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January 25, 2016

fixor explosive

The AquaRam™ Micro Tactical Disrupter has been specifically designed, tested and verified as a rapidly deployable, effective tool for reliably disrupting explosive threats ranging in size from suspicious packages to passenger vehicles.

in order to produce various positive effects.

FIXOR MP Binary Explosive is also the driving explosive used in all of MRELs EZCore II and AquaRam II Tactical Disrupters to defeat Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

All Rights Reserved. The smallest of three AquaRam™ Tactical Disrupters, the AquaRam™ Micro Tactical Disrupter propels a coarse focused water slug of 1.0L capacity. The EZCore™ Torpedo Mini is an effective alternative to the use of a cluster of traditional “Mineral Water Bottle” disrupters for in-cab overpressure charges and the traditional “Bootbanger” and “Trunk Trasher” disrupters for disrupting/neutralizing IEDs contained in the trunks of vehicles.

A fully adjustable Detonator Adapter is provided to securely hold a detonator in place (detonator not included). 0000002254 00000 n MREL Group of Companies Limited is the only company in the world that can make this claim. Each of MREL’s Tactical Disrupters has been designed to accept partial bottles and up to 4 bottles of the FIXOR™ Binary Explosive which allows for precise and rapid loading of disrupters. Due to the design of the EZCore™ Torpedo Mini, it has a longer core and double the length of the EZCore™ 1G Tactical Disrupter and can be fired horizontally or in a vertical plane. The product is already in quote request list!


Training is reduced because all of MREL’s Tactical Disrupters are compartmentalized and Bomb Technicians simply ‘pour until full’ with FIXOR™ Binary Explosive to load. %PDF-1.2 %���� 0000000787 00000 n EZCore™ Torpedo Max is best utilized in a two or three disrupter configuration. As with the design of all EZCore™ Tactical Disrupters , one is not limited to the length of the core; therefore the characteristics remain the same over the entire length of the tactical disrupter.

This system is best used when placed side by side in a two or three disrupter configuration providing one or two extreme lines of cut. 0000001080 00000 n FIXOR, a commercial binary explosive sold for mine clearance Binary/Two Component Explosives , from a presentation by the N. C. Dept. One bottle contains. It comes packaged in its smallest form with 48 bottles of FIXOR™ Liquid per UN approved small drum plus 48 bottles of inert FIXOR™ Powder per box. FIXOR MP Binary Explosive is also the driving explosive used in all of MREL’s EZCore II Tactical Disrupters to defeat Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). EZCore™ 1G Tactical Disrupter is known as the ‘Baby HEADD’ in the EOD community and has been identified as a favourite by EOD and Bomb Technicians worldwide. EZCore™ 500 Tactical Disrupter is the smallest of MREL’s Tactical Disrupters; however it is the most utilized of the EZCore™ TacticalDisrupter line.

The EZCore™ Torpedo Max Tactical Disrupter is an effective alternative to the traditional “MLVD” disrupter which uses various military explosive types to propel the water. Unlike the traditional disrupters when the Bomb Technician must cut, break down, roll, stuff and tamp into a core to prepare the disrupter for use, the EZCore™ Torpedo Max Tactical Disrupter is simply ‘pour until full’ with FIXOR™ Binary Explosive. EZCore™ 15G Tactical Disrupter can be identified as an eective alternative to the well known ‘Mini HEADD’. It is a tremendous device that allows for access of vehicle trunks and is capable of stripping soft skin bags away from identified pipe bombs. EZCore™ 500 Tactical Disrupter is the smallest of MREL’s Tactical Disrupters; however it is the most utilized of the EZCore™ TacticalDisrupter line. MREL GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED EZCore™ 5G Tactical Disrupter is best used against threats contained in small panel vans and in two or three barrel configurations in a single storey. FIXOR MP™ DEMOLITION CHARGE (500 ML) has been proven effective at destroying a large variety of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines as well as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) including difficult targets such as thick walled mortar and artillery shells. This condition is known as severe or explosive diarrhea. 0000023686 00000 n W: www.mrel.com. The EZCore™ Torpedo Max is a very effective tool when attacking the circuitry of large vehicle bombs when the question of the terrorist device make up is unknown or suspected to be homemade explosives.

APPLICATIONS: For MREL’s customers, explosives storage logistics are eliminated when FIXOR™ Liquid and FIXOR™ Powder are stored separately. MREL is the only company in the world that provides the disrupter energetics in combination with the disrupter. FIXOR™ is comprised of two plastic bottles.


The EZCore™ Torpedo Mini has the same jet tip velocity characteristics of the EZCore™ 1G and EZCore Torpedo Max Tactical Disrupters.

Remote ANSWER BACK Initiation System Smart-BFAS. 0000001101 00000 n The EZCore™ 15G Tactical Disrupter has the same Net Explosive Weight as that of the AquaRam™ Max Tactical Disrupter. The EZCore™ 5G Tactical Disrupter is a very effective tool and can be delivered by all deployment systems.

0000001826 00000 n of Transportation This explosives -related article is … FIXOR™ 500ml is capable of sending its shock front through various materials including thick walled, mortar and artillery shells. 0000001555 00000 n Flexible shipping worldwide by FedEx, air cargo, truck freight and ocean freight. .single_variation_wrap .single_variation { As 2842, This Product is provided with all Parts shown in the PARTS INCLUDED image. 0000001535 00000 n

FIXOR MP Binary Explosive is also the driving explosive used in all of MREL’s EZCore II and AquaRam II Tactical Disrupters to defeat Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). display: none !important Becomes a safe, reliable, high brisance explosive instantly when needed and mixed. This Tactical Disrupter is one of the fastest tools in the MREL inventory to charge, deploy and fire to the terrorist device/threat with a small amount of explosives.

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