IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

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You don’t live in the same country you lived in back in February. The dispatcher said that they didn’t service my address, and gave me a different number. After a lifetime career of serving the United States overseas as a federal employee and the spouse of a federal employee Foreign Service Officer, I’ve lived through fatal pandemics, lockdowns, and years of nothing on grocery store shelves. The nurse wanted to try a muscle relaxant, so she handed me the syringe and I administered it, hoping I wasn’t killing him. Best to you and your family! That should read, “Raq,” auto-correct changed it, No worries – I do that a surprising amount of the time . Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on clipboard (Opens in new window), sarcastically dismissed it as a non-event, Blogging in the Time of Coronavirus: A Reading List | peterholland765, This is not my first rodeo (real talk about getting through this) – madisonstan.wordpress.com, This is not my first rodeo (real talk about getting through this) — InBLOGnito – IngramSSS, What Matters Most Right Now – Of All The Things I've Ever Dreamed, This is not my first rodeo (real talk about getting through this).

Learn to make your own bread – you don’t need a bread making machine, just yeast and a pan. I did what I could to get him to drink fluids but he really couldn’t eat or drink much.

Good luck Katie! Once you are prepared you can stop panicking because you know you’ve got this. You might not have the luxuries of modern life for a while. Thank you Raq! I know it’s not ideal, but you don’t live in 2019’s America any more; for all intents and purposes you’ve now been stationed in a new country, and you need to accept that and adapt accordingly. We will get through this. Your email address will not be published. Sometimes I do that by connecting people and sometimes by teaching people how to be innovators. Wow. In response, Crawford verbally threatens everyone present by stating she will publicly slam the company and its product in an attempt to bring it down if they remove her from the board. When we arrived, things were pretty bad – in fact, worse than we’d be led to believe – and we were now in a country facing deep shortages and gripped by fear, uncertainty, and anger.

and then locking down everything. I installed an IV for saline and hung the bag off the painting over the couch and kept cool compresses on and generally tried not to think. I think there is a difference between calling this the “Wuhan Flu” or calling it “Kung-flu,” and I’m objecting to the latter. Learn how your comment data is processed. The song was reasonably successful and is often credited as the source of the expression, but in reality simply went a long way towards popularising it. I basically took over the med unit and drew a couple vials of blood from my needle-phobic spouse, then found and started the centrifuge. It is selfdestructing behavior. I never wanted to be clueless if I needed to help someone. It took days, but my husband made a full recovery. We limited it hard then and we limit it now, although somewhat less during this “social distancing” time. The RMO arrived the next morning and took over care of my husband, so I let them fight out whether he would go on the Life Flight or not…I went home to grab a shower and some sleep. A couple of people have questioned my capabilities to adequately refinish this frame in anything other than a scuff and a rattle can reshoot.

Catharsis is the word that comes to mind.

You will probably need to drive them to the treatment center, because ambulance service will be taxed (and needs to stay clean of the virus), so plan ahead of time where to go and when. Thanks again for this, especially the part about Venezuela. The bathroom does not count as a druid’s favored terrain!”.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You may very well be in one or more of the high-risk categories…but even if you are, you’re much more likely to survive it than not. That’s because you, and hundreds of people like you, are scared. I already had had some experience with Romanian health care at that time.

For instance, the reason we were OK without a nurse at post for a year was that one of the OMS’s was also an RN and offered to take on a lot of the duties. As a soldier myself i liked what you wroted and in some way you inspired me, thank you. And also I guess I should tell my husband about it . Same with veggies. In Reply to: This ain't my first rodeo posted by pamela on September 26, 2008 at 00:28: : : : : : Hey all. Megs December 16, 2013 at 7:46 pm. So I have to assume the rest of the article is incorrect in attributions and origin sources. The Marine on duty advised me that the embassy nurse was at a “welcome to the country” function at the ambassador’s residence, and that I should call an ambulance. The only thing I remember is Post 1 opening the gate for the ambassador’s driveway so I could pull up right to the building, and one of the other Marines being there to help carry my husband into Post 1. Post 1 called me back and asked if I could get my husband to the embassy. The ambulance picked up the invected person, the rest was sent home with a phone number. I also taught my 11 year old daughter to drive a standard. I thought I'd recommend it for the list here. Raq, you rock GF! Thank you for sharing. I actually miss baking my own bread and making my own tortillas. Dang. He could just breathe a very little and was still in the same contorted paralysis. I will definitely be sharing it on my FB feed! Back in 2010 I read a book called Body For Life by Bill Phillips. If people can’t afford to keep their home, if they can’t keep paying for prescriptions that keep them out of the medical system, they’ll be competing for those same health care resources that we are trying to “flatten the curve” to manage.

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