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January 25, 2016

hockenheimring old track

Before this was built, the track used to continue south-west and with a hairpin-ish bend almost in the town. Whatever happened when Clark went into the woods that day, the brooding pine trees of the Hardt forest are no longer a threat to Formula One's elite drivers. It is believed that the Yas Marina complex in Abu Dhabi can run 3 races simultaneously. That must be an old service road of the Jim Clark Chicane. Many fans hold Tilke responsible for the disappearance of the old Hockenheim. It’s quite sad, because you can see all the old spots where the track was, and you can remember parts of old races. There was also a kind of a pond which they created here. Ha ha yes I recall at the time reading things about “satisfying FIA standards” or something similarly ominous. The first and last chicane where made slower and renamed to Jim Clark Chicane (The first chicane), this one was close to the spot where Jim Clark had his fatal accident, and the Ayrton Senna Chicane (The third chicane). It still has the Nordkurve as well. The highest top speed was for David Coulthard in 2000. Ironically, the circuit came in financial trouble because of the expensive reconstruction in 2002! On this day the legendary two-time Formula One champion Jim Clark lost his life here on one of the long straights during a Formula Two race. Originally called "Dreieckskurs" (triangle course), the Hockenheimring was built in 1932. Now everybody is full downforce and it is like any other corner anywhere. So the first version of the Hockenheim Circuit was a full street circuit. I like the new circuit up to the hairpin, but then the new infield section is just plain and boring. This issue came to light at the German Grand Prix of 2000. The old Hockenheimring was perhaps not the most technical circuit, but after all it was a very typical circuit which was a big test for the engines. There is an air of mystique of drivers not appearing for the next lap. But the road parallel to the old track turns left a little further. This race was won by Jochen Rindt who died after a crash at Monza later that year and became posthumously World Champion. Moreover, there are cyclists in both directions here. In 2002, the Hockenheimring's owners drastically remodelled the track, shortening it from an original length of 4.2 miles to a mere 2.8, and cutting out that romantic trip into the wilderness. The above format of the track consisted of four long straights, each of roughly 1.3km in length. To be sure that I stay to the old circuit I decide to follow the track counter-clockwise. This was an old 1.75 Mile straight at the most eastern part of the circuit. Today, Hockenheim is just a circuit like all the other ones on the Formula One calendar. Heres what i think of the old hock track- It was more fun to watch than the new track as cars had even more oppertunities to push their engins hard. Incidentally during the turbo days I think the (non turbo) Tyrrell team tried something a bit drastic during practice to help them on the straights. The old circuit was so long that it allowed the cars to perform only 45 laps, and for much of that time they were out of sight of the galleries. There’s nothing left of what once was out there. Sadly ‘charm’ and ‘character’ aren’t often heard around modern F1 tracks. Situated to the south of Cologne, the track was nicknamed “The Green Hell” by former winner Jackie Stewart. Long and Short layouts included. From the Jim Clark Chicane it was about one Mile back to where I parked my car. The fact that it’s all gone and slowly turning back into forest is disappointing. On the other hand, the new one is just 5.1 km long. Circuit officials referred to the 2002 changes, paid for by the government at a cost of $45m, as ‘modernisation’. As a “Tilke venue” it’s actually not bad and has generally produced a lot of good overtaking and racing. The Hockenheimring used to be one of the fastest tracks on the calendar, where F1 cars would blast through the forests at over 220mph (360kph). For the tunnel was now a barrier and a doorkeeper. Just six years later, in 1938, the circuit was fundamentally changed. I agree with Ron Dennis and JP Montoya… Another track Tilke has killed :(, beyondthefinishingline.blogspot.com 22nd July 2010, 17:57. Why is it that Hamilton fan boys are willing to have him as their gravatars but you don’t see Alonso/Schumacher/Vettel/Webber e.t.c. Then the cars go very fast and there are good overtaking opportunities. Perhaps the most controversial part of the whole business was the decision to extend the woodland around and over the old part of the circuit. Address:Hockenheim-Ring GmbH, Am Motodrom, 68766 Hockenheim, Germany PH:+49 (0) 6205 / 95 00 Circuit type:Permanent road course Website: http://www.hockenheimring.de Old Hockenheim, the German race track with the long straights through the woods. yeah, that’s honestly my biggest beef. That picture reminds us of the days when BMW Williams were such a strong team challenging for victories, beyondthefinishingline.blogspot.com 22nd July 2010, 13:54. Download the Hockenheimring 1988 mod track for Assetto Corsa. Would like to have the old one back, or at least parts of it! 21.09.2020. Imagine if someone butchered Spa down (again!)? Hardly, I was just saying people tend to look back on it with rose-tinted glasses. The old track wasn’t great as a circuit but it was worth it’s place on the calendar because it was such a test for the drivers. The old “Dreieckskurs” connected a few Miles further to the part of old Hockenheim that has been destroyed in 2002. It’s not just the cars that have been evolving though; the tracks have also kept up with them. As far as track’s go, the new layout isnt bad, but it isnt the same. Also, the potential for the unique looking ultra-low downforce aero kit has been lessened nowadays, as even on low downforce tracks, they seem to run much steeper wings than before, so the new track is probably the right one for the moment. Because of safety problems at the Nürburgring the German Formula One Grand Prix was held that year at Hockenheim for the first time. So far my blog post about my old Hockenheim visit. I did`nt realise the old track had gone, I just assumed it was still there just as the old parts of other circuits are. ©2003-2020 Circuits of the past. The doorkeeper told me I could not enter the Motodrom today and I could better come back another day. Since 2007 the Grand Prix is alternated with the Nürburgring. Imagine if they did the same thing at Spa – made it a smaller stadium-style track rather than the epic, tree lined course we have now. But the changes have been hit-and-miss. The Ostkurve chicane was only used for car races. Bushes on the edge of the road were replaced by grass, and the road smoothened. Does Bernie really think that a circuit full of Tilkedromes is the future of his sport? But short before the village of Oftersheim the public road turns right and leave the old race track. I remember racing this track when I was younger on Formula 1 2001 (an unpardonably terrible game I know) and even through the pixels I loved that track. Ron Dennis. You remind me of my childhood disappointment – specifically in 2002! What a shame, what a waste. Getting the chicanes just right and skating around the stadium on low downforce meant it was quite unique. SIngapore only gets by because its a night race and everyone hates valencia. I hope not – times change and so does F1. Two things come to mind when thinking of the old layout at Hockenheim. Short after the opening of the new track the Second World War broke out and motor racing stopped. Despite some spectacular crashes and freak incidents, Ayrton Senna’s unfortunate death still remains the last one seen in the sport. However, the new circuit is a very good circuit… it’s just a shame they destroyed something special to make it. The crash also showed that the track's distances were too long for regular fire engines and ambulances, even though the "ONS-Staffel" was equipped with a Porsche 911 rescue car, marked (R). They showed me on the map where I was and told me how to get on the site of the Jim Clark Chicane. A few minutes later, I arrive at the spot where I had been walking earlier in the day. Newsflash: Erster Saisonsieg für Niederhauser/van der Linde. For me it is the biggest shame that F1 was given me over the years even more than Estoril,my “home” track.. Just just wrong. Download. All Rights Reserved. Here’s to a ‘historic’ German GP 2010!! Clocks go back: but why do we use GMT - and do we still need to? This road has the status of a “Waldweg” (Forest Road), which means it is only open for license holders. Gone are the days of racing through kilometres of dense forests. It was used untill 1963, but because of the construction of a new freeway replaced by the Motodrom in 1964. I much preferred the old circuit. Instead, an ultra modern compact circuit. I just hope the balance between new and old doesn’t tip too far towards new. There was something highly evocative about the cars hurtling out of sight and into the woods. Coming back to the race in 2000, it was a turning point in the track’s history. I tell that I’m filming an old version of the circuit that runs over their property. The original was opened in the 30’s and was about eight kilometres long. In 1964 the construction of the Motodrom began in 1966 and follows the opening. I was soaked with sweat and hungry. But unfortunately they where all closed. The woods at Hockenheim used to be the circuit's trademark. This was the end of the charactaristic oval-shape of the Hockenheimring. He was classified sixth. Or at least there would be… some serious issues: http://forums.finalgear.com/formula-1/2009-german-formula-1-grand-prix-36823/#post1020665. Icthyes (@icthyes) 22nd July 2010, 16:43. The renovation was financed with public money, so the official name of the circuit was changed to the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg. It is rumoured that up to 12 deaths occur at the Ring every year, when the old track is used to hold a variety of events. What a disheartening shock I received, for when I woke and played my timer-recorded VHS, I was horrified to see the changes! No one is quite sure what went wrong. The initiative to change the track came from the circuit bosses themselves. His description of the effect on drivers is of them ‘being frightened silly those long straights to nowhere and back’. There used to be truly fast tracks on the calender: Imola Österreichring Hockenheim Silverstone Fuji, Look whats happened to all of these tracks. But this is actually not fair! I had F1 world Championship (97), it was my first computer game. If the day comes when the oh-so-boring Turn 1 in Shanghai – where Michael Schumacher made a breath-taking pass on Fisichella to gain his last win in Formula 1 – were reprofiled, I would be the one sad to see the corner go, but I am sure many of the new generation of F1 followers won’t be sad to see the back of the corner.

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