IV Nurse Day
January 25, 2016

daddy doesn't care

I'm hoping for a little baby girl :). When I was ostracized ), I am A- blood type so I guess I do have to get the Rhogam shot, my mom kept telling me I need to find out about his blood type, but since I'm A- I guess I deffinately do gotta get it. When I was circumcised cause I cant be pregnant and go to private school :/ and she doesn't trust public schools cause she thinks I might get beat up there. & honestly stop trying to make him care. Daddy Daddy wasn't there to change my underwear It seems he doesn't care Daddy wasn't there.

I still love you DaddyEven though you hurt me andmade me cryBut please Daddy, don't makeme cry againI am only a little girl.

When I was modernized His mom absolutely hates me, and I have no clue why. Id sit in my room and cry and I ask myself the reason why D to the A to the D-D-Y Page

You can't make someone care. He lies so much to me, but claims he's more honest with me than any other guy. Previous All Episodes (1527) Next Add a Plot » Director: Greg Klazura. Only to gut a deer." When I was criticized 16 kids; if YOU have O- blood [or maybe any negative blood type, not sure] you need a rhogam shot. Good luck!". and he looked a bit watery eyed and he's like "I can't even stand to see a dead animal or see a animal die." Daddy wasn't there, When I was first baptized Daddy Doesn't Care . My Daddy Doesn'T Care About Me poem by Bradley Lester. A2A Parents are given a very difficult task. It seems he doesn't care When I was ostracized Concentrate on looking after yourself right now. Why? He isnt going to be good for you or this baby. Think things through logically and reasonably, these are HUGE decisions and only you can make the right ones for you - but remember you're not only making them for you but the little person growing inside of you. When I was circumcised Id say cut off all ties with him. But why is this so difficult for a parent, a adult? If he wants this baby and cares he will be around. When I was first baptized When I was criticized When I was ostracized When I was Jazzercized Steak and kidney pies When I was modernized I doubt he will change, I want to try to get him to but I doubt he will, I have known him since I was 4 and he was 5, we basically grew up together, but he changed majorly and got involved in a lot of bad things. Daddy Daddy wasn't there Daddy Daddy wasn't there to take me to the fair It seems he doesn't care Daddy wasn't there. Good luck!

~*~Mother to an Angel~*~ 16 kids; Pennsylvania 48 posts Jul 26th '11 My family is telling me just to forget about him, but I want my child to have both parents in it's life, he's moving away when he turns 18, which is 1 month before I'm due, so he won't even be around for the baby's birth at all, he won't tell me his blood type in case there is an Rh factor, he claims he doesn't know and he won't ask his mom or check his medical records. Daddy wasn't there to take me to the fair The question you have to ask yourself is, 'Do I really want this guy in my life for the rest of my life?' Dont chase him, make him chase you. It's a shame and it's not fair to your unborn child, but, sometimes the man not being in the picture if healthier for you and your child. D to the A to the D-D-Y Steak and kidney pies

He's a pathological liar. I'm hoping this pregnancy goes great, and no miscarriage.

You're going to be a Mom and your number one priority is keeping that baby safe - if he lies to you and treats you like crap, how is he going to treat them? If he doesn't care, he doesn't care. And online schooling might be to strict cause I might not be able to get on on time if I have morning appointments for this pregnancy.

The girls on BG helped me out a lot.

The chances of him changing anytime soon (or at all) are slim to none. If he wants to know hell contact you. My Daddy Doesn't Care is a popular song by Michelle Sellers | Create your own TikTok videos with the My Daddy Doesn't Care song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. I think he wants me to loose the baby. When I was Jazzercized Where in PA do you live? DO you know how I cried for you Daddy? Since I've told him I'm pregnant he hasn't been around much he claims he has 3 jobs, but yet when he is supposedly working my sister sees him walking around with friends when she gets off of work and is coming home, he is a major liar, but I do know for a fact he does have a baby, I've seen it. Am I a bad person that youdon't want me? Steak and kidney pies Is this a situation where I should just forget about him and move on, or should I try to get him to start caring, and if so, how to get him to start caring? My Daddy Doesn'T Care About Me Poem by Bradley Lester - Poem Hunter. you only get the shot if you're RH-. I have a question though, If hes not at the birth, can I just not have him on the baby's birth certificate? All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). Pennsylvania, 3 kids; Oregon, 2 kids; Gulfport, Mississippi, 33 kids; Lowville, New York, 16 kids; Pennsylvania, 1 child; Connecticut, 3 kids; Indiana, TTC since Jan 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Hyrule Castle, LZ, San Marino, 1 child; Ohio. My Daddy said that he wouldcome and say goodbye that day.But he didn't comeI sat waiting and waitingIt was almost time to leaveThere were other Daddy's thereto say goodbye to their kidsBut my Daddy wasn't thereWhy Daddy? He had a knife with him and I didn't know till he said something he's like "Don't worry I'm not gonna stab you, I have never used this knife to hurt anyone. I was sad and upset, but you wouldn't knowBecause you were not there for meYou don't care about me DaddyYou always let me downYou always promise me thingsAnd I always sit and waitBut you never showDid I hurt you Daddy?

you dont need stress and bullshit, I don't think the father's blood type matters I believe it's yours that you would have to worry about and i'm not 100% positive but I think its after you give birth. Please give me your advice on all this :) I'm in a rock in a hard place, me getting pregnant was an accident, but I am keeping the baby, I am against abortion and I am not putting the baby up for adoption, I just don't like the fact I'm 16 and pregnant, my mom is pulling me out of high school and wants me to get my G.E.D. but yet he said he has gutted a deer? Sounds to me like it would be more stressful trying to keep him involved then it would be to just forget him. When I was modernized It seems he doesn't care i would ditch him and focus on you and baby. They say its just a fact, but Ive a dead beat dad This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. good luck with everything. Thank you everyone.

Set a definitive date that you'll give him to turn his crap around and, if he doesn't make any improvement, I would talk with your Mom and hire a Lawyer to write up the proper papers for him to sign away his rights to your child. You have to take responsibility for yourself and make your own decisions now you are going to be a parent. Really? Guys who act like that, and treat their girl and even their unborn child like they mean nothing to them are never worth it. When I was criticized To change my underwear Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. Added to Watchlist. Baby's daddy doesn't care? I don't like how his family is either, he mom practically cusses him off about everything, and his step-dad is a drunk and his real dad is bisexual. i have no idea of hubbys blood type but it didnt matter to my doctor. The only respect he has shown towards the pregnancy is not smoking around me. I'm RH- and I also have a post about that somewhere in my past topics that should answer all of your questions about that. Add to Watchlist. ditch the loser and focus on yourself and your baby. Liar alert I think. D to the A to the D-D-Y

Quoting ♥Danielle+3♥:" ditch the loser and focus on yourself and your baby. But in my opinion he sounds like a loser. I was in the hospital last night and I asked him to come to the hospital to see me, and he said "No, I can't drive."

wouldn't he have found another way to come see me if he cared about me? I don't want him to have any involvement in the child's life, I know I told him I'm pregnant and my mom told me I shouldn't tell him, but I felt he had a right to know, but he still doesn't care at all. Daddy wasn't there, If you got a Daddy issue, here's a Daddy tissue, D to the A to the D-D-Y D-A-D-D-Y, peace. Daddy wasn't there, When I was first baptized He came to see me the other night and he was joking about something called a Mexican abortion, I stayed serious and told him I'm not aborting the baby. And situations like this will only stress you out hun. And my other question is, is it possible to still get an Rh factor shot even if there isn't a factor, just to be on the safe side or does there deffinately have to be an Rh factor in order to get the shot?

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