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January 25, 2016

living in las vegas pros and cons

4. Nevada holds about 26 state parks for locals and tourists to visit and marvel at the beauty around them. The community sits to the east of the famous Las Vegas Strip and is part of Henderson, NV. Retire Better Now is not a real estate brokerage. One of the major cons of living in Las Vegas is the lack of public transportation. In Las Vegas, there are many communities and areas worth checking out. Moving to Las Vegas proper means having your choice between historic neighborhoods, local favorites and excellent 55+ retirement communities all within the city limits. One of the perks of living in Las Vegas is that you will never run out of things to do. Additionally, Las Vegas is only a few hour drive away from other major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. One of the best ways to enjoy the relaxing comforts of rustic Nevada and endless excitement of Las Vegas is by living in North Las Vegas. 2. Temperatures in the summer frequently top 100 degrees. Another plus is that the people in the city are culturally diverse but open-minded. Discover what’s transformed Las Vegas into a top place to retire & what you need to know before making the move! Finding full-time or part-time work in Las Vegas is fairly easy to come by, since it’s one of the hottest job markets in the nation. Dinner on Top of the World – 160th floor fine dining at the Stratosphere Tower3. Not only does it offer easy access to shopping outlets, grocery stores, and restaurants, but residents will also be situated within minutes of VA Regional Medical Center and Valley Hospital. There is more than meets the eye than the fiction stories running in your mind and what your friends have told you. Secondly, the drivers in the city are rowdy and reckless. Love to golf? At the latter, community members will find endless fitness and exercise opportunities, including pickleball, cycling, tennis, running, and more.

The Las Vegas area is a gambler’s paradise! In Las Vegas, many homes are developed with fenced backyards for privacy and finished with barbeque areas, pools and spas. From resort-style 55+ retirement communities to local neighborhoods, your living options are endless in Las Vegas. Debunked: The summer months are hot, but there’s great air conditioning in homes and everywhere you go. Well, there is a good reason behind it. 1.

Unless you have your own car, transportation in this city is another nightmare. There are ten golf courses, 250 parks, and over 150 miles of trails, plus there’s shopping, dining, sports, recreation, and much more in this upscale locale. Like the outdoors? If you truly enjoy gambling, then you should consider living in Las Vegas. We respect your privacy and do not spam. Charleston; Red Rock Canyon to the Hoover Dam and beyond, know that this city is serious about their outdoors! The lake is a major attraction for many residents, as it offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking, swimming, and paddleboarding. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Here you can drink, party and gamble any time of day and night. While it’s true that for several months each year Las Vegas is HOT, it’s also important to remember that 8-9 months out of the year it has a climate beloved by nearly everyone. Endless entertainment. Transit. Additionally, there’s no state tax on estate or inheritance and overall there’s low property taxes. Go boating on Lake Mead10. This is one of the main benefits of staying here. Well, considering the Las Vegas Valley has increased in population from less than 1 million people back in the late 1990’s to over 2.5 million people today, there’s got to be some good reasons why so many are moving to and living in Las Vegas, right? While Las Vegas does have public transportation, the relatively low number of routes, particularly in adjacent communities, often make it difficult to connect from suburb to suburb. This is the desert, after all. We’re not just talking about gambling, although there’s certainly lots of fun to be had there. The main tax benefit of living in Las Vegas, Nevada is that there’s no state income tax. The only problem is that its way more expensive to purchase and own a vehicle in this city. 1. 2. Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, sporting a population of 662,000. There are more than 50 golf courses in Las Vegas ranging from beginner level to expert, championship level courses. Think beyond some of the overpriced and over-hyped places on the Strip and you’ll discover the true Vegas foodie scene.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. People from all over the country (and world) want to live in Las Vegas, Nevada. The median home price, according to City-Data.com, is around $300,000. Spring and fall are beautiful, sunny in the 70s and low 80s, and winter is cool and mild. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, swinging the golf club, sweating through a fitness class or attending a pro baseball game at the new stadium, there’s always something to do. The cost of owning a home in Las Vegas is way cheaper than in some other big cities. Food preparation and service accounts for most of the job openings in the city.

Las Vegas gets over 42 million annual visitors! Las Vegas is surprisingly affordable in comparison to other large cities. Fortunately, Las Vegas’ road system makes it relatively easy to quickly navigate and traffic is generally not bad.

Some people can’t speak English. Nevada is known as a tax haven for those looking to escape high-tax states, such as California, Illinois, New York and others.

The area also boasts a wide variety of golf courses and parks, as well as attractions like The Neon Museum and Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Visit a museum19.

Aside from the lake itself, residents are free to enjoy two different championship golf courses – Reflection Bay and SouthShore – and a brand new on-site sports club. People who like spending time outdoors will fall in love with this city. You can also rent a house for as low as $795 in a month. However, the city and surrounding communities strive to make the city safe.

One of the reasons why you might want to move to this city is the fact that it does not experience natural disasters. Whether you’re looking for a nice suburb or seeking one of the retirement communities Las Vegas is so famous for, you have tons of communities to choose from at all price points. And, those who live in guard-gated or gated communities (which are plentiful in Las Vegas) benefit from extra security and privacy provided by the communities. 3. Tour the Hoover Dam14. Honestly, Las Vegas has so much to offer everyone, no matter their age. Skiing at Lee Canyon Ski Resort8. Professionals in fields such as architecture, healthcare, education, and engineering may have a harder time finding jobs here. Las Vegas is considered by many to be the entertainment capital of the world, which means you’ll certainly never be bored living here! 9. See the Las Vegas city lights from a helicopter at night15. Any others will not meet the required education standards. Nevada has evolved into one of the top destinations in North America. It’s expensive to own a vehicle. The entire Las Vegas Valley has an estimated population of roughly 2.7 million people.

The job opportunities in Las Vegas are mainly focused on the restaurant and food industry. Limited job opportunities. Attend shows and concerts4. The traffic is a total nightmare. Pros and cons of living in venice florida, Pros and cons of living in Cape Coral, Florida. In fact, there’s so many great dining options available that when you live in Las Vegas, it’ll be hard to try even a fraction of them all! Seriously, even people who play on occasion or for fun can find their casino vibe in Las Vegas. Scenic loop drive at Red Rock National Conservation Area11. You’re in luck, because this is one of the biggest pros of living in Las Vegas. They are welcoming and available to take in every unique person. If you think about it, with so much fun right at your fingertips who won’t want an excuse to come visit?

This means that there are less raining days and more of the sun. To the North, you’ll find Gass Peak, an excellent area for hiking and exploration. Any food you want, you will possibly find it in one of the Vegas restaurants. Though residents never tire of the attached golf courses, there are also a number of hiking and running trails to enjoy, and endless wildlife areas to explore. The job opportunities in Las Vegas are mainly focused on the restaurant and food industry. Wait, didn’t you say that the weather was a pro, not a con to living in Las Vegas? For a desert city, Las Vegas has surprisingly a wide variety of dining options. Unless you have the money to get medical help from a sophisticated private medical facility, their public hospitals are not the place you will want to be. 4. No state income tax. Las Vegas can actually be a great city for a permanent stay. Their restaurants are diverse with the world’s finest cuisines. You will find that you spend most of your time stuck in traffic. Race a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini7. Las Vegas gets nearly 300 sunny days per year, very little rain and very low humidity. Las Vegas cares about your health!

The weather is unbearable and the heat of the sun is scorching hot going up to 100 degrees in the month of July. Las Vegas is known for having many gated communities which offer a secondary layer of privacy and protection. Lake Las Vegas is a beautiful community of approximately 25,826 people located on the shores of the 320-acre lake of the same name. 1. Plus, there’s now professional sports in Las Vegas, including the NFL Raiders and NHL Vegas Golden Knights. Open-minded and friendly people. The summer months in this city are not really the pleasant times of the year. It even has Downtown Summerlin®, a happening place where shopping and dining converge in a gorgeous, completely walkable downtown setting. Las Vegas has terrible traffic and you might be forced to leave 30 minutes ahead of time if at all you want to arrive where you’re going on time. Great Base for the Outdoors; So Many National Parks Close By; Low Cost of Living; Traffic & Parking; The Airport is Great; Convenience to Big Box Brands; Access to Nationwide Popular Food Spots; Always Something to Do 24/7; Great Weather Most of the Year; No Mosquitos; The City is Fairly Diverse; The Cons of Living in Las Vegas. If you really want the best for your child, then you will have to search for a good private school. As the name might imply, the city of North Las Vegas, with a population of roughly 251,974, makes up the northern section of the Greater Las Vegas area. Debunked: Not true! With so many choices, it’s easy to find your favorite places to play; from the glitz of the Strip casinos to local video poker bars, there’s something for everyone who likes pulling the slot machine lever down or placing their chips on the table. 6. One of the major cons of living in Las Vegas is the lack of public transportation. Making a habit of wearing sunscreen and hats can definitely help as well. Summerlin is a master-planned community on the western edge of Greater Las Vegas with a population of roughly 100,000, located just a 15-minute drive from the entertainment and excitement of the Strip, yet brimming with its own opportunities, luxuries, and activities. It’s not for people who struggle with vices. It’s not for people who struggle with vices. 8.

In Las Vegas, from world-class arenas to famous shows and local lounges, the entertainment scene is in full-force.

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