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January 25, 2016

canadian military bases in the arctic

It is designed with Canada’s limited resources in mind and for the sort sovereignty and security threats that the country is likely to face in the coming years. They are not intended to engage in combat operations in the Arctic and, apart from the occasional photo-op during exercises, they were not designed as dramatic displays of Canadian sovereignty. [49] Royal Canadian Navy, Leadmark: The Navy’s Strategy for 2020 (2001), 66, 84, 105. [20] LtCol J.R. Casey, “Lessons Learned Report Exercise Arctic Ram 2012” (March 28, 2012) and BGen J.D.G. Leonard, “Arctic Response Company Group and Land Component Command HQ Full Operating Capability (March 24, 2014). Its operational focus is well designed and its capabilities are increasing at a sufficient pace to keep up with actual requirements. In the air, Canadian surveillance is still provided by the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) Aurora aircraft, that are in the midst of a $2 billion upgrade of their mission systems and sensors, which should keep the planes active until at least 2030.61 Canada is also considering the use of drones to supplement its close surveillance capabilities.62 Requiring less maintenance and manpower than traditional aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) could, theoretically, be used economically in a wide assortment of roles, from tracking ships to monitoring pollution incidents. As such, these delays have not materially impacted the CAF’s abilities to fulfill its current responsibilities. Falling metal prices and shrinking resources led to the mine's closure in 2002.[10]. Used by the CAF as guides, trainers, and scouts, they maintain a watchful presence across most of the Arctic, reporting unusual activity, and responding to disasters in or near their communities.35 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (1CRPG) consists of 1,850 members spread across sixty patrols covering the three northern territories.36 By virtue of their capabilities and location, the Rangers will be the CAF’s first responders in most safety and security situations.37, The patrols of the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group are located throughout the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Atlin, B.C. Neither have been built yet, although construction of the first Arctic patrol ship is underway. Still, the refueling capability is the most essential component. This phase included preliminary design work and construction requirements. [62] LCol Lachance et. However, in July 2020 it was confirmed that work on the facility would not be completed until 2022. [14] Ibid, 23. However, that activity has not yet materialized and, by the time if does, these programs should be far more advanced. Alone, the Rangers represent one leg of the CAF’s domain awareness. [1] See for instance, data provided at: NASA, “Earth Observatory,” http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/[2] For a sample see: Robert Murray, “Harper’s Arctic Failure,” Winnipeg Free Press (September 1, 2013); Steve Mertl, “Canada Needs to do More to Back its Claims to Arctic Sovereignty,” Daily Brew (April 24, 2014); “Canada is Falling Short in Arctic Defence,” Times Colonist (September 3, 2013). Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 5S6, Phone: (613) 288-2529 In the meantime, Canada’s current naval resources are perfectly adequate. The Conservative government approved construction of a fleet of new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships and a Polar-class icebreaker. The difference between the two governments is how they approach relations with the Russians. Technical issues surrounding communications, supply, and maintenance remain but real progress has been made. [41] “Training Needs Analysis – Land Force Arctic Strategy” (April 2010). Canadian officers say the improved logistics structure is required if the military is to meet the Canadian government's objectives in the far north. This intelligence agency wants to use that. In what way is it helping our interests in the Arctic? [31] LtCol G.P.S. During Operation Hudson Sentinel (2005) a deployed rigid-hull inflatable boat found itself lost and unable to contact its ship. ", Money Minute: Sending cash by mobile apps — convenient, but be careful, Money Minute: Getting the Most When buying a Used Car. The CAF and OGD need the capabilities that these vessels will provide. The base currently consists of storage tanks for fuelling of the new Harry DeWolf-class offshore patrol vessels, a site office, and a wharf's operator shelter. Because of the AOPS’ relatively limited range (6,800 nautical miles) Arctic refueling is essential for the patrol ships – while also very useful for the Canadian Coast Guard’s icebreaker fleet.53. There, the “capacity to exercise control over and defend Canada’s sovereignty” was laid out as the central requirement. Still, Canada’s ongoing programs appear well designed to meet those needs. The essential capability provided by the ARCGs and the upgrading of the Army’s basic skills is as crucial as it is unsexy. Epoch Times, October 23, 2020, Why the Demise of the Cold War's INF Treaty Will Not Alter the Strategic Military Balance, by Staff (feat. However, given their lack of resources, and the fact that their small numbers are spread so thinly, they will often require support. [4][5], The station will be primarily used for refuelling Arctic patrol and other government vessels. Meanwhile, the AOPS should provide the service with a new ice-operational capability that will be essential as increased maritime traffic demands a larger presence from not just the Navy but all the other government departments and agencies that rely on the CAF for platform support. This calculation does not take into consideration extra fuel used moving through or around ice, which will significantly increase consumption. [17] Col R. Poirier, “Arctic Response and 38 Canadian Brigade Group,” Canadian Army Journal 13:3 (2010), 145. The military’s responsibilities in the region, as outlined in Canadian policy documents, are broad. The settling was among the reasons the plan for the port was scaled back. Surveillance craft and/or drones will also be available for close inspection and tracking if the situation warrants it. The Mediaplex, October 23, 2020, HEAD OFFICE Situational awareness in the Arctic is essential to exercising effective control. It does not need a large permanent presence, since there would be little for those troops to do. In addition, as part of efforts to overcome logistics problems in the Arctic the Canadian Forces is establishing what it calls northern operations hubs or NOHs. The CAF’s role in the Arctic has often been misconstrued in the popular media and the intent of this paper is to clarify the nature of this mission; and, by relying primarily on published and unpublished Department of National Defence (DND) documentation, to weigh the CAF’s ability to carry it out by examining its strengths, weaknesses, and ongoing challenges.

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