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Vascular Access Plus provides a care delivery model that centralizes the care a patient receives and requires all members providing patient care to collaborate as a team to give holistic care to our patients.  

About us

“Wellness to Individuals in our community”

Vascular Access Plus, LLC (VAP) is the only licensed home health agency in Nebraska providing infusion services in the home with nurses trained in ultrasound guidance for PIV starts. Unlike other specialty infusion companies, VAP has focused on vascular access insertions over the last 13 years. Vascular Access Plus is a hybrid specialty infusion provider that offers unique programs for infusion therapy patients that meet the needs of the patient. Vascular Access Plus continues to provide positive quality-based outcomes for our patients. Vascular Access Plus is a full level out of hospital care management system for patients requiring home infusion therapy and specialty vascular access insertions.


The Philosophy of Vascular Access Plus

Our mission

Patients are seeing higher cost. Providers are seeing lower reimbursements. Insurance premiums are rising. Patients deserve quality care. We need to support all providers of healthcare. A value-based approach of care for our patients and employees will bring lower premiums costs for our insurance. Vascular Access Plus is Healthcare done Right!

Our vision

Vascular Access Plus is innovative. We identify the gaps in healthcare, and we think outside of the box to provide a treatment plan for all patients. Our vision is to not just provide but to build an organization that identifies possible future gaps for patient care. Vascular Access Plus has outlined future goals to build a full service out of hospital system healthcare system for infusion therapy and vascular access. Our healthcare system will start with the right vascular access insertion and first dose administration, followed by home health care services as well as chronic care management to improve quality of life and not break the pocketbook.

Quality Assurance

        At Vascular Access Plus, we believe that when it comes to performance and process improvement, tracking a few key measures over time is a powerful tool. Vascular Access Plus implemented a Quality Management Program at inception and continues to evaluate quality data on a ongoing basis. Vascular Access Plus has moved from the little “q” to implementation of the “big Q” when it comes to Quality Management.
          Most companies focus only on outcomes or the quality of a product. Vascular Access Plus uses a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to patient care. “Total Quality Management instills Vascular Access Plus with a culture of continuous improvement, driving all employees to consistently seek new ways to be more competitive and deliver high-quality care for all stakeholders put our patient in the center. TQM provides the following benefits:
           ~Reduces risk and mitigation risk when providing new services or infusion new medications.
           ~Resolving problems before they occur.
           ~Resolve problems that occur during operations.
           ~Improve supplier and pharmacy performance.
           ~Control processes to avoid risk even when scaling up.
           ~Increase productivity and satisfaction of all employees.
           ~Reduce the total cost of quality not just the costs of poor quality of services.

How can We Help you?

Success defined in a different way

Value increases when costs go down while quality of care increases and patient experience improves. Value based healthcare is the current healthcare reform we are experiencing. Patients spend less for better outcomes. The goal of value-based care transformation is to enable the health care system to create more value for patients. Vascular Access Plus provides that value to our patients. Benefits of a Value-Based Care Model includes higher efficiency of care and greater patient satisfaction, patients spend less money but have better health, prices will begin to reflect value, and healthier society and reduced risk.

Ben Wiechman RN, BSN, VA-BC Vascular Access Specialist and Insertion Coordinator

“We are working to simplify Vascular Access for patients and caregivers. 
We partner with Hospitals, Nursing homes, and Pharmacies to provide Vascular Access devices based on the physician orders and type of medication being infused.  We strive to provide a timely, efficient, and cost effective IV device while continuing to be a resource for patients and caregivers throughout the use of that device and beyond. Our specialists are able to come directly to the facility or location, which makes our services accessible to the majority of all patients we encounter.”

Jamie Rhoades RN, BSN, VA-BC, CEO and Owner of Vascular Access Plus

“Healthcare is changing and as healthcare professionals, we must strive for better care and lower costs. By partnering together we can continue to put the patient first and extend the high quality services we provide to our communities across Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas.  As a leader in Vascular Access technology and specialization, we can offer services to a wide range of patients in these communities that wouldn’t normally have access to these services without a large financial burden.”

Jennifer Drummond RN, BSN, VA-BC Vascular Access Specialist and Infusion Dept Coordinator

“Patients are trying to navigate a complex healthcare system and keep out of pocket costs to a minimum. Healthcare and insurance providers are also looking for more efficient and cost effective ways to provide the services that will maximize the health outcomes for their patients.  Our goal is to be the premier solution to providing infusion services in whatever setting brings the most value to our patients.” 

Innovative ideas for Innovative Future Done Right

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, 98% of these patients who enter an emergency room become hospital admissions with an average stay of 7-9 days. VAP can initiate infusion therapy at home eliminating the need for hospitalization. Vascular Access Plus’s Home Health Agency operates a specialized care team model that works with the physicians and patients to ensure the best practices of care are given. Intrathecal pump refills and adjustments, as the pumps have been surgically implanted into their abdomen, require an advanced skill set to access the chamber. Vascular Access Plus employs your own nurses and invests the time and resources needed to have them specially trained to serve this patient population.

Our innovative approach to technology, including a proprietary HIPAA compliant patient portal, coupled with the ability to perform E-Visits with the coordinated care team of professionals, has proven to be an invaluable asset to our patients and their insurance companies. This provides real-time decisions for patient medication rates or evaluation of a situation to prevent an unwarranted hospital stay. The E-Visit platform technology is unique to Vascular Access Plus for case management with Specialty Infusion patients. A home health agency such as Vascular Access Plus, who also provides vascular access insertions is unique, providing an out of hospital model needed for a value-based approach to patient care.