch |  ), Paralympic Games (The Games were initially open only to athletes in wheelchairs.). Olympic Facts.

What colour medal did Sharron Davies win in Moscow? Whose long-jump record in the 1968 Olympics lasted for 24 years?

Reviewed by Carol 1. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. How many gold medals did Mark Spitz win in Munich in 1972? B: Blue, Brown, Yellow, Green and Black.

The Olympics Quiz Questions. All rights reserved. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag? If gold medals are awarded for first place and silver for second, which medal is awarded for third? If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. How many athletic throwing events are there? Which country has won more … How fast can you answer these questions? QUIZ: Do you know the history of the Olympic Games? An Olympic-size swimming pool is how many metres long in length? Olympic Games Quiz 1. But the UN only recognized 195 countries…what's the deal? Foil, epee and sabre are three forms of which type of Summer Olympic sport? The Olympics Quiz Questions. By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our What color have five intersecting rings of the Olympic’s flag? 2.

After taking this quiz, one thing is pretty clear, Iceland needs to step up its game in Greco-Roman Wrestling. And how do you use a proper noun? © 2016, Kids-Quiz.com, All rights reserved. Quiz. But you can brush up on your Olympic knowledge anytime you like with this Olympics quiz.

Which country has won the most medals in total at the Winter Olympic Games? Four, They are the shot put, the discus, the javelin and the hammer. Thorpe replied, "Thanks, King. The flame is carried by humans and can travel by car, plane, and horse until the final runner lights the cauldron at the opening ceremony. Name the two- or four-person team event in the Winter Olympics that involves racing a specially designed sled down an ice track, with the winning team being the fastest to complete the course? It's the only city to host the event on three occasions. How many gold medals did Mark Spitz win in Munich in 1972? Which type of Olympic Games first took place in Rome in 1960? If gold medals are awarded for first place and silver for second, which medal is awarded for third?

7 Min, 6 Minute Quiz The tradition of the Olympic torch relay began in Berlin in 1936. In which team game did Britain’s men win gold in Seoul in 1988? Sitemap |  4 Min, 7 Minute Quiz The 14-year-old earned a perfect 10.0 six more times, taking home three golds, one silver, and one bronze.Â. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! See if you can go for the gold!

How much do you know about dinosaurs? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help. Quiz! This competition tests the physical prowess of athletes from across the world, but how much do you really know about the Olympics?

12 Quotes from U.S. Presidential Debates: A Quiz. A: 1922 B: 1924 C: 1932 D: 1902 Answer: B . Four years later, he won a gold medal and a bronze medal in Stockholm. At the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, Carl Lewis accomplished the same feat as his boyhood idol Jesse Owens by winning gold medals in the 100m, the 200m, the long jump, and the 4x100m relay.Â, Lewis also earned gold in Seoul, Barcelona, and Atlanta. Olympics Multiple Choice Quiz Questions with Answers Part 1 . Like the modern sport, an athlete needed to throw his opponent on the ground, landing on a hip, shoulder, or back. The Modern Olympic Games are based on the Olympic Games of which ancient country? Out of all the Summer Olympic sports which sport comes first alphabetically? Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts.

| In which two successive Olympics did Daley Thompson win gold? It was finally broken by American phenomenon Michael Phelps, who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games. 1896 1935 1952 The Olympic Games have continued every 4 years since 776 B.C. What is an octane rating? Eager to make up for that performance, Spitz entered seven events in eight days at the 1972 Munich Games. Sure, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games each happen only every four years.

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