Welcome to Vascular Access Plus

Vascular Access Plus is a nurse owned and operated company comprised of highly skilled clinicians dedicated to providing patients with high quality vascular access care including insertion, maintenance, and education. We are committed to meeting the varied needs of our consumers by providing holistic care that is safe, effective and patient centered and that draws upon the most current innovations and evidence in the field.

Vascular Access Plus strives to become the recognized leader in both patient and provider preference for the highest quality vascular access services in the region, including insertion and maintenance, clinical nursing support and education. We will continue to meet the ever changing needs of our consumers by adapting our delivery of services in response to innovations, advances and improvements in our nation’s healthcare systems.

"Vascular Access Plus provides a cost effective approach to healthcare focusing on high performance and quality. Our team works together with our contracted facilities toward a common vision. Taking the accomplishments we achieve as individuals fuels the success we have as healthcare organizations. Bottom line: the patient wins."

Jamie L Howard RN, BSN, VABC
Founder of Vascular Access Plus