IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

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Altamura M, Porcelli P, Fairfield B, Malerba S, Carnevale R, Balzotti A, Rossi G, Vendemiale G, Bellomo A. I’m a certified personal trainer, registered nurse, marathon runner, and dog-mom living in Hermosa Beach, CA. Eating for good health is one way that nurses can reduce the impact of stressors on the body and positively influence their health, allowing them to better care for patients and themselves. Health promotion in the practice setting: findings from a review of clinical issues. I’m Becky! I also had to play around with my workout schedule and find what worked the best for me. Healthy food choices are vital to preventing and managing illness, particularly chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Out of my 3 night shifts for the week I chose to do 1 boot camp workout before work, 1 easy run before work, and 1 rest day before work. I started out in the hospital in 2008 working as a student nurse assistant and then moved my way up to work as a student nurse intern. When your shift ends, don’t slump down in front of the television with a tray, sit down and have a proper meal at the dining table – or try to do this at least 4 times a week.
 |  My eating habits were so out of wack because my body clock was so off working night shift.

Most people who lead busy and stressful lives, tend to have a problem with hydration. It wasn’t always easy waking up for those 5am classes but it was time to myself that I needed before I spent the next 13 hours taking care of others. Nurses in home-based healthcare settings stress the importance of health diets in recovery as well. There are other issues that get in the way of developing those healthy eating habits. How to resist the goodies in the break room- Bring your own! We always make sure our patients drink enough fluids, but we don’t seem to do the same for ourselves. The gym had a cancellation fee too, so it was a good way to keep me accountable. Register online today for nursing shifts across London. This article reviews two common nutrition related areas of concern to nurses, stressors, inflammation, and nutrition and sleep and eating patterns, that can lead to obesity. You’ll feel better knowing you spent a little time outside instead of spending 13 hours cooped up in the hospital! While 80% confessed to having missed important meals because they were working, nearly half also admitted to grabbing a quick bite on the move, usually something unhealthy like a burger. These stressors can support poor food choices that adversely affect the health and well-being of the nurse. I’ve been lovin, HOW TO OVERCOME A FITNESS PLATEAU In my first few year as a new graduate I found myself binge eating in the break rooms at work. I would get so stressed over the patient load (we had 5-6 patients at once) so I would run into the break room and binge on all the baked goods that were in there. 2006 Feb 23-Mar 8;15(4):198-204. doi: 10.12968/bjon.2006.15.4.20544. Nurses in the hospital do not always get the luxury of having a 30-minute lunch away from the commotion of the floor. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. If I found myself starting to crash at work, I would walk a lap around the unit or ask someone to cover my patients (if I wasn’t super busy) so I could take a quick step outside to get some fresh air and wake up. Th, FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT While many nurses do make the effort to eat healthily because they know how important it is, many find it difficult.  |  COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation.

If you don’t have the energy for a HIIT session after work, a restorative yoga class is always a nice way to wind down! At the end of each week, read back through your food diary – you will be amazed at how many unhealthy options creep in! This site needs JavaScript to work properly. HHS National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. When I moved to California I was lucky enough to find a gym that had 5am classes near my apartment.
And if you really want a treat in the break room-, One of my biggest tips to break up the long work day- g. I mentioned this earlier but keep healthy snacks on hand or in your locker at work in case the HANGER strikes! Kic, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS This didn’t last long because I felt like a zombie trying to workout after my shift.

When most people think of nurses, they think of good health. Don't live locally? It can be a major challenge completely changing your diet in one go. Each week plan your shopping list and prepare meals for the following week, so you don’t end up buying last minute unhealthy snacks and take aways. In 2011 I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and started working on a medical/surgical floor as a registered nurse. Go Nurse is The Stress Free Nursing Agency for London nurses. Nurses, of course, are only human and cannot be expected to be perfect examples. J Clin Nurs. Role of the continence nurse in health promotion. I also joined a gym that was halfway between work and home so that I could break up my commute. After a long, hard shift, it’s so easy to pick up a takeaway because it’s a quick and easy comfort food rather than having to prepare a balanced meal. Over the last 10 years working in the hospital, I have learned that before I can put energy into taking care of others, I need to learn how to take care of myself. I felt like a zombie trying to go to the morning boot camp classes at the gym on my way home from working a 13 hour overnight shift. As the largest and most trusted health care profession, nurses are critical to the health of the nation.

When I worked night shifts I initially thought it was a good idea for me to work out after work- well I was wrong. As nurses it’s hard to have a social life because we’re forced to work weekends and holidays and have random days off during the week- that’s why it’s important to. When I switched to day shift but was still commuting an hour to work I changed my routine and started to workout after work. The job is physically and mentally exhausting. Feeli, #WORLDMENTALHEALTHDAY 2006;3(4):165-84. doi: 10.1111/j.1741-6787.2006.00068.x. 2020 Apr 15;19:25. doi: 10.1186/s12912-020-00412-2. Get the latest research from NIH: https://www.nih.gov/coronavirus. eCollection 2018.

NIH If you live locally in the South Bay and want to work with me or come take a class with me, send me an email and we can chat! We often underestimate the amount we are eating and are unaware of what we are actually putting into our bodies, and it can be difficult to keep track. They’re easier to achieve on, Another 5am workout in the books before work! Research shows that nurses are more likely to be overweight, have higher levels of stress, and get less sleep. Becksliveshealthy is a space to find fitness and running tips, recipes, lifestyle posts, and personal training services to help you reach your health and fitness goals! As such, patients may be very cognizant of the health habits of their nurses. Factors Related to Healthy Diet and Physical Activity in Hospital-Based Clinical Nurses. BMC Nurs. Regular drinking of water will also help you manage your appetite as often when our body tells us that it is hungry, it is actually telling us that we are dehydrated. Over t, CORE + CARDIO HIIT CIRCUIT

, I cant believe we’re halfway through October! Happy Friday friends! Message me and we'll talk about your goals and working together virtually! I learned to make myself a priority. find friends or reach out to people on similar schedules. These stressors can support poor food ch … Do you spend most of your time eating on the go? Nurses care for people each day in many settings such as hospitals, physician offices, schools, and public health facilities. I probably have the least experience working in pediatrics and in the emergency department, but I have rotated through those units as well.

Your home for inspiration in living well by Becks! Nurses are also an integral part of providing nutrition related information to patients. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. Here is a list of healthy snack options that are quick and easy to prepare. I was happy getting 2/3 workouts in on my workdays. Make it a priority and you should discover that you find it quicker to get into healthy eating habits. 2018 Dec 4;9:2432. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02432. Eating on the go, opting for quick but unhealthy food and working odd shifts can all have a huge impact on dietary habits. eating // training // wellness // dog-mom-ing. When most people think of nurses, they think of good health. An 8 week functional strength training guide for runners. Hope these tips are helpful! Alexithymia Predicts Attrition and Outcome in Weight-Loss Obesity Treatment. 2014 Sep 30;19(3):5. Welcome to my page! Looking forward to a full weekend of, It’s crazy to think i graduated nursing school a, How to Balance Running and Strength Training, Tips for Running Your First Half Marathon, Travel Nursing Frequently Asked Questions, Trader Joe’s Favorites: Things I Always Buy at TJ’s, Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal. Relationship between night shift work, eating habits and BMI among nurses in Lebanon. In the past ten years I have worked every shift from days, evenings, nights, weekends, holidays, and double shifts. eCollection 2020. Worldviews Evid Based Nurs. Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res. Online J Issues Nurs. It took me some time to realize this. Hi! Nurses care for people each day in many settings such as hospitals, physician offices, schools, and public health facilities.

As you can see it took me a while to get used to working long shifts, finding an exercise routine that fit my schedule, and eating healthy.

I’ve worked on every floor, from medical/surgical, orthopedics, telemetry, psych, and the intensive care unit. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a RN. Materials and Methods A cross-sectional survey design was employed to collect data on nurses’ health and health-related behaviors. I finally had a good routine down, which I carried with me to the west coast when I moved across the country as a travel nurse. Here are 5 healthy habits for travel nurses.

I joined a gym that was half way between work and home to break up my commute. 2. Lately I’ve be, Small wins add up!

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