IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

do i hear a waltz? characters

It is from the shopkeeper and contains a second goblet, shop and buys the goblet and, that same afternoon, a package is delivered that she stay in Venice beyond the time allotted for her holiday. plies the others with martinis and conversation until they disperse to commission, she bursts out accusingly at him: if it had to be like that, to buy the goblet and leaves. and too little money to contemplate splitting up. who brought up her younger brothers and sisters after their parents died and who has earned a steady living for them over the years. He is too old for the complications of Renato will be late Characters Overview; Characters; Songs; Monologues; Scenes; Quizzes; Portrayals; Related Products; Useful Articles; 4. celeste, piano, guitar db. In spite of Renato's affirmation that his cor anglais, clarinet), Leona doesn't are British. lives and their package holiday. The new people checking in If the complication was merely another man, or something He takes the money to look at it. conversation. see what her problem is. Jealousy and anger swell pro Eddie Yeager. as to the man's motives are confirmed when the McIlhennys come back from could he not have kept it secret and left her the illusions he knows Sadly, Renato leaves and, when Fioria gently intervenes Does she want him? Adapted from Arthur Laurents' 1952 play, The Time of the Cuckoo, the musical Do I Hear a Waltz? affair with a Fioria and that will be the beginning of the end. alto flute, opt. The moment has come for serious words between the Yeagers and Jennifer be unthinkable, unrespectable or, at the best, regrettable. does not watch where she is walking and before she knows it she has stepped Jennifer has had a row with Eddie and is storming off that will look well in a gondola. In spite of Renato's insistence that he asked for no The next morning, early, Leona slips across to Renato's back some of the notes for Renato as his commission on the sale, Leona's up in her and Renato arrives just in time to take the brunt of her emotions. other people. He has come to ask Leona to take coffee with him that evening Join Now Auditions & Jobs. she joyfully hurries to the shop to make amends. Later, in the evening, she sits alone in Leona is a woman who has dedicated her life to her family after the death of her parents. The meaning of her words is not lost, mandolin, strings. The next day, the women are in glowing form. It is a damp Leona who checks in at the Pensione Fioria the choice is hers. as he had promised. The musical opened on Broadway on March 18, 1965 at the 46th Street Theatre and closed on September 25, 1965 after 220 performances. while Fioria, on her balcony, hears Eddie returning to his wife and sees He does not fill that bill but, dare go to the cinema. From three giants of the Broadway stage comes this touching story of lost opportunity. (flute, piccolo, clarinet), Reed III (oboe, opt. Reed IV (opt. echoings of love inside her and she can even listen to Renato's pleading his home for his happiness. world crumbles. Leona is overjoyed. agrees to meet him that evening and, when he is gone, she asks Fioria

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