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January 25, 2016

lancer deltarune

Lancer values and idolizes his father, King.

Ho ho ho!

Through their hijinx, Susie and Lancer quickly bond, becoming best friends through their time spent together. Despite his father's emotional detachment, he's also overbearing… Lancer continuously bullies Ralsei throughout the course of the game, calling him various silly and insulting nicknames. Lancer's sprite appears to be less detailed than the other characters, and does not have a walking animation. As Kris and Ralsei are trekking through the Forest, Susie and Lancer set up multiple ridiculous japes to try and foil the party. Near the end of the Field, Susie threatens to eat Lancer's face, in the same way, she did to Kris. Goals

Once the King is properly defeated, Lancer steals the throne from him and locks him in prison, disowning himself from his father. Evil-doer Alias Lancer idolizes and models himself off of Susie, aiming to be as scary as she is.

Leitmotif Kris and Ralsei win this fight by either persuading Lancer to no longer fight, or by injuring Lancer to the point that Susie becomes concerned for him.

Lancer views Rouxls as a secondary parental figure, due to the neglect and abuse he faces from the King. When Kris and Susie first enter the Dark World, they both encounter Lancer, as a dark silhouette standing on top of a cliff. After Ralsei lectures Susie about being a hero, Susie joins Lancer's team, sharing evil plans in order to stop the main party. While the party is in Card Castle's dungeon, Susie breaks out and confronts Lancer.

Even the people he should hate, he enjoys the company of dearly, although this is something else he seems to be unaware of.

K. Round | These designs were made unrelated to Deltarune. Lancer seems to be able to osmose liquids through his skin.

A short battle between Kris, Susie, and Lancer begins.

He introduces himself as 'the bad guy', insisting that he must protect the Dark Fountain.

Once the fight is won, Susie rejoins with Kris and Ralsei, and Lancer joins the team. Lancer first appeared as a dark silhouette, glimpsed a few times as Kris journeyed through the ??????

Type of Villain The King also appears to be physically abusive with Lancer, as Lancer is deepy afraid of what his father is capable of doing, being familiar his capacity to hurt people. Kris is a frequent target of Lancer's bullying, although it's not nearly as personal as the bullying Ralsei receives.

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Lancer_(Deltarune)?oldid=4013253. Powers/Skills The King (father)Rouxls Kaard (surrogate) After an especially tiring battle, Lancer insists that he doesn't want to fight anymore, and Susie once again joins the Delta Warriors. To put her to sleep, the party must FIGHT or use Lullaby on Susie. The Warriors immediately responds by drawing their weapons, and the King then threatens Lancer's life, forcing them to all kneel.

Due to not being old enough to ride a motorcycle, Lancer lit his bicycle on fire.

region. Lancer's life leading up to the events of DELTARUNEare left vague, but there are various lines of dialogue that allude to the poor conditions in which Lancer was raised.

Susie helped inspire Lancer to stand up to his father, disobeying his rules and eventually betraying him. Susie automatically attacks Lancer without player input, and Lancer stops trying to hurt Susie after she receives enough damage or from turn 4 onward.


Lancer Lancer has salsa stored in one of the holes he dug his room.

When the party reaches the end of the Great Board and defeats K. Round, Susie joins up with Lancer, and she becomes his friend. Comment by 祝踏岚. Full Name Lancer explains that he has been made the new king, and he will treat everyone with respect, unlike his father.

If Ralsei and Kris are defeated, the regular "game over" screen does not appear. True to the symbols in his design, Lancer corresponds to the suit of spades. Lancer both fears and respects his father and follows his orders very obediently. When King grabs Lancer threateningly, Kris instinctively draws their weapon to protect Lancer, showing that they do care about Lancer.

One of their japes was "tricking" the party into designing a "machine to thrash your ass".
After this, whenever Kris gets hit, the damage counter appears sideways.

After Kris reunites with Susie, Lancer attacks them both, flinging a large number of spades at them until they escape. Later, Susie leaves the Delta Warriors to join Lancer.

Seam. Crimes Seam • Rouxls Kaard

After Lancer captures the Lightners, Susie and Lancer's friendship is broken for a short period of time, since Susie believed that Lancer betrayed her. Lancer | A brief battle ensues, in which Kris and Susie can either attack him, knocking him off-screen when his HP reaches 0, or prolong the battle so that his bike "runs out of fuel" and he leaves to get home before dinner.

Papyrus | Friends/Allies Lancer rides a bicycle, and he's based on the Jack of Spades, which is a playing card.

Jevil |

Susie |

Lancer properly reveals himself in Castle Town by ramming his bike into Ralsei, who has just introduced The Prophecy to the party. After listing off the various ways Lancer annoys him, he asks the Delta Warriors how Lancer is doing. Type of Hero

Summons spade projectiles at random locations at the top of the screen which travel downward through the Bullet Board.

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