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January 25, 2016

e6b flight computer practice problems

The E6-B was developed in the United States by Naval Lt. Philip Dalton in the late 1930s. 9 0 obj The E6-B is a circular slide rule on the front side, or ‘computer’ side, and a wind triangle calculator on the ‘wind’ side. endobj How long will it take to travel 34 NM if flying at a groundspeed of 106 kts? I am using the Jeppesen ground school, and it only had a couple of practice problems and not the best of directions. x����j�@��z��� t={Ү��Z� �E(�ě�)i���ﬕ�U-���b����>�|>�^}\.�\��W�!�@D�:p 13 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> S� ��7�$��w�����dq�:zܽxܶ��7�������&O�j�&nj��yې�� I@�{��ܷb�JD����D�>)�P����/��b� 6 0 obj I just don't feel like it was covered well enough in the material. <> endstream If you're already into your XC phase, you'll use the E6B for most of your preflight planning; WCA, converting speed/distance, et al. <> endobj endobj I honestly think some of the info was wrong because at one point it was having me do a problem where I had a strong tail wind, and it was saying that my ground speed was lower then my indicated speed. endobj %���� endobj ASA’s manual for the E6-B provides detailed instructions with pictures of each calculation that can be performed. endobj E6B practice problems. <> Stage 1 – Primary Maneuvers and Introduction to Decision Making, Unit 2 – The Four Fundamentals in Three Dimensions, Stage 2 – Advanced Maneuvers and Risk Management, Unit 2 – Stall Review and Incipient Spin Recoveries, Unit 4 – Let’s Review – Maneuvers, Ground Reference and Emergencies, Unit 5 – Operating at Short and Soft Fields, Unit 3 – Introduction to Night Operations, Unit 4 – Maneuver Review and Emergency Instrument Flying, Unit 5 – Dual Night Cross Country and Pattern Work, Stage 4 – Preparation for the Practical Test, Unit 1 – Introduction to the Practical Test, Unit 2 – Mock Checkride – Navigation, Ground Reference and Traffic Pattern Focus, Unit 3 – Mock Checkride – High Airwork and Emergency Instrument Flying Focus, Unit 4 – Mock Checkride – Emergencies and Traffic Pattern Focus, Unit 5 – Mock Checkride with another instructor, Unit 1 – Simulator familiarization and flight in the traffic pattern, Unit 2 – Short flight from uncontrolled airport to a second uncontrolled airport, Unit 3 – Tower Controlled Airport Traffic Pattern, Unit 4 – Class D Airport to Class D Airport without Traffic Advisories, Unit 5 – Introduction to ATC Radar Service and Traffic Advisories, Unit 6 – Class Delta Airport to Class Delta Airport with Traffic Advisories, Unit 8 – Class D Airspace Transition with Approach Control, Unit 10 – Class Charlie Airport Departure, Task C: Systems and Equipment Malfunctions, Task D: Emergency Equipment and Survival Gear, Calculate Density Altitude, TAS from IAS, or IAS from TAS. 12 0 obj 1 0 obj <> I am not sure but I believe somebody told me that the Jeppesen kit contains the same exact type of software. endobj 5 0 obj stream <> How much fuel will be used to fly for 22 minutes if burning 6.4 GPH? 4 0 obj 2 0 obj kB�7Oy>^'؞���oH� Composite Problem •Course = 320, Winds at 6,000 = 1820-20 •KIAS = 106 knt, Pressure Altitude = 5,500 feet •Find: Density Altitude: _____ KTAS: ____ stream I brought out the weather briefing note, the POH, the airports directory, the nautical chart & the plotter, and lastly my new wonder tool the electronic E6B to demonstrate my superb planning skill. <> I am using the Jeppesen ground school, and it only had a couple of practice problems and not the best of directions. Then you can toss it overboard after your practical and let your smart phone handle all that mess. How much fuel will be used to fly for 43 minutes if burning 5.6 GPH? Does anyone have a good source for practice scenarios for getting better with the E6B? 16 0 obj <> e��D���%Ź4�Ҫs�b�;��U�uʵk�k�|yۄE�0i�u�K��RZPz�'e�f[�ø�k� A.S�B�E���2� To account for the movement of airmasses, you need to calculate a correction to your course that will eliminate wind drift. Does anyone have a good source for practice scenarios for getting better with the E6B? How much fuel will be used to fly for 15 minutes if burning 8.3 GPH?

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