IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

havoc nerf apex season 5

When Season 5 “Favor of Fortune” arrived on May 12, the Havoc received a set of nerves intended to make the energy weapon more difficult to control. Hey everyone. Outside of the gun balancing update, Respawn also made … The Havoc was one of Apex Legends’ most powerful weapons until the Season 5 nerf put it on the back burner. Game starts off slow but gets NUTTY later on. Apex Legends Season 5 Apex Legends has plenty of powerful weapons, but one that often stands above the rest is the HAVOC energy assault rifle, which dominated for … That could soon change however as a … However, one trick could give the weapon back its importance. The release of Apex Legends Season 5 was met with a lot of excitement as that meant there was plenty of new content for players to dive into. The Havoc was one of the most overpowered guns in Apex Legends until a Season 5 nerf pushed it into relative obscurity. I just played my first few games on PC and this is the highlight. Whoever wanted the Havoc nerfed in Apex Legends got their wish with the Season 5 update. This is why the Havoc will get NERFED in Apex Legends Season 5 FULL DC!

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