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January 25, 2016

kanchan mahjong

To be tenpai, a hand does not need any particular yaku partly because winning by the last discard is yaku itself. Omotesuji: groups of tiles separated by 3. Your email address will not be published. Here, players must produce hands of two han or more from yaku when the honba count surpasses a certain number.

I decide to take this chance to cut my own while it’s safe against shimocha, but he calls chii for tenpai. Toimen unfortunately has no yaku so he can’t ron the overflowing . Required fields are marked *. It’s decision time – if I want to fold, I can either discard the half suji, or I can discard and take the chance that an early riichi isn’t sobaten as discussed earlier.

In those cases there is no need to calculate basic points. Tenpai (聴牌) means one tile short of a winning hand. There are two criteria in determining the winning points: han and fu, which correspond to a points table.

Usually, this count is five or more. Discarding would be double ron, but fortunately I can maintain tenpai by discarding the suji now. all look like they could come out, and I know will pass if either of them overflow, so I decide to discard here and hope for the chance to take tenpai. I can safely discard , and hope to draw for dama pinfu to try and snatch second. Just when I get a slightly good starting hand, kamicha’s is even better. When the dealer goes out by discard, the discarding non-dealer pays the winner 6 × basic points. Kan may be called on any player's discard. Fortunately it passes and we safely come to an exhaustive draw. Example 2: The same player goes out by the same hand, except this time the winning tile was discarded by the player on the right.

Let’s drop and see how things go. [citation needed]. Whoops, didn’t notice that had just passed. For his part, kamicha interestingly decides not to chii with to widen his wait to , perhaps to try and camouflage his honitsu.

[2][3] In other times, chombo does not affect the current score of the game; and instead, the penalty is applied at the end of the game. As it turns out, would deal in, but luckily I chose to start with here.

is safe, but I’d also have to discard either or in order to take tenpai. I still want to hold onto as a safe tile so I have to choose a block to drop. There’s a suspicious lack of lower souzu in the pond and I can’t discount the possibility of a typical suji trap waiting on . Yet, no player wins the hand. Drawing the dora here is a devilish temptation. Although kanchan dora is usually a textbook riichi, I’m reluctant to take it this time because I know these guys are tight and my chances of winning aren’t great. These have a tile acceptance of 4. However, pairing here means I don’t need to hold onto the nobetan, so I can discard the safe and wait and see how things play out. The payment to the winner of a hand is calculated as follows: In the case of a draw, points are transferred according to the nō-ten bappu rule. With three 6d and a 7d (what’s he doing in tokujou? A quiet start to the game, but we’ve already hit a turning point.

When a hand is not tenpai, the situation is called nōten (ノー聴: nō is English "no" and ten for tenpai). The basic points of a hand is calculated as follows: The actual points given are rounded up to the nearest 100. This hand had potential but it’s too far away and has too many bad shapes to justify taking too many risks against kamicha’s riichi. There’s a kabe, so the next safest discards are . In all other cases, namely when only a non-dealer wins, the count is reset to zero. Each dora (ドラ) increases the han value of a hand. If there is more than one way to arrange the winning hand, the arrangement with the highest han is used. Toimen reaches yakuless tenpai but decides he can’t afford to risk calling riichi. Renchan (連荘) is a situation in which a player successively plays the dealer, and is often only caused by dealer's win or tenpai; therefore, draws are not always renchan. I could forcibly drop the furiten ryanmen now, but there are still five I could draw to recover, and even if I end up with a furiten pinfu riichi, that’s not so bad either.

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