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January 25, 2016

demise of chesscube

Only players significantly weaker lolol. Short Answer: Corruption. I have an account on ICC which is a pay-to-play site, and such sites are more for serious chess players; not new players. Anybody who has ever become a premium member knows how addicting tactics trainer is ;). I think the idea of paying for games with ersatz capital is silly and the fact that they try to propel it into a selling issue even more so. Meaning, that you could "cash out" your points (Crowns) into real money deposited in a bank account or charged back onto a credit card. Migrations were a common place. In this aspect, the others win hands down here. The only appeal Chesscube ever had for me was its interface and the ease of getting a game; the rest of the site I find rather pointless. I have looked into lichess and I have to say that it is a no nonsense free site ( easy registration, no email or personal data required ), quite liquid, good interface, has tactics trainer ( ! ) For the past 8 years, I am seen its horrifying descent to corruption, and enevitablity, demise. Protip: do not introduce virtual currency! Play online with friends, challenge the computer, join a club, solve puzzles, analyze your games, and learn from hundreds of video lessons. Since I AM premium, I am blind to possible sufferings of the free members.

I miss walking through a real video store. I cannot emphasize more - do NOT CORRUPT!!! Yes, I agree with you here. For what it's worth though, chess.com's prices are beyond reasonable, and the features they offer are worth it. Chess.com from what I've noticed is geared more towards teaching new players the game, and giving them tools to learn, as opposed to satisfying the serious chess players with more in-depth material. A bit like bitcoin I reckon. Not exactly corruption, but really stupid policies which make a good idea go wrong. They drove every other video store out of business in this area, then went out themselves.

| COMPLETED |. The idea that you can have credits and pay on a per game basis is not bad per se. But in other servers, EVEN in chesscube, we have infinite amount of chess tournaments for free.

I was a former chesscube.com member. I fail to see why you insist we need to "open up the site to the free members more". We need to attract more free members by opening up the tournament number valve. I have always suspected my rating, still nominally it looks good :). When did this happen? And FICS, which has been free for 20 years. After the cold war and the demise of the old USSR the wealth of Russian publications, translated into other European languages caused a second tsunami of chess literature that overflowed every budding chess player’s book shelf and drained his savings account.

We will check the status of chess-news.ru with our worldwide server locations and detect if chess-news.ru is offline just for you or there is a global outage.

Jerry sucks, he never plays titled players.

When my membership is up I will certainly renew. The actual bandwidth (and storage) burden would be on the individuals. Since this time I had working improving this puzzle and making more things. [Chess.com's policy is that we do not discuss our competitors in our public forums: I have therefore locked this thread - David, moderator]. You could play free, or pay some virtual currency called cubits.

and it's a perfectly good playing site.

I honestly don't know if chess.com would ever become a paying member only site. It is difficult to assess what this is worth since Chesscube ratings are not analyzed as heavily as chess.com or Fide ratings. As far as the opening explorer goes, there honestly are better formats out there.


It's still up, but since most of the free members are fleeing to chess.com, I daresay, chesscube will continue dwindling.

That should be enough material to let people know if Chess Mentor is right for them. But this is fine: I'm willing to pay this price if I can have an official rating based on controlled games with players of real identity.

I paid for the full boat "Diamond" membership and I've been more than satisfied. You can use this site as a backup if your other sites are down or just for diversity without having to pay a regular fee. "And FICS, which has been free for 20 years.".

As it is all members have access to 25 free (and quite wonderful) courses.

However having this system of stakes is a bit too much, you have to be very careful not to click on a bid which would cost your whole credit balance for losing one game... Chesscube is the only site though at which I could ever reach a rating above 2000. Stay on track or steer off it completely. But the chess.com trolls can't play chess. Play chess on Chess.com - the #1 chess community with +30 million members around the world. Maybe with an even cheaper entry level class just to help with the spam problem.

Is it still implimented? I've been a completely satisfied "free" member for 17 years. For example you could bill Chess Mentor as $3/month or $30/year. Oh no. --Did it announce plans to go all-premium within a certain time frame? I agree. If it cost a membership fee to post here I would expect the spam problem to go away since the TOS prohibits spam and the membership would be revoked. What are the best openings to get a closed position? My chart looked like sawteeth.

I thought the main problem with chesscube was the rating inflation.

I think they should loosen up on their tactics trainer though, as ChessTempo allows unlimited use of their tactics trainer so it's not a selling point for this site, you may as well allow everyone to use it more here so they have less reason to go to another website.

Well, a couple things. I think that FOA don't have policies against "sandbagging". A 3000 could easily beat a 2000, but could a 4000 easily beat a 3000? There are no other programs like it, and chess.com is smart in restricting who gets to use it. | COMPLETED |. The biggest migration is now on the move, mostly to chess.com. So I believe what you, or others should do is to request to the site moderators the making of policies against sandbagging, and to make an engine/rule to stop the 2000 players intentionally lose or reset their ELO rating too much. ...Free stuff is not good. If so, please lift it... Agree with point #2, chess is about skill, not gambling. This low liquidity spoils the whole thing for me. I just learnt that you can only join one tournament when you are a non-member. Concerning chess mentor, that is a program on another level completely. I've played there since 1997 and never had a single problem. I paid more than that for the last chess book I bought on Amazon.

I think it's great that they allow free members a taste of the regular videos.

That is one of the most idiotic policies I've ever heard about. Looks like an "end of the world" type movie script!

So I hope, with my deepest sincerity, it does not become chesscube. "The Queen's Gambit" streaming on Netflix!! Two: Chess Mentor Lessons limits must be increased from 2 to 3 or more. Long Answer: Well, at the start, it was a free site. Kazooie;   I feel the same way about BLOCKBUSTER. I haven't played on it for a year. You can join as many OFFICIAL chess.com tournaments as you like - as a non-premium member. I really don't like when companies cause damage to potentially a few hundred people who find a passion or community somewhere and they simply don't understand the nature of these people and assume that they can migrate elsewhere to the chess websites elsewhere. I totally agree with windmill64 about tactics trainer.3 per day for free members is a bit ''ugly''.Learning openings also for free members is almost a forbidden area.I agree with you about the virtual currency.It ended up non virtual.
I'm not quite sure that this belongs here, but I have some issues with the policies of Fide Online Arena. My basic comment is that everything in this social-economic system is moving with the profit as the main parametr.It is not what makes happy and good to members and users of any product.I think one day chess.com will see that having so many free members costs a lot and they will try to keep only members that pay.Everyone's main idea is not to make people love chess but make profit.I am not accussing anyone.This is how things are moving.When every human activity and need is a product you cannot expect a great hobby like chess not to be affected.I also believe corruption is a symtom in this system and not a cause. zxzyz Aug 3, … Posting in this thread proved to be useful for me already. You are supposed to prevent sandbagging yet they FORCE you to? 3. KMagik Aug 3, 2014 #21 If chess.com starts being members-only, there is always LiChess, which has the ideology of always and forever being free. nothing in life is free, Free stuff is not good.

Really having a lot of gripes with YAHOO as a company. Also there are 2000 strong players around with resetted 1200 ELO who keep beating me and destroying my rating. Not about BlockBuster, BestBuy, or stupid scripts. A 3000 could easily beat a 2000, but could a 4000 easily beat a 3000? This is just ridiculous. They have done it to me, when I was a free member. Play in live tournaments, watch... https://www.speedsolving.com/threads/video-chesscube.36355/.

I'm a huge fan of Chess Mentor courses, it will be the reason I go premium at some future point. Yes, I agree with you here.

--or, is the OP more of an opinion piece/prediction? We need warzone tournaments eh. Obviously it's being done to entice folks to upgrade, but that's capitalism.

But in other servers, EVEN in chesscube, we have infinite amount of chess tournaments for free. ChessCube.com is your site, so why not give us your suggestions and feedback. This was before my time but do you remember that Chesscube used to have real gambling on it, before 2010 or so? Why not allow people to pay just for those features at a lower cost (but more to get multiple features than if you got the current package)? Market should decide. Who is interested in a future Membership Giveaway? In your 3rd paragrah, you asked that chess.com implement 2 little suggestions. I didn't read the entire OP or the thread but can someone give me the Cliff's notes version please? I am suggesting this so that chess.com can attract more traffic, and possibly more members if they slightly loosen the noose on free members. Always wondered why c.c doesn't start a peer-to-peer chess thing, reducing their own server load to forums and member directory.

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