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January 25, 2016

northern beaches aboriginal history

Former Warringah mayor, Michael Regan, noted to the Manly Daily that this was an indication of the level of interest in the Northern Beaches over the future of their local government: "given the choice of splitting the northern beaches or uniting it the community opted for unity", while former Manly mayor, Jean Hay, commented that this interest translated into the final result: "Everyone is passionate about the area and we came out and let the powers-that-be know, [...] It must have made an impact because the minister and the premier looked at what the community told them and it was the majority decision to go with a single council. 7, Gayle, F & Brookman, A (1975) Race Relations in Australia: the Aboriginal Experience, Sydney: Mc Graw Hill, Govett, W. R (1977) 1836-37 Sketches of New South Wales, Gaston Renard Melbourne, Isobel [sic] (1994) Nanbaree: extracts from journals, Sydney, Jacobs, I (2003) A History of the Aboriginal Tribes of Sydney’s Northern Beaches Brookvale, Sydney : Northside Printing, Jacobs, I (2007) “A Fascinating Heritage of Sydney’s Northern Beaches” Brookvale, Sydney : Northside Printing, Kennedy, Janet (1937) “Letter to Les Wellings, The Wreck of the Hazard and other True Sea Stories of Broken Bay Greenacre", Sydney : Gowan and Sons, Lee, E., and Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (2003) "The Tale of a Whale; Significant Aboriginal Landscapes of the Northern Beaches", Warringah Shire, Maybanke, A (1920) "Story of Pittwater: 1770 to 1920", Sydney : Ruskin Rowe Press, McLoughlin, L (1985) "The Middle Lane Cove River, A History and a Future", Macquarie University, Morris, B (1978) “The Colonial Occupation of NSW, The Aboriginal Experience” B.A. Children aged 0 – 14 years made up 19.7 per cent of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 16.8 per cent of the population. It is estimated that Aboriginal rock engravings lose about half a grain of rock per year. What is not so well known is the strong link to the ocean of the Aboriginal clans who enjoyed a highly sustainable lifestyle along this coastline for 20,000 years before the arrival of the Europeans. Within a few years of European settlement, the Kuringgai had mostly disappeared from this area [ citation needed ] mainly due to an outbreak of smallpox in 1789. The Municipality of Manly was first incorporated on 6 January 1877, being the first local government authority on the Northern Beaches. Uncle Neil Evers, coordinator of the Manly Warringah Pittwater Aboriginal Support group can trace his family back to the Broken Bay area. "[26], On 12 May 2016, with the release of the Local Government (Council Amalgamations) Proclamation 2016, the Northern Beaches Council was formed from Manly, Pittwater and Warringah councils. The traditional Aboriginal inhabitants of the land now known as the northern beaches were the Kuringgai people of the Eora nation. 79.8% of households only speak English at home; the national average is 72.7 per cent. Cloning this item will not retain its parent-child relationship. Phillip Papers, Vol. 7 Aug, Keed, K, 28/5/1984 North Sydney Local History Library, Kennedy, Janet, (1937) Letter to Les Wellings, Town Clerk of Manly, Kohen, J   (2000) ‘Sydney and Gosford (Kuringgai Tribe) Aboriginal Blanket Distribution list’, Macquarie University, Manly Jubilee Souvenir (1927) Manly Council Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies  (AIATSIS) MF. It is believed that these locations, often with panoramic views, were reserved for mens’ rituals. Both the RTA and the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Council are aware of the issue and claim that the site is safe, but with no room for the widening to happen on the eastern side of the road it is easy to imagine that the rock platform with the engravings will become an island wedged between four lanes of traffic. 317 (Mitchell Library MS BT 4b Ser 2), Stephens, T (2002) Sydney Morning Herald, Weekend edition, May 11-12, Brisbane Water Historical Society, The, The Story of the Aboriginal People of the Central Coast of New South Wales 1968, ed. F C Bennett, published jointly by Brisbane Historical society and the Entrance and District Historical society, reprinted in 1981, http://www.rumbalara-e.schools.nsw.edu.au/publications/mypeople1.pdf, Barani http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/barani/main.html, http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/barani/main.html. [4], The following suburbs are located within Northern Beaches Council:[3]. This site already serves as an interesting analogy to the contrasts of the culture of the first people and that of the European interlopers. All Rights Reserved. On 1 October 2010, however, new procedures commenced to provide a transparent, consistent and effective approach to protecting and managing Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales. [41][42], This article is about the local government area. Even if not directly exposed to rain, even dew settling on the rock and environmental pollution will cause erosion. [24][25] Of the 44,919 submissions lodged to the Boundaries Commission about all the local government proposals statewide, 29,189 were from Northern Beaches residents (18,977 were submitted for the third proposal); this meant that the Northern Beaches proposals made up 65% of all submissions. It ran roughly from Broken Bay in the north to Manly Lagoon to the south, and by Middle Harbour Creek and Cowan Creek in the west. When Rachel Perkins was scouting locations for her television series First Australians she had to abandon plans to film in Bull Cave (further south in Dharawal country) due to graffiti." [1], At the 2016 census, 68% of residents stated their ancestry as Australian or Anglo-Saxon. 51% nominated a religious affiliation with Christianity, the national average is 52.1%. , 724 Barrenjoey Road, Avalon, NSW 2107, AU | 0299742874. There are however thousands of rock engraving sites around Sydney and many of these are on the north side of the harbour. Between 2005 and 2009 the NSW government approved 541 permits to destroy or disturb Aboriginal heritage sites [3]. John Ogden has worked for decades with Aboriginal culture, including a role as a mentor for the Aboriginal Healing Group. Early explorers in the 1880s measured Indigenous rock engravings to be around one inch (25.4 mm) deep, but this figure had dropped to 16mm in the 1950s, then 8 to 10mm in the 1990s, and around 5mm in 2008 [1].

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