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January 25, 2016

hard part haircut military

In the 20th century, there were a few predominant military cuts really stole the show. Both of them are extremely closely related making them almost substitutes for each other. In the top area, the hair does not exceed one inch. It’s an ideal cut for men who like the regulation style but do not wish to have closely shaved sides. This one is the most decent but imperturbable military haircut that is a signature style of most of the army officials. For oval and sometimes even round faces, a high and tight military haircut can be very flattering. You can push the hair backwards with your fingers if you prefer it shaggy but for a neat, and decent finish you should use a comb. Establishing a “hard part” on the side that fades down is the optimal choice if you’re chasing the military look. This hairdo cannot be achieved without the use of a quality hair product to smoothen the hair and to hold it in place. The fade most typically occurs towards the sides and at the back of the head. The regular fade is where the side and back of the head hair fade finish at the natural hairline. Smooth the hair up top into a sleek side part for a style you can rock at work. Naturally spiky hair can also make an incredible military style if you know how to cut it. If you cut the hair very short like in other military cuts, your natural spikes will not be visible. Furthermore, these military haircuts share the same traits as they offer low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t block one’s vision on the field as well as not allows hair to get trapped in the in helmet or shirt’s collar. The hair at the top should be parted to make the style more interesting. In a military cut, the sides and back do not necessarily need to be buzzed, but an undercut is incomplete without the sides and back being gradually buzzed. Short spiky hair looks good on any man, and so does the flat top military style. The front hair are slicked back using a hair product. Although it is a military cut, you would hardly see this in junior officers, but it is popular with senior members of the military. While most of these haircuts revolve around the same few concepts of short hair, fades and shaved sides, the main difference lies in the minor changes of hair length and how they are mixed and matched with shaved sides or fades. This haircut can be diversified implying diverse razor-works at the head. With almost 2 inches of hair length on the top, the hair on the sides and the back are trimmed shorter using a pair of scissors and given the finishing touches with a hair clipper. Slick the hair back to finish this exquisite look. Just use your fingers to brush the hair up with product. In this cut, the top part of the head has a longer than usual hair while the rest of the head is cleanly shaved. Crew cuts are conventional military haircuts that have been used not only by army personnel but also by sportsmen. However, a lot of people believe that the military haircut was adopted from the Egyptians. The sides and back are cleanly shaved, and there is a shorter hair that is left immediately after the top section. Hope you would have enjoyed our collection of military haircuts. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Moreover, they all shared the same set of features – they were low maintenance hairstyles. The side and back are faded and the top hair is trimmed from vertex to front. In a regular fade haircut, the hair on the back and sides end up at the natural hairline. Although the hairs on the sides and back are still shorter than the top, they are quite long and need to be brushed back to make the side parting, and the side swept top more visible. The sides and back are tapered up to 0.5 inch. Most people seeing this style for the first time would think it’s a Mohawk but it is not. And so you should leave a longer hair at the top part of the head to show off your spikes and then shave or trim the sides and back to ensure that all the attention remains on the spiky hair at the top. All the hair of the head is trimmed too short from the top and sides as well. Now, this hairdo was adopted by famous personalities that Big Daddy Kane and Eric B. who popularised the military cut. We would recommend you to try at least one of these war-themed haircuts as they will bring a change in your look and will boost your personality but the condition is that you pick the right style for you. In this haircut, the hair length is gradually reduced from sides and back. The hair in the top of the head is more in length than the side and back hair. This style is for men who would like to have themselves a neat military style but do not wish to cut their hair very short. There are still many other types of army hairdos apart from the above 60, and you can also give any style a military look with a little creativity. The hair is trimmed up to 1/8 of an inch or so with a guard of number one or two. After the side part, you should then create the base hair that should be about an inch in width and length. You should then shave the hairs below the baseline short to complete this hairdo. If your natural hair texture is curly, you’ll love how a military haircut can bring out the best of your texture. Its sleek, sharp lines add a high level of contrast and coolness to just about any man’s cut. Contrary to what some people think one can still look stylish with a clean military cut. The hair length in twang cut is extra short from the middle and entirely fades from sides and back. It’s low maintenance, super short, and one length all over, no styling needed! This style is suitable for men who have a receding hairline or whose hair does not grow uniformly. Renowned hairdresser Gregg Cooper Spencer strongly believes that the military haircut was propagated by strong leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Mohammad Ali and Malcolm X. This one is quite similar to the regulation cut, but the main difference is that in this particular style the sides are not trimmed very short. This makes them very easy to maintain as with most of them there is almost nothing else you need to do except to apply a quality hair product. If you cut the hair very short like in other military cuts, your natural spikes will not be visible. 60 Classy & Simple Adam Levine Haircut Styles – All His Favorite, 95 Modern Hard Part Haircut Ideas – Choose Yours, 50 Upscale Mullet Haircut Styles – Express Yourself, 60 Upscale Low Top Fade Haircuts – Forever Classy, 45 Classy Haircuts for “Fat” Faces – Find Your Perfect One, 80 Stunning Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Styles – Аll The Time, Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker? The military has always been known for the one organization that required the utmost amounts of grooming standards. This cut is also a favorite one of military men as well as sportsmen. There was a time when military haircuts were considered to be reserved for military personnel. High and tight military hairstyles combine very closely shaved sides and a longer top. The sides and back should then be clean and short shaved. It’s an unusual military hairdo that looks more appealing when worn by older men with thinning hair. But it differs from that haircut in terms of length. People with a naturally wavy hair or a slightly curly hair will look best in this style, but any man can wear it with some creativity. This one is the favorite haircut of the American adults around the age of 25. This cut is very simple to wear especially for men with naturally spiky hair. This haircut makes your hair very short and balanced from top, sides and back. All the head hair is trimmed too short. This style gives men serious military look as it is very formal and so it is suitable for men looking for a professional haircut.

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