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January 25, 2016

f1 2019 monza setup

Braking is vital around Monza, but in the wet you need to have the ability to squeeze the brakes a little between corners. Maintaining the balance between cornering performance and straight-line speed is crucial.

This keeps the rears rotating more evenly and helps to drive the car out of the corners. The anti-roll bars are set to 1-5 which stops the tyres getting too stressed in the long final corner while again keeping the back end in when you corner. In 2008 a wet weekend in Italy introduced Sebastian Vettel to the world as he took the Toro Rosso to the first and only pole position and win, showing that anything can happen when it gets wet in Monza. We have gone with a 2-4 setting here to really make the car slippery at top speed. We are running with a 2-2 setting to let the weight shift on acceleration and braking. This makes the car ultra-fast down the straights and increases the impact of slipstreams. Highest rated first. their respective owners. F1 2016 Car … However, the strategic flexibility will serve you well. Toe is moved to 0.08 & 0.32. How To Setup Fanatec Wheels - Xbox, PS4 & PC. It is terrific for front-runners as in clear air it can really fly. Realsport101.com F1 2019 Game Italian Grand Prix Setup Guide PS4 Xbox One PC Nothing in Formula 1 stirs the spirit like the sea of Tifosi at Monza. Your email address will not be published.

It provides enough downforce to keep the car stable through the corners, and while the middle sector will be tricky to carry speed through you more than make up for it in the first and third sectors. Another factor to consider is your tyre wear. This race is one of the more simple ones on the calendar, with the track being so dominated by power and top-end speed. F1 2019 Car Setups; F1 2019 Tracks List; F1 2018. Ride height is set to 2-3. The trickiest corner for this setup will be the Ascari Chicane, which will see the car go light as you flick through, but if you can handle that with these wings then you will fly for the rest of the lap. F1 2019 Car Setup Guide – Italian Grand Prix This is the best setup for your car in the Monza Circuit , where the Italian Grand Prix takes place. It can make riding kerbs a bit harsh, so out-braking yourself into turn 1 will come with a big penalty. You need to brake late in to the corner entering the castle, but ensure you make it through this section. Tiny rear wings make the cars very skittish as they develop only around 60% of the downforce of the bigger wings used at conventional tracks. If you are overheating the rears or struggling to stop then you can bump this forward.

There are two lengthy flatout sections but also 20 corners, some of which bring the car down to Monaco levels of speed.

Ride height is set to 3-4 to create a rake that will help add some of the turn-in effectiveness we lose with our low front wing. their respective owners. Stopping from 200+ mph does not come easy. All the pace here comes from stable and consistent corner exit and acceleration onto the straights. That is our setup for a wet race at the Italian Grand Prix. Our 100% setting for the off-throttle differential forces the tyres to rotate at the same rate when we are off the throttle.
We have gone with 1-3 wings which makes the car ultra-fast down the straights while maintaining just enough downforce to keep the car stable through the corners. While traction and acceleration is crucial, confidence and consistency on the throttle is more so. Monza, the Cathedral of Speed, is the oldest circuit on the Formula 1 calendar, though it has changed a lot over the years.

It has the longest straight on the F1 calendar, and also twists and winds through an old castle complex. How should you setup your car for a wet Italian Grand Prix? This is very high, so if you don't use the ABS assist then you should probably lower it. Trademarks and brands are the property of The wing angle needs to be set as low as you can possibly bear around here. The best setups for the Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit for F1 2019. Trademarks and brands are the property of Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The ride height of 4-6 keeps the car relatively slippery in a straight line to help keep top speed competitive while also creating a rake that generates some extra force at turn-in.

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