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January 25, 2016

best mop for engineered hardwood floors

It will give you an overview of what it takes in order to keep your engineered hardwood flooring to look great even for the many years to come. Article said not to use steam cleaner, but said to use hardwood steam cleaner. I use Bona cleaner and Bona liquid wax. However, when you are learning how to clean engineered hardwood floors with a mop​, there are some dos and don’ts that you will need to follow to keep from damaging them. It’s ok on linoleum but NOT on engineered wood. And it can really hide out in the fibers of carpet. All engineered hardwood floors will have a finish, unless it has been severely damaged and the finish has been stripped away. You just spray it on, then mop it up. They use a Shark steam mop periodically. This is because excess amounts of water will be soaked into the wood and cause your floor to be damaged. I use one mop head for cleaning only & the other for the restorer. I even decreased the size of the area from 4×4 (as recommended) to 2×2. I’m a single gal so I can imagine how difficult it would be with family. After visiting countless websites and showrooms, you finally found the perfect flooring for your home, engineered hardwood. What works??? Just read in another article to not use vinegar or ammonia on engineered hardwood floors. Below the wood are two to three layers of plywood. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Press Mentions | About | Contact. Just make sure that it specifically says it is for use on engineered hardwood flooring. Hate it. This article can serve as your guide. I wish I would have done that everywhere. An occasional mop or deep cleaning is good for them, too, but you don’t have to do that too often. If the water beads up then your floors have a finish. Tried Bona with floor steamer and with a sweeper with a microfiber pad, streaks everywhere! It is just the two of us, two cats and one small dog. So what do you do? At FloorCritics.com, our expert team of flooring researches & writers work to provide thorough & editorially independent content for whatever your flooring need may be. Dust and dander can lurk in the grout between the tiles of a natural stone floor. Should have asked her first. no one knows what to use on them. She loves to write about things that will transform your house into your dream home. Every other day we use a swifter mop to get dust. It is driving me CRAZY!! If I had the funds I would rip the engineered flooring up and replace with tile. If it is 2mm or less, then scuff sand it with a buffer before applying a new finish. Open windows or use a ceiling fan to rotate the air and help your floors dry quickly. Caring for your engineered flooring daily and weekly will prevent having to use strong (and possibly harmful) chemicals to clean. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I was told NEVER use Murphys (which is all I’ve used my entire life, and probably have a year’s worth in my pantry).

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