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January 25, 2016

chess openings for beginners

Therefore, choosing the opening moves directly influences subsequent play in a chess game. The fact that the article left it at 1.e4 and 1.d4, with out going into any other details, made me LOL. The development of the modern chess computers was the prerequisite for the invention of the chess opening databases, which have accelerated the flow of chess information and assimilation of chess knowledge. For black, using the Sicilian is a perfect way to throw white off guard. A good opening will provide better protection of the King, control over an area of the board (particularly the center), greater mobility for pieces, and possibly opportunities to capture opposing pawns and pieces. Instead of fighting for control of the e4 square with his pawn on d5, Black opts to control the e4 square with his pieces, starting with the knight on f6: With this move, Black breaks the symmetry in the position and intentionally tries to steer the game toward unbalanced positions where both chances have sides of winning. It is important to remember that pawns don’t move backwards. What do those first 10-12 moves consist of? The following position is a nice example of creating a threat right out of the opening. Your email address will not be published. Definitly worth studying. Therefore it would make a lot of sense to select an opening that would steer the game toward a very dry and “boring“ position. All Rights Reserved. During the earlier days of chess, when players were still making baby steps in understanding our ancient game, classifying openings was a rather simple task, since there wasn’t much diversity in the opening choices. 08 of 10. Her majesty is your most valuable piece and you typically don’t want to trade it for a mere knight or bishop. What are the best openings for beginners? Moves: 1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. White now has the power to castle, and already has a fairly strong control on the board. Future middle game plans and strategies are tightly connected with the opening choice. 900! With the development of modern chess, opening theory has become more and more significant. Some of the openings are given below (please note the diversity of the openings moves from both sides): Finally, we have arrived at the last group of openings. Considered an unorthodox move by some, this opening has a very impressive win rate for white. 1-800-687-3401 With the move d2-d4 White opens the c1-h6 diagonal for his dark squared bishop. A talented kid should approach his or her study of openings in a serious manner. After moving e4, just develop your minor pieces and you should do fine. Openings for Beginners. It is true that most non-professionals chess players don’t have the time for deep opening study. Therefore, these principles should be regarded more as guidelines for opening play, and not as dogmas. For instance, in order to reach the f7 point with his knight (that is typically considered as a weak point in Black’s position), White has to move it three times. Chess players often say that White has lost a tempo for nothing. The first moves of a chess game are termed the "opening" or "opening moves". The system of classification shouldn’t be too narrow and should include every relevant opening under one category or another. Extensive analysis of the art of planning in chess is well beyond the scope of this article. 4. Hence the origin of the name of the group of openings. Throughout the history, opening theoreticians and books authors have done exactly that and grouped these openings under various names. Or the other way around. Numerous games were lost because one side got too eager to attack, before castling, and got punished because the king in the center often represents cannon fodder. Can you solve Nabokov’s problem? This allows me to take the Knight no matter where it moves and have 3 pawns developed while my opponent has spent his time bouncing his knight around the board. Try learning a few opening lines but don't get bogged down by them. Simple one is to go after the enemy King. To get a feeling of why this is a good idea, let’s look at the position arising after White moves his king’s pawn: 1 e2-e4 This opening is popularly known as the Spanish game and was named after a Spanish priest, Ruy Lopez, who discovered this opening in the year of 1561. support@chesswarehouse.com Display: 24 per page. lol sounds like somebody hasent had a gf in quite a while. Such moves are known as theoretical novelties. Two or three pawn moves in the center. Even a wrong plan is fine for a start. Perhaps you have heard the witty quote by old chess master Siegbert Tarrasch: As an example, consider the position after White’s opening move 1 Ng1-Nf3. I have yet to win a Queen pawn game or a 1.Nf3 game against Fritz on those settings. 1. Also, once a player advances his d-pawn, there is high probability of pawn exchange in the center, resulting in the center without any pawns, or the so called open center. It covers 30 of the most popular chess openings in history and for each, it provides the following: • Move by move analysis of each opening

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