IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

modern problems nosebleed scene

They all get together at a beach house where the telekinesis hits a high sending Coleman through the ceiling. Chevy Chase kicks ass and knows how to treat a lady.

Mann, Roderick. The Dark Messiah in Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice causes a man to bleed from his nose by carving a wooden effigy with a knife.

Max's ability to jump into photographs leads to several nosebleeds during Episode 5, where at one point she time travels - while simultaneously in the middle of time travelling.

[Toronto, Ont]02 Mar 1981: P.17.

[3] It was Chase's fifth movie in two years following Caddyshack, Seems Like Old Times, Oh Heavenly Dog and Under the Rainbow.

Max's girlfriend forgives him and he realizes that she truly does love him.

MODERN PROBLEMS is one of those films that is ALWAYS on cable -- and yet no one would ever want to watch in its entirety.

Chevy is good as is most of the cast and the special effects are what you would expect for a movie from this time, quite bad.

I watched this on HBO the other day and I have to say i was not quite impressed (but then again i had low standards going into the movie in the first place).

I recommend this to everyone who likes a funny, quirky and great movie from our past! Had great potential...but missed. Vernon, Scott. All the actors are so perfect and funny.

Putrid, vapid, insipid and all the -id words. In the Chevy Chase comedy Modern Problems, he uses his new psychic powers to make someone else's nose bleed.

Airport whose life is slowly going down the drain. Though I'm bound to say considering it was Ken Shapiro's first film as director he's come up with a very funny film. He has so many funny lines, what a character!

Turkey (0 stars out of 5).

she weaponizes her by-then enhanced powers to kill the, stimulating his creativity in order to feed off his mental energy.

He must be a masochist who deliberately chooses godawful movies to destroy his career. Bleeding from the eyes or ears instead of or alongside a nosebleed could be considered variations of this trope. The people who gave a bad rating seemed so negative and up tight.

Enjoy it like we have all these years! When D'Anna uses the machine on the Algae Planet in the third season of, Much of the fiction features serious psychic nosebleeds, taken to typical WH40K extremes. Dabney Coleman plays an egotistic novelist who insults Chase and makes a play for D'Arbanville to the point of disrobing casually in her presence.

Giving his ex-girlfriend's date a serious bloody nose?!?! The film never does make much sense. There are so many funny scenes that are just priceless. Sheesh, I have read a lot of the reviews posted here and many are unfavorable...bad acting, poor directing, (not so) special effects, mono sound, blah photography....so I understand that after I post my (favorable) review I will probably not be able to run successfully for high public office. So what happened?

But when a character with Telepathy or other Psychic Powers pushes them to the limit, or when a character is under mental attack, or on the losing end of a duel with another psychic, nothing quite exemplifies the true state of affairs like a thin trickle of blood oozing from their nose. Modern Problems is a 1981 American fantasy comedy film written and directed by Ken Shapiro and starring Chevy Chase, Patti D'Arbanville, and Dabney Coleman.

And seems to have been corrupted to boot. gets electrocuted to the point of coma by Dr. Beatrix and Thurston, at the same time as he tries to use his power to leap out of his body.

I personally loved this movie. Chase has fun moments where he arrives at a restaurant and cause his ex-girlfriend's date to have a massive nose bleed, or the ballet that he totally wrecks. Nell Carter has an idiotic role as a maid doing voodoo on Chase but to no avail. Of course, considering the Old Man character that's the Hero's Right Hand Man, this might not be a BAD thing, per se. Still addicting though.

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