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January 25, 2016

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The Chinese equivalent is Zhōngshì Yīngyǔ (simplified Chinese: 中式英语; traditional Chinese: 中式英語; lit.

Chinese speakers use "關" to refer to turning off things like electrical appliances or to close a door or window. "With some 250 million Chinese people currently learning to speak English or already fluent, there will soon be more English speakers in China than in the entire British Commonwealth. 李光霞. The related term Chinglish, a blend of the words Chinese and English, tends to be used in a humorous or derogatory fashion to characterize English texts such as road signs and menus that have been translated literally and often imprecisely from the Chinese. Speech or writing in English that shows the influence of Chinese language and culture. This unusual English phrase literally translates the original Chinese tíchū yánzhèng jiāoshè (提出嚴正交涉; 'lodge solemn representation'), combining tíchū "put forward; raise; pose bring up", yánzhèng "serious; stern; unyielding; solemn", and jiāoshè "mutual relations; negotiation; representation".

For example, "看電影" means "to see a film" or "to watch movie", "看書" means "to read a book", "看著我" means "to look at me". (corruption of English and Chinese in Hong Kong)", "Protests, Complaints, and Representations", "Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish", BBC News (2006/10/15) – Beijing stamps out poor English, Beijing getting rid of badly translate signs. )[citation needed]. In the same way, they would say "open the TV" instead of "turn on the TV". <. Chinglish speakers use Chinese phonological units to speak English, and retain the syllable timing of Chinese in place of the stress timing of English which together gives them a notable accent. Group 3 with English-speaking teachers (both native and nonnative speakers) judged the comparative clarity of English and Chinglish word pairs: more clear for 42.3% of the Chinglish and 5.6% of the English, equally clear for 25.4% of the Chinglish-English pairs, and neither clear for 19.7%. [3] The degree to which a Chinese variety of English exists or can be considered legitimate is disputed.[4]. (In spite of this, Chinglish speakers seldom or never use "turn off the window" to mean "close the window". Liu, Feather, and Qian (2004), pp. 2018. China English is understood as a standardizing or standardized variety in use in China, which reflects Chinese cultural norms and concepts. In Chinglish, "I know" is generally used instead of the term "I see", when used to tell others that you understand what they said. : 'Chinese-style English'). Chinglish may also refer to the use of Chinese words in an English conversation or vice versa. "[citation needed] This is likely taken from the Chinese phrase, “你會說中文嗎?”. [8], Chinglish commonly refers to a mixture of English with Modern Standard Mandarin, but it occasionally refers to mixtures with Cantonese,[9] Shanghainese and Taiwanese Hokkien. Some people will fly by and see just Tau Li and think AH OK some NPC training Highmountain Tauren. Because of that, Chinglish speakers use "look" instead of "see", "watch", or "read".

Obviously that information is not public. [7] Other colloquial portmanteau words for Chinese English include: Chenglish (recorded from 1979), Chinlish (1996), Chinenglish (1997), Changlish (2000) and Chinelish (2006). In 2017, the Government of the People's Republic of China introduced the national standard for its English translations to replace Chinglish. We knew when they were being added to PTR etc. The same phenomena can be found in the use of "speak", "say", and "talk" - 說. Take for instance, this headline: "China lodges solemn representation over Japan's permission for Rebiya Kadeer's visit". [40], Chinglish is the combination of the Chinese culture and the English language. Yi Han and Herbert P. Ginsberg (2001), "Chinese and English Mathematics Language: The Relation Between Linguistic Clarity and Mathematics Performance", Pingxia, Liu, and Quynh Lê. [41] On the other hand, the Chinese sequence is subject → adverbial → predicate → object. Spanglish (Spanish), Swenglish (Swedish), Hunglish (Hungarian), Hebglish (Hebrew), Engrish (Japanese), Hinglish (Hindi), Konglish (Korean), Taglish (Tagalog), Bislish (Visayan), Singlish (in Singapore), Ponglish (Polish) and Tinglish (Thai).

Liu et al. Chinglish, by Kira Simon–Kennedy, SINO-PLATONIC PAPERS, Number 224 May 2012. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the noun and adjective. Chinglish may also refer to the use of Chinese words in an English conversation or vice versa. 78 (20.2). Sure wish I'd taken a screenshot. Chinglish can be compared with other interlanguage varieties of English, such as Britalian (from Italian), Czenglish (from Czech), Denglisch (German), Dunglish (Dutch), Franglais (French), Chinglish is sometimes characterized as an interlanguage. (2004).
Jul 4, 2017 - Explore Robbie Grayson's board "Chinglish", followed by 386 people on Pinterest. [18] Pidgin usage began to decline in the late 19th century when Chinese and missionary schools began teaching Standard English. Which I prefer. [19] In 1982, the People's Republic of China made English the main foreign language in education. For example, compare the semantic clarity of English axiom, Chinese gōnglǐ 公理, and Chinglish (literal translation) "universal-principle"; median, zhōngshù 中数, and "centre-number"; or trapezoid, tīxíng 梯形, and "ladder-figure".


Chinglish is sometimes characterized as an interlanguage . Chinese Pidgin English was a lingua franca that originated in the 17th century. For example, ‘spring rolls’ would otherwise not have meaning in English if not for Chinglish speakers making it a loan translation to describe the food. Eric Partridge, Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor (2006).

"[31] James Fallows attributed many Shanghai Chinglish errors to "rote reliance on dictionaries or translation software", citing a bilingual sign reading "餐厅 Translate server error" (cāntīng 餐厅 means "dining room; restaurant"). Instead of making things obvious like me being a prot paladin in ironforge etc they decided to just blend us into the world of Azeroth itself. Zhonglish, a term for Chinese influenced by English, is a portmanteau of Zhōngwén (中文; 'Chinese language') and "English". [33] Shanghai's Luwan District published a controversial "Bilingual Instruction of Luwan District for Expo" phrasebook with English terms and Chinese characters approximating pronunciation: "Good morning! Who could resist the temptation of a plate of worm pig stomach? I may have teared up just a little bit @Methodgg does this mean I have to main swap to monk ?! "[15], English first arrived in China in 1637, when British traders reached Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou (Canton). [6] However, Chinglish has been found to date from as early as 1936, making it one of the earliest portmanteau words for a hybrid variety of English. In addition, speakers use subordinate conjunctions differently and also exhibit copula absence in their speech. [16] In the 17th century, Chinese Pidgin English originated as a lingua franca for trade between British people and mostly Cantonese-speaking Chinese people.

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