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durga puja 2019 date

Navratri 2019 Date, Puja Timings: The auspicious occasion of Navratri or the the nine-day festival, celebrates goddess Durga and her many avatars. Durga Puja is also known as Durgotsava.Durgotsava refers to all five days festivity and these five days are observed as Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Vijayadashami. However, in 2020, it falls on September 17 -- an unprecedented 35 days before the start of the festival. This is also one of an important dates of Durga Puja when people invite Goddess Durga on the Earth and on her idol, eye are drawn. Durga Puja is also known as Durgotsava.Durgotsava refers to all five days festivity and these five days are observed as Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Vijayadashami. Mahalaya is normally observed about a week before Durga Puja. Sunday, 29 September 2019 – Monday, 7 October 2019 Shardiya Navratri is celebrated pan India and known as Durga Puja in Bengal. Date Name Holiday Type; 2015: Thu: Oct 22: Durga Puja: Public Holiday: 2016: Fri: Oct 7: Durga Puja: Public Holiday: 2017: Tue: Sep 26: Durga Puja: Public Holiday: 2018: Fri: Oct 19: Durga Puja: Public Holiday: 2019: Tue: Oct 8: Durga Puja: Public Holiday: 2020: Mon: Oct 26: Durga Puja: Public Holiday: 2021: Fri: Oct 15: Durga Puja: Public Holiday 2019 Durga Puja Date & Time, 2019 Durga Puja Calendar, 2019 Durgotsav Date Time, 2019 Durga Puja Schedules Best Puja Items Online. Durga Puja 2020 – This year, the festival will be celebrated from 22nd October to 26th October . Durga Puja 2019: This year, the festival will be celebrated from October 4 to October 8. Here are complete Durga Puja 2020 dates are below: Day: Date: Mahalaya: Thursday: 17 September 2020: Maha Panchami: Wednesday: 21 October 2020: Maha Sashti: Thursday: 22 October 2020: Maha Saptami: Friday: 23 … Navratri/ Durga Puja 2019 dates: Navratri will be celebrated from September 29 till October 7, 2019. Durga Puja Dates 2020: Calendar and Schedule. The dates are determined according to the lunar cycle of the moon. This is due to a rare astrological phenomenon known as It begins on Shasthi and concludes on Dashami, when the Durga idols are carried out in grand procession and immersed in the river or other water bodies.

In 2020, Durga Puja dates are October 22-26. Durga Puja 2020 Dates The 2020 Durga Puja shall be celebrated in the month of Karthik of the Bengali calendar, thus coinciding with the month of October in the Gregorian calendar. While each day has its own significance, the eighth day or Maha Ashtami is considered the most significant. Actually to make things more Clear, I’ll Provide this Durga Puja 2020 Calendar in a Table so that it will be comfortable … In 2021, Durga Puja dates are October 11-15. Durga Puja, Durga Puja 2020 of Indian Festivals Holidays and others Celebration with Date and Time in the Bengali Calendar Durga Puja 2020 Year are Mention Particularly. Durga Puja 2019 all dates & time in India. Important Occasions: Date: Day: Mahalaya, First Day: 17 September 2020: Thursday: Panchmi, Fifth Day: 21 October 2020: Wednesday: Shashthi, Sixth day: 22 October 2020: Thursday: Saptami, Seventh Day: 23 October 2020: Friday: Ashtami, Eight and biggest day: 24 October …

This year, the festival will be celebrated from October 4 to October 8, followed by the grand immersion of the idol. This festival is celebrated for a … Celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, Sharada Navaratri which typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October, marks the victory of good over evil but the stories. Durga Puja 2020 Dates – The Schedule of Durga Puja Calendar Dates September 2, 2019 Bangla Calendar No Comments Durga Puja 2020 Calendar Date and Time / Schedule:

IMPORTANT DATES OF DURGA PUJA Durga Puja is a famous Hindu festival when Goddess Durga is worshipped. Durga puja is a … Durga Puja 2020 begins on September 17th and has its last day or Dusshera on 26th October. On this day, Goddess Durga is invited to come to Earth, and the eyes are drawn on the idols of the goddess. Durga Puja 2020 Date and Time, 5th - 9th Kartik 1427 (22nd - 26th October 2020, Thursday-Monday) Durga Puja 2020 Bengali Calendar and Panjika with Monthly Bengali 2020 Durga Puja Calendar for Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Before Durga Puja 2020 Begins, Bengali are always in Search of the Date of Durga Puja 2020 in Calendar. So I’ve Come with the Advance Durga Puja 2020 Dates with All the Days Of Our Festivals like Mahalaya, Sasthi, Saptami etc in the Latest Durga Puja 2020 Schedule. Another notable date, before the start of Durga Puja, is Mahalaya. The other navratris are Chaitra (Vasanta), Magha and Ashadha.

(According to Hindu religious texts Durga Puja, including Chandi Path, should begin from the next day of Mahalaya … 2020 Durga Puja Calendar. The nine-forms of Maa Durga are worshipped during these nine auspicious days: Mahalaya 2020 – It will be celebrated on 15th of September in 2020. Durga Puja 2020 Durga Puja 2020 Durga Puja 2020 Predominantly celebrated in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Odisha, and Bihar, Durga Puja …

… 2020 Durga Puja Calendar. Durga Puja is a famous Hindu festival when Goddess Durga is worshipped.

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