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carmen jones script pdf

[23][24][25] However, it was permitted to open the 1955 Cannes Film Festival, where for the first time Preminger and Dandridge openly flaunted their relationship. He hired cinematographer Sam Leavitt as director of photography, Herschel Burke Gilbert as musical director, and Herbert Ross as choreographer and began to scout locations. Their army jeep ends up hopelessly stuck in a river. Husky orders his manager Rum Daniels to offer her jewelry, furs, and an expensive hotel suite if she and her friends Frankie and Myrt accompany him to Chicago, but she declines the offer. The next morning he awakens to find a note in which she says although she loves him, she is unable to deal with time in jail and is running away. He anticipated United Artists executives Arthur B. Krim and Robert S. Benjamin, who had supported him in his censorship battles with The Moon Is Blue, would be willing to invest in the project, but the two felt it was not economically viable and declined. The night of Husky's title fight, Joe turns up to try to convince Carmen to come back to him, but when she rejects him, he kills her, thus making the card's prophecy a reality. Parachute maker Carmen Jones makes a play for a "fly boy" Air Force man, Joe, who is in love with sweet Cindy Lou and about to marry her on a day pass when Carmen gets into a fight with another woman. "[21], Following three weeks of rehearsal, filming in CinemaScope began on June 30. Dressed to the nines, Carmen, her friends and Husky's entourage escort Husky to the ring. The tempos are alien to their spirits, the melodies are foreign to their moods, but they have at those classical numbers as though they were cutting rugs. [1], The original Broadway production starred Muriel Smith (alternating with Muriel Rahn) in the title role. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Carmen Jones. Later, at Husky's apartment, Frankie reads Carmen's "cards", and reveals the Nine of Spades - the card of Death. [7] Following the completion of his previous film, River of No Return, Preminger had paid 20th Century Fox $150,000 to cancel the remainder of his contract,[8][9] so he was surprised when Fox head Darryl F. Zanuck contacted him and offered to finance the film while allowing him to operate as a fully independent filmmaker. Movie Script Title (Click To Read) Script Type; 3-Iron Script: Dialogue The Broadway production of Carmen Jones by Billy Rose opened on December 2, 1943 and ran for 503 performances. Note: After the intro of the "Gypsy Song", there is a drum solo played by a drummer named Max and as the crowd hears it, they yell, "Go, Max!" Angry that she has moved on, he claims he should have killed her. Frankie begins to fortune tell with cards and Carmen takes it all lightly until she draws the nine of spades. It was directed by Otto Preminger and starred Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. The feverish intensity of 'Beat Out dat Rhythm on a Drum', for instance, hasn't dimmed over the years, and the song's been covered by a wide variety of performers, from Pearl Bailey and Marc Almond to Mandy Patinkin. Harry Kleiner was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written American Musical. Soon after Cannes, Dandridge was offered the role of Tuptim in the screen adaptation of The King and I, but Preminger, acting as both lover and mentor, urged her not to accept a supporting role after proving her worth as a star. The incongruity is pointed when these people break into song to the wholly surprising and unnatural aria airs from Bizet's opera. "[29], In a 2007 review in The Guardian, Andrew Pulver rated it three out of five stars and observed, "Underneath its obvious charms—slinky Dorothy Dandridge, brawny Harry Belafonte and a handful of memorable numbers relocated from Bizet's original—the 1954 film version of Oscar Hammerstein's all-black Broadway musical now feels like a relic from the gruesome social straitjacket that was segregation; every frame, you feel, is freighted with the tension imposed by the never-appearing white folks. [16] Her agent's office was in the same building where Preminger's brother Ingo worked, and he asked Ingo to intercede on his client's behalf. Preminger began to assemble his cast. Voila! In the interim he cast Juilliard School graduate Olga James as Cindy Lou. [6], Learn how and when to remove this template message, Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical, Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Carmen_Jones&oldid=970122620, Articles needing additional references from April 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Good Luck, Mr. Flyin' Man! He immediately gets into a fight with his sergeant, who is making a move on Carmen, as well as laying down some heavy shade on Joe. When she is arrested for fighting with a co-worker who reported her for arriving late for work, the leader of the Army guards, Sgt. Carmen suggests she and Joe stop for a meal and a little romance, and his refusal intensifies her determination to seduce him. But her friends Frankie and Mert know that their invitation from Husky's manager to see him fight in Chicago depends on Carmen's being there, too. "[30], TV Guide rated the film three out of four stars, calling it "intermittently successful" and "saved by a terrific cast" despite "Preminger's heavy-handed" direction. Joe asks why if she no longer loves him, but she reveals it's because she can't bear to see anyone cooped up. Arts and Entertainment Editor Elisabeth Vincentelli further clarifies: "The music was pretty much left intact, but Hammerstein transferred the action to WWII America. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released the film on DVD on January 22, 2002. One night champion prizefighter Husky Miller enters with an entourage and introduces himself to Carmen, who expresses no interest in him. RCA reissued the album on compact disc in the late 1980s. Since he can't leave the room at all lest he be arrested, Joe questions her. Joe Adams was a Los Angeles disc jockey with no acting experience, but Preminger felt he had the right look for Husky. Carmen Jones is a worker in a Southern state parachute factory. Carmen is initially uninterested. The soundtrack recording featuring Marilyn Horne and LeVern Hutcherson was originally released on LP by RCA Victor Red Seal (LM-1881). Dandridge took the script and left, and when she returned she was dressed and behaved exactly as Preminger envisioned Carmen. – Pit Chorus, If You Would Only Come Away – Carmen and Joe, Poncho de Panther from Brazil – Frankie, Myrt, Husky Miller, Rum, and Chorus, Finale (of Act II Scene I) – Carmen, Joe, Cindy Lou, Husky Miller, Rum, Dink, Frankie, and Myrt, Git Yer Program for de Big Fight – Chorus, This page was last edited on 29 July 2020, at 11:41. [2], The 1954 film was adapted by Hammerstein and Harry Kleiner. Tired of being cooped up in a shabby rented room, Carmen gets dressed and leaves under the guise of buying groceries. Bass also designed the film posters for the movie. This is much to the dismay of Joe's fiancée Cindy Lou, who had agreed to marry him during his leave prior to his reporting for flight school and an eventual officer's commission. Joe's pass is cancelled in order for him to drive her to the next town to be handed over to the non-military police. The train ticket to Chicago originally given to Carmen offers them a way of avoiding the MPs. Realizing he will be sentenced to a long prison term for hitting his superior, Joe flees to Chicago with Carmen. The present consequence is a crazy mixed-up film. Carmen's tobacco factory became Carmen Jones' parachute factory, bullfighter Escamillo became boxer Husky Miller, and so on. Preminger had opted to remain in California for the shoot, with El Monte doubling for the Southern exteriors and the Chicago interiors being filmed at the Culver Studios. Carmen Jones is a 1954 American musical film starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte, produced and directed by Otto Preminger.The screenplay by Harry Kleiner is based on the lyrics and book by Oscar Hammerstein II, from the 1943 stage musical of the same name, set to the music of Georges Bizet's 1875 opera Carmen. Principal photography was completed in early August, and Preminger and the Fox publicity studio began promoting both the film and its star. At first, his prospects seem to be looking up, as his connections have put Joe back on track for aviator school. Joe is hit with a few blows before Carmen helps him get away. The opening title sequence is the first film title sequence created by Saul Bass, and marked the beginning of Bass's long professional relationship with Preminger. Carmen suggests they spend the night at her grandmother's house nearby and continue their journey by train the following day, and that night Joe succumbs to Carmen's advances. Husky believes she is back to finally be with him, but she refuses his advances before leaving so he tells his entire entourage that they are cut off financially until they produce Carmen (who he nicknames Heatwave). – Female Chorus, Carmen Jones Is Goin' to Jail! Robert Shaw prepared the choral portions of the show. the essay -- "Carmen Jones: The Dark Is Light Enough," James Baldwin. Because of a technicality in French copyright laws on order of the estate of composer Georges Bizet (who wrote the opera on which the film was based), the film was banned in France until 1981. Carmen becomes annoyed and tells him that she does what she wants. 7 pages (OWC script as a stage play) (pdf) Discuss this script Wolves at the Door by Jeremy Storey (Play, Thriller, Drama) - During a winter storm in Seattle, patrons of a neighborhood bar are taken hostage by a pair of desperate bank robbers. Harry Belafonte, a folk singer who recently had introduced Calypso music to a mainstream audience, had only one film to his credit, but he had just won the Tony Award and Theatre World Award for his performance in John Murray Anderson's Almanac, and Preminger cast him as Joe. As if this weren't enough, there also was the 'small' detail of casting the show only with African-Americans...many of the show's songs retain a surprising impact. Even singer Harry Belafonte was dubbed (by LeVern Hutcherson), and Dorothy Dandridge was dubbed by Marilyn Horne (long before Horne became a well-known opera singer). Brown, who also has appeared on the scene, and Joe severely beats him. Initially thrilled by the prospect of playing one of the best film roles ever offered an African-American female, Dandridge quickly began to doubt her ability to do it justice. [14] Diahann Carroll auditioned for the title role, but she was so terrified of the director she could barely focus on the scene,[15] and Preminger cast her in the small supporting role of Myrt instead.

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