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January 25, 2016

new order blue monday '88 dub other recordings of this song

And Peter Hook’s bass playing is something all its own. "Run" is an album track from Technique, while "Run 2" was the remixed single, pulled from production after John Denver sued the band for copyright infringement. “Temptation” drew back the curtain and let that light flood in: Suddenly this was dance music, this was uptempo, and check out that chorus! To many, Joy Division was Ian Curtis. At least this one got a proper charting (under the revamped title "Nineteen63") via a halfway-decent Arthur Baker remix. There are six separate New Order compilations with different remixes on each. Oh, you’ve grey eyes. Bernard Sumner cuts loose with gentle, meandering solos offset by jagged rhythm guitars, all while relating a plaintive tale of a relationship gone south. Post-punk, synth-pop, and dance music were nothing new at the time: New Order broke the mold by combining all three, striking a balance between sequenced compositions and those of an actual band playing actual instruments. Correction Dub And Other Songs This came out at the start of last week and despite all the time we supposedly have on our hands at the moment I've only just got around to listening to it this week. Do you know any background info about this track? Another transition single. Coming eight years after their last studio album (1993’s Republic), Get Ready recast the band as something they’d never been: a rock band. “Dreams Never End” on Movement; “Age of Consent” on Power, Corruption & Lies; “Fine Time” on Technique; even “Crystal” on Get Ready. The choice of name is telling. No matter what each tracklisting says, "Run 2" (AKA the single remix) has never shown up on a New Order compilation, with its sole CD appearance finally coming via the Technique remaster. Written by Ian Curtis before becoming NO's debut single. Not terribly important. Both the sleeve and disc face incorrectly state 'Beach Buggy' as track 2 but the disc actually plays the Blue Monday 1988 (Dub). FYI,  the 12" version of Temptation is also available on the Factory Records: Communications boxset, in far better sound quality than on Retro and the reissue of Movement. The Perfecto mix (Oakenfold remixing) turns it into a nice stadium trance number. With a new album out just this week — their first in eight years, a continuation of Waiting for the Sirens’ Call titled Lost Sirens — now’s as good a time as any to revisit the best songs of their career. Keyboardist Gillian Gilbert occasionally pulls up a synth patch that feels strangely like the synth from “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, lending “Age Of Consent” the weight and consequence to stand tall in the shadow of its untouchable forebear. The good news: It was only released as a 7", making it one of the few New Order tracks that does not vary from compilation to compilation. It’s wistful, it’s playful, and it’s just this side of perfect. There’s hardly any flash on display: everything in service to everything else, all bowing to the simplicity of the song itself. Where “Blue Monday” tidily steals the crown of best known and most recognizable New Order song, it’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” that really ought to reign supreme. Republic follows suit, slotting “Regret” in pole position; the track easily mops the floor with everything that would follow, which mostly felt like lazy club jams you’d hear in the bathroom of a nightclub in Ibiza (was it any surprise Peter Hook named his side project Monaco?). The original version is still the best, so naturally you won't find it on any compilation besides Substance; in fact, just to make things especially confusing, you'll get a slightly different version of "1963" with every package you buy. NSER017, which contains mixes of "Blue Monday", charted in the UK top 75. Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Categories: Songs, Discographies, Artist, Best of. Bernard Sumner’s laconic guitar playing became even sparser than before, often conceding the melodic role to Peter Hook’s bass, operating as more of a rhythm instrument. It's the second version that appears on most (but not all) compilations. 12" x 12 New Order Vinyl Campaign is the title of a series of 12-inch singles released by New Order in February 2006 through New State Recordings. New Order's breakthrough single in America, released in its original 12" form on Substance to avoid all future disparity. The band's final Factory single, their one-and-only U.K. #1, and an incredibly odd footnote in the NO canon for anyone outside the realm of English football. NO's first post-Substance effort yielded yet another sprawling single, so it's a shame all comps (save International) settle for the radio edit instead. For all its other problems, the new deluxe remaster of Low-Life does remedy the situation, putting the complete "Perfect Kiss" on CD for the first time ever. Drummer Stephen Morris brings the humor that underlies so much of New Order’s catalog (see “Every Little Counts” with his addition of “synth frogs” over the bridge. The song would be their last single proper until 2001's "Crystal".CD one featured remixes by Fluke, while CD two featured remixes by Paul van Dyk and Tony Garcia. Again, proving the “best track first” rule on Power, Corruption, & Lies, “Age of Consent” presents a perfect opportunity for the rest of the band to vamp while Hook and drummer Stephen Morris hold it all down. Where Joy Division records were occasionally sloppy and frequently noisy, New Order presented a polished package every time. Big beat, guitar-driven Britpop from a band known for post-punk and dance tracks? Single edit used on the Best of. Oh, you’ve got blue eyes. [1], https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=12%22x12_New_Order_Vinyl_Campaign&oldid=915650173, Albums produced by Arthur Baker (musician), Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 September 2019, at 14:06. "Spooky" is a song by English rock band New Order. We don‘t have an album for this track yet. Another track skipped by most collections. "Blue Monday" actually charted twice in the Eighties, the second time as a remix under the title "Blue Monday 88" (and the only version to chart Stateside). Looking back it’s almost hard to believe. Fluke does an edit and an extended remix. It’s a shame in a way: I bet most folks assume this is the New Order sound. Not a bad song. NSER017, which contains mixes of "Blue Monday", charted in … New Order - Blue Monday 88 (Official Music Video) - YouTube Album Live At Bestival 2012 (2013) by New Order. Now I know the perfect kiss is the kiss of death.” Another song about Ian Curtis? When you write a bass line this good you better believe it’s gonna get played through the whole goddamn song. Two distinct versions here: The album mix runs longer, while the re-recorded single emphasizes the (incredibly catchy) chorus. Rather plodding single. Upon his death in 1980, it made a certain kind of sense to lay Joy Division to rest as well, despite the fact the band was ending as their (hugely influential, impossibly important) second album was set for release, literally on the eve of their first American tour. The atypical "Fine Time" is a perfect example, as all American comps feature either the album version from Technique or the single edit (though the 6-minute "Silk Mix" is easy enough to track down for completists). If someone asked you what New Order sounds like, you couldn’t choose a more definitive track than this, really. The Official Video for 'Blue Monday' by New Order.Stream New Order's greatest hits here ▶https://lnk.to/StreamNewOrderSubscribe here ▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpScI40fW6rKkPPnUVDGkyw?sub_confirmation=1Watch New Order's other official music videos ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQevjdGcwa3lPNVDgA_GWjXvKblTr1eGu\"Blue Monday\" is a song by the British rock band New Order. Nothing too special here. Each band member’s presence is felt intimately: Gillian’s keys dominate the majority of the tune; Bernard plinks along on his guitar, providing the funk you’d usually associate with a bass; speaking of bass, Peter Hook leads the melody the whole way through, and his explosive finale riff ranks as the best thing he’d ever play. New Order got back together in 2001 after an 8 year split. For years I had no idea where the title came from, or what it meant. Probably. Inclusion on both Substance and the popular Trainspotting soundtrack has made "Temptation '87" the best-known version for casual fans,but its on few subsequent NO compilations. * “The Perfect Kiss” appeared in numerous versions over the years: the full 12″ vinyl version is 8:51 long, while the mislabeled version [accidentally omitting the word “The”] on Substance 1987 is edited to 8:02. A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. One of New Order's strongest (and most overlooked) singles. Another track that was badly edited for the CD issue of Substance, then roundly ignored by subsequent compilations. Clipping – Visions Of Bodies Being Burned. The drums do one thing: stomp. Despite an obvious surface similarity in sound, New Order were quick to step away from Joy Division’s abrasive minimalism. Again, the Low-Life reissue restores the complete version, though all good New Order fans know the original album version beats the John Robie single remix by a country mile. Incorporating new sounds and new ideas, New Order embraced the technology of the times — drum machines, samplers, sequencers, synths, and arpeggiators — and took cues from the burgeoning world of electronic dance before gradually learning to write pop songs. Amazingly enough, the full 12"version of "Shellshock" has never appeared on CD, with most compilations using a 6:28 version, for the nearly 10-minute 12" mix.

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