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January 25, 2016

amy berg philosophy

It's Complicated: What Our Attitudes Toward Pregnancy, Abortion, and Miscarriage Tell Us About the Moral Status of Early Fetuses. Jump To Ratings. Should it broaden its appeal by being more permissive about what kinds of giving count as effective? “Effective Altruism: How Big Should the Tent Be?” - Public Affairs Quarterly 2018 (preprint): As effective altruism gains influence, the movement finds itself at a crossroads.
For more information on Amy, please visit her website. Practice Job Talk: Amy Berg. The Court’s reasoning in these cases holds broader lessons for our theories of justice. The Moral Significance of Spontaneous Abortion. But because deontologists accept the existence of multiple sources of duty, they—both intuitionists and Kantians—can accept a moderate rise in our duties in non-ideal situations. Can Rawls’s Non-Ideal Theory Save His Ideal Theory? Living a well-rounded life brings us further benefits; among them, well-rounded people tend to be more successful in their pursuits, more resilient, and better able to relate to others. The inadequacies of narrativism should lead us to explore other possibilities for good lives, among them well-roundedness. Either they must advocate for a radical change in our political and medical priorities, or they must revise their views on fetal personhood. Instead, because beneficence is an individual duty, it is potentially more demanding than we might have thought. If ideal theory gives up its claims to completeness, then we can use the method of incompletely theorized agreements to make progress over time. A paper on narratives and well-being: In this paper, I question the view that a life is good when it can be captured by a compelling narrative. Abortion, Killing, and Maternal Moral Authority. The Problem of Spontaneous Abortion: Is the Pro-Life Position Morally Monstrous? Amy Berg Rhode Island College Abstract Opponents of abortion sometimes hold that it is impermissible because fetuses are persons from the moment of conception. Amy Berg RM, IETM, LMT is a Master-Instructor in both White Light Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy as well as an LMT in New Jersey. But miscarriage, which ends up to 89 % of pregnancies, is much deadlier than abortion. Amy’s own healing journey began after searching for assistance with migraine headaches, stress, and back pain. 1 Incomplete Ideal Theory1 Amy Berg Department of Philosophy, Rhode Island College aberg@ric.edu Forthcoming in Social Theory and Practice, 2019 Abstract: What is the best way to make sustained societal progress over time?Non-ideal theory done on its own faces the problem of … x + 247 [Book Review]

What is the best way to make sustained societal progress over time? The significant disanalogies between fictional narratives and good lives mean that narrativism is doubly unhelpful: it is descriptively inadequate (because even good lives do in fact generally lack narrative structure), and it is prescriptively problematic (because it has tended to lead theories of well-being to place too high a value on an overly coherent, highly intellectualized, project-focused view of our lives). Ideal Vs. Non‐Ideal Theory: A Conceptual Map. Can Rawls’s Nonideal Theory Save His Ideal Theory? I argue that the only successful justification for this duty is that we ought to read the news as a way to respect others. What is the best way to make sustained societal progress over time? But miscarriage, which ends up to 89 % of pregnancies, is much deadlier than abortion. Opponents of abortion sometimes hold that it is impermissible because fetuses are persons from the moment of conception. This has created a bright line: all juveniles are treated as less culpable than adults, even if individual juveniles are fully culpable. Where Should We Expect Social Change in Non-Ideal Theory? Amy Berg is a professor in the Philosophy department at Rhode Island College - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself.

"Inducing a Miscarriage": Women-Centered Perspectives on RU 486/Prostaglandin as an Early Abortion Method. Book review of Hilary Greaves and Theron Pummer, Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues - Utilitas 2020 (preprint), Book review of Kate Greasley, Arguments about Abortion: Personhood, Morality, and Law - Ethics 2018 (preprint). A Substantive Revision To Firth's Ideal Observer Theory. I use the example of juvenile justice to explore the limits of ideal theory and the pros and cons of bright-line rules. ... Human Nature and the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy. Rawlsian Theory and the Circumstances of Politics.

Consequentialist limitations to beneficence prove to be artificial and unstable. A paper on non-ideal theory of beneficence: When others are not helping the very poor, it seems like we should do more to prevent suffering and death. Die Relevanz idealer Theorie bei der Beurteilung praktischer Probleme. A paper on the news (under review): It seems that we ought to read the news, and yet many explanations why we have this duty (appeals to the consequences of being better informed, duties of self-improvement, and so on) fail. The Public Funding of Abortion in Canada: Going Beyond the Concept of Medical Necessity. Amy worked in corporate customer service, David Estlund - 2011 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 39 (3):207-237. 4.4 / 5. Amy Berg, Assistant Professor Dorit A. Ganson, Associate Professor Todd S. Ganson, Professor ... Study in Philosophy is an essential ingredient of a liberal arts education. I show that deontology provides a better answer than consequentialism to this dilemma. Comparing well-rounded lives to one-dimensional lives shows us why the former are worth choosing. Adaptive Preferences, Children, and Ideal Theory. header image: “Hexacoralla,” Kunstformen der Natur, Ernst Haeckel (via The Public Domain Review). But this is not consistent with what it is to be a collective or with what it is to have a collective duty. “Incomplete Ideal Theory” - Social Theory and Practice 2019 (preprint): Even ideal theories of justice must take into account a decidedly non-ideal fact about us: that we are inherently imperfect reasoners. Opponents of abortion should either advocate a substantial shift in our political and medical priorities or else give up the view that fetuses are persons from the moment of conception. I show how work in philosophy of law can help answer these political questions: judges frequently agree on a ruling without fully agreeing on the theory behind that ruling. The well-rounded life is non-instrumentally valuable as well, because it is non-instrumentally valuable for us to live rich, full, diverse lives.
The second project deals with questions about ideal and non-ideal theory in moral and political philosophy.

Login Sign Up. I finish by exploring the ramifications of well-roundedness for our views of well-being and of moral theory. Hilary Greaves and Theron Pummer, Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019), pp. I argue that this permissiveness is inconsistent with effective altruism as it currently exists and, more importantly, with the philosophical commitments that set limits on what it can become. When we fix that, we can better understand what a well-rounded life is and why it’s a good kind of life to live—and this, in turn, helps us to make progress on some questions about well-being, normative ethics, and distributive justice. It develops skills necessary for all intellectual pursuits. That means that if opponents of abortion are right, then miscarriage is the biggest public-health crisis of our time. Cursed Lamp: The Problem of Spontaneous Abortion. Miscarriage, Abortion or Criminal Feticide: Understandings of Early Pregnancy Loss in Britain, 1900–1950. “The Event That Was Nothing”: Miscarriage as a Liminal Event. Amy Berg is an assistant professor at Rhode Island College, Department of Philosophy. “Ideal Theory and ‘Ought Implies Can’” - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 2018 (preprint): When we can’t live up to the ultimate standards of morality, how can moral theory give us guidance?

As a philosophy major, you’ll have the opportunity to grapple with “big questions,” and to think about the philosophers who are working on these questions today, and those who have shaped the history of philosophy. “Abortion and Miscarriage” - Philosophical Studies 2017 (preprint): The prevalence of miscarriage (particularly early miscarriage) poses a dilemma for those who believe fetuses are fully persons from the moment of conception. This means that insofar as we expect to put ideal theories of justice to practical use, these must be incomplete—we cannot expect to agree on a complete theory that fully answers our questions about justice.

‘Miscarriage or Abortion?’ Understanding the Medical Language of Pregnancy Loss in Britain; a Historical Perspective. Amy Berg Rhode Island College Abstract When we can’t live up to the ultimate standards of morality, how can moral theory give us guidance? Abstract:

“Bright Lines in Juvenile Justice” - forthcoming, Journal of Political Philosophy (email me for a preprint): In a recent series of decisions, the Supreme Court has categorically restricted the ways in which we may punish juveniles. Debate: Ideal Theory—A Reply to Valentini. When is Non-Ideal Theory Too Ideal? The first is on well-roundedness. Non-ideal theory done on its own faces the problem of second best, but ideal theory seems unable to cope with disagreement about how to make progress. Amy Berg. I’m currently dividing my time between two main research projects.

Two Faces of Responsibility.

They are interested in Applied Ethics, Normative Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality. Philosophy is an essential component of a liberal arts education. Non-ideal theory tells us what to do given our psychological and motivational shortcomings and so is constrained by others. Yet they pay hardly any attention to miscarriage, especially very early miscarriage.

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